Why Does India Have A Monsoon Type Of Climate?

Well, the reason behind monsoon climate at the places is due to the heating of water bodies, land, and pressure situation.

The heat produced above them is majorly responsible for causing the monsoon climate. However, the influence on the climate is exponentially done by the monsoon winds that ultimately depend on the season and the reversal of monsoon winds.

There are many types of regions that have a different impact of differential heat on the monsoon. The several reasons why India has a monsoon type are mentioned below in brief –

Monsoon climate india
Image Credit: The Open University

1. Various Climatic regions

India is a place that has numerous climatic regions. For example, it is tropical in the South, temperate in the Himalayan north, and so forth. Various elevated regions in India have winter snowfall. Majorly the climate of India is influenced by the Thar desert and Himalayas.

For starters, the Himalayas and the mountains in Pakistan prevent the wind from blowing, and also, most of the locations in India are warmer. The desert plays a marginal role in attracting the summer monsoon winds. So most of India’s rainfall is due to the desert between June and October.

2. Deserts

The following reason India has the monsoon type of climate is geography. It is prominent that shows the effect of monsoonal in India. The deserts, mainly Thar, in the northwest show the economic impact on India regarding monsoon effects. The north side of India mainly remains warm or sometimes mild chili.

The thermal dam keeps the Indian regions hot in the summers. Hence, the country’s bulk is regarded as the monsoon type because of the Tropic of Cancer and subtropics that passes from the middle of India. So specifically, as much as the weather patterns in India will be, there will be a monsoon-type climate in India.

3. Wind Traveling

During summers, the subcontinent of India gets heated up on a large scale. Besides this, the neighboring seas also get heated dramatically, and the air above the land expands.

Once the level of air rises, it begins to travel and arrives on the western coast of India. This is the reason for causing the moisture winds on the coast of India and finally ended up causing the monsoon type. The rain occurs in northeast parts which branch with the monsoon.

4. Ocean Bodies

When it comes to Ocean bodies, they do not lose the summer heat. Even though there is slow retardation of the heat, that is not pretty noticeable. The cool air starts to move to low pressure.

Finally, the high-pressure air goes over the ocean and causes north east monsoon. That is responsible for generating the rainfall along the eastern coast. It is also one of the reasons why India has a monsoon type.

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