Why My Jio SIM is Not Working Suddenly? Tips to Fix!

Jio has been one of the fastest-growing telecom networks in India. It has a variety of solutions available in India. The brand offers 4G and 5G services. In addition, the brand also offers fibre internet at home. Talking the Jio Mobile Network offers amazing coverage across the country. You can certainly go ahead and opt for Jio. If you are facing any issues with Jio SIM, then we are sure you would have already tried restarting your phone. If that doesn’t work, let us help you sort out this issue.

SIM Recognized But No Network

If you are not getting any network, then there are chances that your network search is set to manual. To resolve this, go to your phone’s settings and the network selection. From there, select automatic. If it was already automatic, select manual and wait for the network list to pop up. Now, select Jio from the given list, and you should be able to connect with the network. We recommend turning the network selection to automatic once again.

No Data

For the no-data issue, try turning the phone on flight mode and turning on the network again. You must also check the latest setting for data usage. You can call customer service to get the latest data configuration. If this doesn’t work, ensure that you have allowed the data usage on roaming if you are outside your home state. You must also ensure a data pack is available on your mobile.

Jio SIM is Not Working

SIM Not Recognized

If the SIM is not recognized, then the most likely scenario is that your SIM has not been activated. This is mainly because your document verification is pending. You can reach out to Jio customer service to determine the issues associated with the Jio SIM. They will confirm if the SIM has been activated on not. These days, you have an additional step to activate SIM, where you need to call a specific number for verification. Ensure that you have completed the step for SIM to be activated. Sometimes, the phone may not recognize the SIM if it doesn’t support the band. You can check the available bands for the phone and match them up with the operating band of the phone to ensure that both are compatible.

Unable to Call

If you have signals and cannot call, you can again put your phone on airplane mode and try activating the signals again. In addition, you must also check if you have a plan activated or if you have sufficient balance on your phone.


These are the different things that you can do to troubleshoot the Jio SIM network issues. If none works, you must immediately call customer service and seek help. Recently, there has been a scam wherein the scammer acquires your mobile number by getting the SIM reissued. They can then make financial transactions on your behalf since your mobile number is linked to your bank account. You can immediately call Jio and figure out the reason for the network issues. If you notice something fishy, then you must raise a flag immediately.

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