Assam is a state in the country of India. In the northeast of the country, it is bounded on the north by the empire of Bhutan as well as the province of Arunachal Pradesh, towards the east by the regions of Nagaland & Manipur, to its south by the regions of Mizoram & Tripura, and to its west by Bangladesh, the state of Meghalaya, and the state of West Bengal. The term Assam is originated from the term asama, which means “peerless” in the now ancient Ahom language.

When Assam was a part of the Indian Union, the adjacent states of Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh were included. Originally located in Shillong, the state’s capital was relocated to Dispur, a district of Guwahati, in the year 1972.

The average temperature in Assam ranges from peaks in the high 90s F (approximately 36 °C) in Aug to wind chills in the-40s F (approximately 7 °C) in January, with August having the highest average temperature. The cool season, which normally lasts from October to February, is characterized by fogs & brief rains, among other things.

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