10 Best Diwali Gift Ideas Items for Employees in India 2023

Diwali and gifting shall go hand in hand. It is the festival of lights, and you must be wondering what can be gifted to your employees this year. Keeping the best options in place, we have come up with some of the delectable gifts that you can give your workmates. However, it is a tricky situation. The challenge is, what is the best gift that you can offer your office mates. It must be worthwhile, and at the same time, it must be useful too.

This article gives you an idea of the best gifts you can offer your employees this year. It has a collection of gifts that shall help you take the confusion away from your decision-making process. These gifts are affordable and excellent too. You must be looking at only one aspect; what do you think that shall keep your organization’s standard? If this is answered, you will probably decide on the gift items that we are displaying below.

We have divided these gifts into different categories.

  • Dry Fruits
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate
  • Gold Silver Wares
  • Bedsheets

You can choose your options from these. The items on display are amazing and also priced affordable.

Best Buy Diwali Gifts for Employees in India

Let us take a look at the gifts now.

1. Ghasitaram Gifts Dryfruit Box with Rudraksha Rakhi

Ghasitaram Gifts Dryfruit Box with Rudraksha Rakhi

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It is a 200-gram beauty. Filled with amazing dry fruits, the pack has health and love blended to it. The excellent gift box shall be the best value add for this Diwali. Be it the Goan Cashews or even the American Almonds; the gift pack comes full of nutrients. The dry fruits are the order of this festival; you can offer your employees with peace and prosperity.

The delectable gift box is a sign of abundance too. This Diwali, offer your peers the love, affection, abundance, and peace. It is a perfect gift that displays luxury too. An excellent piece of gesture that you shall show during the festive season.

The vacuum-packed contents are quality checked many times. And because of the nitrogen flush, the dry fruits stay fresh. The freshness is one part, and the packaging is the other. The entire package comes with a rolled design of rakhi studded with stones. An excellent mark of affection is in the form of packing too. The pouches with Roli, Chawal, and Chandan also are attached to this package as a compliment. The gift item is excellent for its money’s worth too.


  • Excellent Dry fruit combination makes the gift pack look rich
  • The substances used to preserve the nuts is completely organic


  • The content quantity is so less
  • The price is a bit high too.

2. Organic-City Dry Fruits Combo (Almond, Raisin, Cashew, Pistachio)

Dry Fruits Combo by Organic City

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Are you looking for a healthy Diwali Gift? It must be the best choice. A delectable selection of eats in the form of dry fruits is a complete value add. Also, the excellent package it comes with makes it even more attractive. The assorted nuts and dried fruits make a good combination of love and health. It shall be the best present for any party too. Diwali is the festival of light, and it must begin with the gift we give.

The benefits of such gift boxes are many. Firstly, it is healthy. Yes, the dry fruits and nuts come with incredible nutrients. Secondly, the almonds and other dry fruits are filled with maximum minerals too. Lastly, they are tasty and suit the best for the occasion. Well, this certainly can be a snack too. The benefits of a healthy range are pretty attractive. The qualified packaging makes it even more sought after too. The combination of fiber, minerals, and vitamins makes it a perfect gift for this season.

The packaging also displays luxury. With this pandemic ripping many people apart, this Diwali must bring a lot of prosperity among people. This gift plays a major role in that aspect. Give your love with this amazing gift.


  • The gift pack and the nuts combination is completely elite
  • The quantity is a bit optimal for the price too


  • The package is flimsy.

3. Ghasitaram Gifts Diwali Gifts Sweets- Kaju Sweets Assorted Box (800 gms)

Ghasitaram Gifts Kaju Sweets for Diwali

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It is an excellent piece of gift that can give or gift to anyone during this festive season. No preservatives whatsoever, this Diwali shall begin with utmost good health and prosperity. The premium quality ingredients used to make these sweets are worth mentioning here. At the same time, the preservative-free recipes used to make such eats are commendable too—800 grams of sheer love and affection. Offer your employees the traditional touch of Diwali gift giving.

The package is taking pride in using only natural ingredients, thus making it elite too. The modified atmospheric packing has made the package well suited for longer storage. The shelf life of the sweets is more. The aroma and the taste of sweets kept intact too. The 100 years of traditional value is in this gift packing. The efforts put in making excellent sweets is very well evident. The ancient recipes selected to create such fantastic gift items are a great act.

Gifting is the act of sharing love and happiness. When it happens with sweets, it doubles. Ghasitaram Gifts play an imminent role in such occasions. Diwali is the Hindus’ prime festival of the Hindus; this gift pack shall give all that you wanted to offer to your employees. Further, the premium packing also makes the gift pack look amazingly the best.


