Why Are The Olympics Not Held In India?

Holding the Olympics in a country needs the willingness and resources. Hosting the Olympics is not straightforward for any country since it is a tremendous honor whose requirement is much more than people can imagine.

So, the question is, why is India not hosting the Olympics? There are several reasons why India is not hosting the Olympics, such as the security factor is one of the major factors.

India is a place that is a part of corruption and scams. This is creating obstacles for people to host the Olympics.

Also, the terrible history that causes the loss is one reason. The expenditure required for the Olympics is about 10 billion, which is pretty good money. Here are the reasons explained in brief –

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1. Incurred Expenditure

Hosting Olympics in a country takes a lot of resources. After all, it takes a lot to host the blast of the Olympics. In comparison to USD, the money required is over 10000,000,000. For example, London is one of the places that have the essential infrastructure to host the games quickly. But India is in a position that is not having much money to host the Olympic games.

2. Security factor

The prime importance needed for hosting the Olympic games is security. A secure place must be there so the matches can be handled peacefully and smoothly. There will be no such position of fighting that causes any miss in the games. However, India is not that capable of handling the crowd. The grand event needs to be very peaceful where people can enjoy it, but India is not that secure in hosting one.

3. Corruption

Most people are aware of the corruption and scams factor happening in India. It causes a barrier to playing the Olympic games. That is majorly affecting the Indian economy. Hosting the Olympic games at a higher level inevitably needs to be smooth so people can enjoy and finish the game appropriately. The scam around can cause the disturbance in the games that will affect everyone indulged’s a mental state.

4. Performance of athletes

Who plays Olympics? Athletes have a marginal role in winning the Olympics and showing their skills. Is it? India does not have a good number of athletes who can perform very well in the Olympics. Due to this, there is a lack of public support as their chances of winning is negligible. Ultimately it is responsible for no participation of people in such a top-notch event.

5. Public interest

There are so many games that can be played in Olympics, like wrestling, shooting, cricket, football, etc. But, the Indian population has a minimum interest in the Olympic games. Their participation in this grand event is not much due to the little interest. So, there will be no such crowd to channel. It will result in the no positive motivator that motivates their performance in the sports. Also, the sale of tickets will be less.

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