10 Best Menstrual Cups In India 2023 [For Feminine Hygiene]

One of the major aspects of women’s life is the menstruation phase. Apart from being painful every month, feminine hygiene is of utmost importance. Traditionally in India, women used to use some padded rags of clothes for the purpose. However, as technology is growing and as women are coming out more often, women need to be more comfortable and maintain hygiene more than ever. For this purpose, sanitary pads and tampons are some of the popular products for menstruation.

Menstrual cups are one other option that is gaining popularity these days and many women prefer these to the traditional pads and tampons. There are some reasons for this. Sanitary pads have some harsh chemical gels on them that might lead to irritations compromising feminine hygiene. Also, some pads take more time for the decomposition process. The money spent on tampons and sanitary pads are much more than that spent on menstrual cups. So, women being conscious of environmental health, certain diseases caused to the cervix are some of the reasons for women being more attracted to menstrual cups.

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If you are completely new to this term, then let us help you. As the name suggests, a menstrual cup looks like a cup and is designed to be inserted in the vagina to collect period blood. It is mostly made of silicone material which is soft and comfortable. Once you know the technique of inserting this cup, you will never feel the cup. This is such a wonderful design and women can happily continue their daily chores wearing it. There are 2 types in this – disposable and reusable. Reusable ones need to be washed every 12 hours and can be used again. They are pretty easy to clean because of their material. Sounds interesting right! To help you with more details, in this post we will provide you some details of menstrual cups like benefits and risks of using it, a buying guide for you to choose the perfect product for your purpose and a list of best products available in the Indian market for the year 2021. So, let us get started.

Best Quality Menstrual Cups Online In India

Do not worry if you are new to menstrual cups, we help you to find which menstrual cup is best in India. We understand that feminine hygiene and comfort is the utmost priority for any woman during their periods. Go ahead and read through the best menstrual cups brands in India.

1. WOW Freedom Reusable Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup India

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The first Menstrual Cup on our list is from WOW, this is the best menstrual cup for beginners in India. These are one of the best available in the Indian market and you do not get any chemicals inside your body. Any dryness or itchiness that is common with other feminine products is not caused by this product. This freedom cup is so soft and is made of high-grade silicone and is very easy to insert. With the form-fit rim, it is quite easy for the cup to be inserted and removed easily. As it is quite soft, you never feel the cup inside you and often feel very comfortable having it.

It won’t give any leakage from wearing it. The uncomfortable odor from the period blood is not observed when you use these freedom cups as there is no chance that the blood gets in contact with the air. These cups can be worn for 12 hours without feeling disturbed and you do not need to carry extras wherever you go. Also, cups are enriched with tea tree oil. You also get a feminine wash along with the cup.

Things we liked:

  • It does not cause dryness or itchiness
  • Made of high-grade silicone and is very soft
  • Easy to insert and remove
  • No embarrassing bad odor
  • The feminine wash is supplied along with the cup
  • Safe up to 12 hours

Things we didn’t like:

  • Some people complained about the cup not opening properly once it is inside.

2. Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup

Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup

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Next, on the list, we have Sirona Menstrual Cups it is the best menstrual cup for heavy flow use. This cup comes in a size of medium, which is suitable for women with a medium cervix height and who have not given birth yet. The usual problems caused by sanitary pads like itchiness, dryness, menstrual odor, discomfort is not caused when you use this menstrual cup. It can be used by anyone as it covers from lightest to heaviest flow. It is made with high-quality silicone which is 100% medical-grade material. The rim on top of the cup makes sure that the cup is in place and does not cause any leakage.

The cup can be used safely and comfortably for up to 10 hours, which is long enough. Also, if you are maintaining proper hygiene and cleaning the cup with the utmost care, then this cup can be used for 15 years without damage. The cup can be used even when you are in any physical activity like swimming, trekking, running, etc.,

Things we liked:

  • It comes in medium size which is perfect for most women.
  • Does not cause discomfort, menstrual odor, dryness or itchiness
  • Made with 100% medical-grade high-quality silicone
  • No leakage and used up to 10 hours
  • Can be used up to 15 years

Things we didn’t like:

  • Some people found it difficult to insert and found leakage problems

3. Silky Cup Reusable Menstrual Cup

Silky Cup Reusable Menstrual Cup

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The next producton our list is from Silky Cup. This cup comes in medium size and can collect up to 24 ml and 28 ml up to the rim. It is made from 100% medical grade thermoplastic elastomer. It can stay up to 12 hours without leakage and with proper maintenance, it can be reused up to 10 years. The cup is safe to use and has passed numerous tests conducted and even passed the class VI test. The cup is non-toxic and chemical-free, making it safe to use and does not cause any irritation. It can be used even in the night as you do not feel the cup inside you. The silky cups are available in other sizes as well.

