The Best Car Paint In India

It’s true that after having a car for a few long years, the paint job begins to disintegrate and fall like bits of crust. Once this occurs, it gradually reduces the life of your vehicle because the inside metal of your car’s body is now exposed and reacts with moisture in the air, causing the metal to corrode. So what’s the solution then? A fresh coat of paint will do the trick and make your car look brand new. If you already knew the answer, you may be seeking the best sort of car paint. Correct?

This is important; you should not simply go to the market and choose any paint for your car. This way, you’ll more likely end up buying crappy paint for your car. To help you out with this, we’ve decided to come up with this detailed list of the Best Car Paints in India since there are so many options already available in the Indian market. Not only that, but we’ll go over some important factors to help you determine what the BEST car paint is for your needs, so stay tuned for that. Let’s get started so you can make your car look brand new.

Car Paint

List of Best Car Paint In India

How to Choose the Best Car Paint

Now it is time to talk about how you can get your hands on the best car paint on the market. Just consider the points mentioned below, and you’ll be good for the most part.

Type Of Paints

There are several types of automotive paints in the Indian market, let’s go over the most popular ones one by one. The first is Plasti Dip, which is a reasonably priced rubberized paint option; it’s not as common as other paints, but it’s worth investigating. Spray paints are quite common and can be a good option if you’re not on a high budget. Water-based paints are quite easy to work with because of their non-toxic properties, and the paint drying time is usually faster. In contrast, solvent-based paints with a lacquer, enamel, or urethane base are extremely toxic but are widely used in the automotive industry.

Other types, such as single-stage and two-stage paints, are good options as well. As the name suggests, single-stage paints only require a single coat of paint, but the finishing is not as good as the two-stage paints, where you can go for multiple coats. Finishing-wise, we’ll recommend you always go with the Two-stage paint option over the Single-stage one. If you don’t want a full body paint job for your car, and you just want to paint specific parts, then the part-specific paints would be a great choice to look into.

Resin Type

Basically, we can divide automotive paints into three sections based on resin type. The most common one is urethane, and people usually go with this option because it’s more durable and quite affordable as well. The Enamel resin paints come in the second spot. These provide a glossy finish and are pretty inexpensive as well. Last but not least is the lacquer resin-based paints. Mainly car showroom owners use such paints to make their cars look expensive, but the maintenance part is very crucial here, so it’s not well-suited for an average person’s needs.

Paint Activator

Paints with Activators tend to dry faster than normal car paints, but they are also quite a good option for bonding the paint properly to the car’s surface. One-part or single-stage paints don’t require such activators because, with such paint jobs, you don’t need multiple coats, and thus they naturally dry faster. But if you’re going with a two-stage or two-part paint option, it is always good to look into whether any sort of activator is mixed into your paint or not.


In the end, getting a paint job for your car isn’t just about increasing its lifespan; the appearance you’re after is also important. There are a few finish options when it comes to buying car paint in the Indian market. But it’s not that hard to pick from. If you want something not very flashy, then go with a simple gloss finish. However, the matte finish would make your car appear more expensive while maintaining its simplicity. If you want to make your car stand out, you can also choose pearlescent or metallic texture paints.

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