Water Purifier Not Turning On? How To Fix It?

When the water purifier is properly maintained, it can run for four to five years with no issue. After then, you may begin to confront certain common water purifier issues. Water leakage isn’t the only frequent water purifier issue that is experienced by individuals. Several other concerns can occur after several years of water filter use, including strange taste, unusual odor, noisy faucet, & slow water supply. In this post, you may simply detect the issue of the water purifier not switching on and have it rectified.

[Fix] Water Purifier Not Working

1. Lack of Supply of Power

The inadequate power supply is the primary and most typical reason for a RO system to fail to function properly.

It is important to ensure that the connector has been correctly put in this situation.

Check the supply of power to a RO point with tester equipment to ensure that it is operational. Also, check the board and check if any faulty connections need to be fixed.

Water Purifiers

2. No Water Supply

Check to make sure you haven’t mistakenly turned off the diverter valves by mistake.

If the machine’s water supply is interrupted, the RO system shuts down automatically. As a result, check to see whether any of the other household faucet hookups are receiving water.

3. Issue of SMPS Adapter

If the above-mentioned two procedures fail to restore functionality to your RO, it is possible that the SMPS adapter has been damaged by excessive voltage fluctuations and has burned out.

The SMPS will need to be replaced in this situation.

An SMPS adapter is a critical component of the water purifier system because it converts alternating current to direct current, which allows the pumps to operate.

You should make contact with the technician to have the SMPS repaired or replaced.

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4. Malfunction of Pressure Pump

Given that the majority of the water purifiers operate on the ‘Reverse Osmosis’ process, the pressure pump is essential in ensuring that the RO process is successful.

These pumps are typically not repairable, and in such circumstances, you will be required to replace the pump with a new one.

To obtain support, contact the service center.

5. The problem of Low-Pressure Switch

Low-pressure switches turn off the Purifier when the intake water pressure falls below a specified threshold, preventing the pump from becoming overheated and causing it to fail.

You can simply replace this switch by yourself, but if you are unfamiliar with ordinary household repairs, you will require the services of an expert to do the operation.

6. No Working of Solenoid Valve

When the RO is turned off, its solenoid valve shuts down the flow of water from the pump, preventing wastewater from entering the RO membrane and causing it to clog.

This would prevent your RO machine from functioning properly or from filtering the water any further.

This is a job that requires the expertise of a technician.

7. Malfunctioning of Float Valve

Upon reaching capacity with purified water, its float valve promptly shuts down the RO, preventing any water from overflowing into the surrounding environment.

However, if indeed the float valve malfunctions, the machine is forced to shut down for an extended period.

You may need to contact customer service to remedy this issue.

8. Presence of Air Vacuum inside your RO

It is possible that the pipe is unsecured and also the pump is pulling air into the system, causing air to become trapped within the RO & preventing it from functioning properly.

A second cause for the air vacuum presence If the pre-filter is clogged, the water will not be able to pass through, resulting in a vacuum being created.

This air vacuum stops any water from entering the RO system, and as a result, the RO purifier is unable to function properly.

You will require the assistance of a technician to resolve this issue.


These are a few of the most typical reasons why the RO purifier stops functioning from time to time. Not all issues can be resolved by the individual. If the water purifier is under warranty, it is recommended to have a skilled expert complete the repair. Otherwise, the guarantee may be voided in the event of a poor repair performed by you or someone else.

In addition, under the terms of the warranty contract, you will be entitled to a free exchange of any defective parts. So it’s best to take advantage of the free servicing. It is also possible to prolong the warranty period if it has already expired and to take benefit of the free service and components replacement provided by the manufacturer.

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