Why Has India A Rich Heritage Of Flora And Fauna?

The factors that make India a place of flora and fauna include islands, mountains, plateaus, and northern plains. The temperature of India keeps changes from hot to cold and even very cold.

However, the climate varied in India, mostly from very dry to monsoon type. That’s why India faces monsoon type a lot. The temperature variation is responsible for the growth of numerous species of flora and fauna.

Another reason it has a rich heritage is due to the number of soils suitable for the plant types such as alluvial, red, and black.

This is having the perfect nutrients for the growth of plants. In addition, India is blessed with many mountains, plains, and rivers that make a rich heritage of flora and fauna. Read about these regions in depth below –

Flora And Fauna
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1. Diverse climate

Without climate, animals and plants won’t be able to survive. Believe it or not, the variation in the environment in India is responsible for majorly sustaining the life of plants and animals. Undoubtedly, India has extensive climates ranging from cold deserts to evergreen forests. Take an example, bamboo, which grows in tropical forests, and Kejri, which is mostly found in Rajasthan.

2. Numerous sorts of soil

Another reason is the type of soil. Soil has a different types of nutrients for the plants. It is the primary requirement of plants to grow and even for some animals. India is a country that includes the types of soils for cherishing the need for food of plants. For example, black soil in Deccan Plateau, laterite soil in Chhattisgarh, marshy soil in the Kutch, and so on.

3. Huge country

The physical feature available in India is huge in the region. All these features together satiate the requirement of the species of plants and animals. For instance, the mountains, coastal areas, plains, plateaus, and islands contribute a lot to supporting plants and animals. Moreover, there are different animals whose habitat is managed by physiographic features.

4. Perennial Rivers

Another reason India is blessed with unique species of plants and animals is the perineal Rivers. India has sustained aquatic life that supports different flora and fauna. Of course, plants can’t grow without water. The river’s need for water for plants and animals is majorly satisfied.

5. Mountains and plains

Mountains and plains also play a marginal role in supporting different plants and animals. However, they have the power to sustain the environment and habitat of different species of plants and animals. If India is compared with other countries, then it has around 47,000 types of plants and 89,000 species of animals. This ratio makes India stand 10th in the world and fourth in Asia.

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