  1. High profile sweets with a good quantity
  2. Excellent natural ingredients used in the making of the sweets


  • A bit expensive

4. Haldiram’s Nagpur Kaju Katli and Orange Burfee Combo, 1000g

Haldirams Nagpur Kaju Katli

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Haldiram holds the key for any sweet gifting. It is always good to offer delectable sweets from India’s ace sweet makers in this festive season. A 1-kilogram pack of Kaju Katli and Orange Burfee shall bring happiness to all your employees. In this pandemic, people had suffered a lot. Bringing joy in their families must be your primary focus. One way of bringing unmatchable joy is to gift them with Haldiram’s sweet box.

Excellent ingredients and the top-class recipe has made the sweets top notch. With zero preservatives that have chemicals to it, Haldiram’s set the standard for organic gifting items. With a shelf life of 15 days, this becomes an excellent gifting opportunity for you. Also, bring home the prosperity with the 1-kilogram pack too.

The favorite sweet treat is just one click away. With excellent packaging, the sweet items shall be intact for a long time.  The trademark of delicacy begins with Orange burfee too. This one comes from the makers of the best sweets in the country. Pamper your office mates with this sweet gift. The price of the gift is also affordable so that you can get this in bulk too.

The creamy taste and the world-class gift packing give the gift a luxury look too. The rich cashew paste used in making the sweets speaks volumes about the quality of the made sweets. The gift must also be worthy enough to be given; the quantity Haldiram’s offer for an affordable price is worth mentioning here.

The goodness of the sweet and the joy of giving must be lasting long. Never look back, take this up as your best decision for this Diwali and gift for your colleagues the best and wish them all the best.


  • All the ingredients are completely safe to eat and hand-picked.
  • Top class packaging techniques keep the sweets intact for a long time.


  • A heavier gift in terms of sweets and package altogether

5. Ferrero Rocher, 16 Pieces, 200 gm

Ferrero Rocher gift

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Want to go the western way? Ferrero Rocher shall bring the class in gifting. The premium Italian chocolates make the occasion so special for your employees. The eclectic milk chocolates with hazelnut is a perfect combination for the festive season. As you know, the multi-layered chocolates are separately wrapped and put in an ideal package. The external look of the package is a complete luxury too.

It shall be a cost-effective yet excellent gift for Diwali. The 16 piece chocolate box shall remain in their hearts for years to come. The taste of the chocolate is incomparable. A very crisp wafer shell covering makes the chocolate a complete one.

Diwali is the occasion of love and happiness. Share happiness through this gift and pass the love throughout your office. The abundance must be carried out throughout the festive season. This Ferrero Rocher shall play a vital role during the gifting season too. It is a stand-alone gift pack that shall require nothing to accompany.

The industry’s premium chocolate is the need of the hour. All you need to do is to order this in bulk to give it to all your office mates. The taste of hazelnut and the cream shall live for a lifetime.


  • An amazing compact gift that shall be a blend of luxury and taste
  • The perfect price tag for the package too


  • Diwali and chocolates do not match well, think about it before you buy

6. Rich ‘U Chocolates Square Shape Gift Box Milk Chocolate (12 Pcs)

Chocolates diwali Gift Box

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Hygienically prepared milk chocolates wrapped in a perfect gift package shall add beauty to your gifting norms. A 12 piece vegetarian product shall be the ideal gift for Diwali. A compact gift pack with amazing chocolates inside shall offer joy and happiness in the people’s minds. The chocolates of this pack have the high-class ingredients. The best part is, no additives are present in these chocolates. It means to say, these chocolates are natural and have more human value to it.

No mixture of any type of chemicals, which makes it special than others. The nitrogen packing makes the chocolates last for a long time. Also, shelf life is most important when it comes to these types of gifts. It is not about the love you are spreading, but it must be staying for a long time. The festival of lights must be celebrated with all the love and affection offered from your end. All you can do is to order these chocolates to make the life of your employees happy.

With the pandemic ripping many people apart, use this opportunity to gift your office mates with delectable milk chocolates. Also, the gift package comes in a packed design, which lasts for a long time. The families of your employees must be prosperous too. Keep that in mind and get this gift for their welfare.

The excellent quality of chocolates makes it a wonderful gift. Also, the best part is all about compact packaging. This gift is easy to handle and has a luxury look to it as well. As the name suggests, it is not only rich in taste but also value. It is a complete money’s worth, and you need not think twice about buying these gift items for Diwali.


  • A compact and cost-effective gift for Diwali
  • Hygienically prepared Chocolates


  • A gift with traditional value shall suit this Diwali; a chocolate box may not be the one.

7. Skylofts Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack

Skylofts Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack

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It’s a 90-gram beauty that adds taste and life to your gift. Skylofts is a perfect gift for this Diwali. An incredible collection of chocolates that can last long in the minds of your employees. A gift must satisfy both the parties. One is you, and the other is the receiver. Skylofts makes a perfect blend in this regard. Joy and happiness through the cute gift box multi-fold once you start tasting the chocolates.

The chocolates contain the finest quality of the ingredients, and the result is a world-class product. Further, it is packed in a delectable gift box that adds beauty to the substance. If you plan to add value to your gifting procedure at the office, this shall be the best option for you.

A complete cost-effective yet wonderful gift is the right choice for this year. Let go of all agony that you have faced all this year; gift your employees this Diwali with a perfect chocolate box. A neatly wrapped pack makes it look wonderful too. The sturdy gift also has a good shelf life. The chocolates are so tasty that it proclaims your love to them with ease too.

Belgium chocolate ingredients play a vital role in the taste. Mixing it with the Diwali tradition makes it a memorable experience too. Offer the best to your colleagues and pass the love to extreme extents with the Skylofts chocolates.


  • Delectable chocolates with premium ingredients


  • The pack is so small.

8. Collectible India Diwali Gift Hampers Combo

Collectible India Diwali Gift Hampers Combo

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It is a stunner when it comes to Diwali gifting. A perfect set for a traditional Diwali set up. Idols are the best way to offer as a gift. And that too for this Diwali, this shall add as a perfect gift. 1 Laxmi Ganesh Pooja Idol with 4 Diyas makes it a delectable combo. The excellent idols that come in the form of silverware shall remain for a lifetime. The amazing colors that shall resemble the lights are becoming the order of the day. It is a fabulous gift that you may give your employees.

The aarti plate that comes along with the set is an excellent value add too. A sturdy idol and fabulous Diyas add prosperity to any house. Decide to give joy and happiness through traditional ways. It is a perfect combination of love and affection too. Almighty as idols and the lamps as worship mode, shall be the best example of corporate gifting.

The lamps that come along with the gift set are reusable. They are handmade and hand-painted too. You might be wondering till now as to what to gift for your office mates. It shall be a perfect choice that offers love and happiness together.

The colorful lamps and the idols, along with the plate, offer abundance to every house—the joy of giving begins with a smile. The receiver shall be so happy for such a gift in his house. Love and happiness must be everlasting, and so this set of gifts too.


  • The excellent traditional way of gifting
  • Amazing materials used to make the idols.


  • The lamps may dry off soon.

9. Indian Craft Villa Silver Plated Brass Bowl Set

Indian Craft Villa Silver Plated Brass Bowl Set

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Diwali adds beauty, and beauty adds life. This Diwali, you must be gifting your office mates with unforgettable silverware. Here we go, the Indian Craft Villa Silver plated Brass bowl stands out as an exceptional gifting experience. It is not only about the experience; it is also about the abundance you offer every home. The families of your employees must be very happy. It is a perfect gift for this festive season. It is an amazing 9 set bowls that shall offer love and happiness throughout their life.

The best part that we liked the most about this product is that manufacturers have provided the best material for these bowls. The metal bowls’ construction is just amazing, and there is nothing to complain about the overall finishing. It ensures that the bowls and plates last very long. The effective way of gifting is to give happiness throughout. The red color package and the wonderful bowls shall shine elegance anytime and anywhere.

If you plan for traditional corporate gifting, you must be looking for this and nothing else. Yes, the price is equivalent to the product quality. Of course, this lasts for a lifetime. The elegant antique design makes the home look beautiful. The intricate design and incomparable craftsmanship make the gift more valuable too.


  • An excellent traditional gift made out of Brass


  • A bit pricey

10. HUESLAND by Ahmedabad Cotton 144 TC

HUESLAND by Ahmedabad Cotton

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It is a perfect house gift for this festive season. The household items to be gifted is an old formula yet an effective one. It is a gift that you can give to touch the hearts of the people. The cotton bed sheets can be the best value add for this Diwali. An excellent color combination of the bedsheet is made to perfection by the makers.

The finest of the materials is used to make the bedsheets, which adds excellent value to the lifestyle. If you are planning for corporate gifting and that touches the hearts of the people, is this.

The bedsheet and pillow cover combination makes the gift a perfect one for a lifetime. The havoc COVID’19 has done so far can be easily erased with this type of gift. Diwali must bring happiness to people, and there are many types of gifts available in the market. It stands out is because of the traditional reason for giving household items. It shall remain in your employees’ houses for a very long time.

Also, the finest quality materials used in making such bed sheets shall be the biggest value add. It shall be long-lasting too. The durability of such materials is very good too.


  • A perfect cotton material that shall last long


  • Bedsheets and gifting is indeed an old formula.


Diwali requires the best gifts, and you have to make a choice for gifting the best item. The gift items that we had displayed are all of the best quality. Also, the variety that we had shown highlights a different type of gift that can be given during this season. Opt for the one that best suits your company also. The gifts that you find here are of different price ranges. Throughout this article, we had maintained one aspect, which is maintaining the affordable price plan in all the gifts displayed. The gifts are cost-effective and also qualified. It is a perfect blend, and you have many options to select from. Happy Diwali.

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