Things we liked:

  • The cup comes in medium size
  • The capacity of the cup is 24 ml and if calculated up to the rim, it is 28 ml
  • Stays leak-proof for up to 12 hours and can be reused as long as 10 years
  • Passed numerous tests
  • Non-toxic and chemical-free

Things we didn’t like:

  • Some users complained about the quality and size

4. SanNap Menstrual Cup for Women

SanNap Menstrual Cup for Women

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Next, on the list, we have SanNap’s Menstrual cups one of the best quality menstrual cup in India. It is available in different sizes and a medium-sized cup can collect 20 ml. The insertion process is quite easy and the cup is made of high-quality silicone material, which makes it leakage-proof. When it is leakage-proof, it does not cause any embarrassing odor that usually happens when sanitary pads or tampons are used. Using these cups is not painful and you would never feel anything inside you and continue your daily chores like gym, running or even swimming. The vagina does not dry out when using the cup and does not cause any irritation. When you maintain proper hygiene, the product can be used for up to 15 years. It comes with a black pouch that allows you to carry the cup and you can easily keep it in your handbag or luggage.

Things we liked:

  • Available in different sizes with different capacities
  • Made of high-quality silicone material and is leakage-proof
  • Does not cause irritation or menstrual odor
  • Reusable up to 15 years
  • Black pouch to carry it easily

Things we didn’t like:

  • Some people complained about the thick material and that it hurts

5. Everteen® Menstrual Cup for Women

Everteen® Menstrual Cup for Women

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Next, on the list, we have a Menstrual cup from Everteen. It is large, perfect for high cervix and high period flow. It collects up to 30 ml. The menstrual fluid can be collected safely up to 12 hours and if you maintain it hygienically, you can reuse the cup for as long as 10 years. The sudden rush of menstrual liquid due to sneezing or laughing does not happen when using this menstrual cup. Due to the suction seal, the cup stays in place and fits perfectly. You do not even feel the cramps due to the vacuum formed by the seal.

Things we liked:

  • It comes in a large size and can collect up to 30 ml.
  • Safe to use up to 12 hours
  • Reusable up to 10 years
  • No flooding or leakage
  • Free from cramps

Things we didn’t like:

  • Some people found the material to be too soft to stay in place.

6. Plastron Hygienic Silicone Reusable Menstrual Cup

Plastron Hygienic Silicone Reusable Menstrual Cup

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Next, on the list, there is iCare’s Menstrual Cup. This cup is made of high-quality silicone and has a very good design making it quite safe to reuse. Also, the silicone material is medical grade and hence does not cause any infections. The pH level is not changed, which is desirable. The small-sized cup can collect up to 25 ml and the large size can collect 35 ml. The shape and design are perfect for inserting and the cup stays in place.

Things we liked:

  • Made of high-quality medical-grade silicone material
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Great shape and design for a perfect fit.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Some people complained about the stem.

7. Pee Safe Menstrual Cups for Women

Pee Safe Menstrual Cups for Women

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Next, on the list, we have Menstrual Cup from Pee Safe one of the best brand for menstrual cup in India. This menstrual cup is chemical-free and is very comfortable to use. When using other feminine products, you might observe different kinds of problems like rashes, unpleasant odor, dryness, leakage, and vaginal infections. All these are solved with Pee Safe’s cups. You do not need to sit at home away from all the regular activities. With this cup, you can continue running, gym, swimming or any other activity with ease. Single-cup is capable of collecting menstrual liquid which is equivalent to 3 or 4 tampons capacity. So, it is quite safe to use up to 12 hours and you do not feel a thing. This product is available in extra small, small and large sizes.

Things we liked:

  • Chemical-free and comfortable
  • Does not form rashes, unpleasant odor, dryness, leakage, and vaginal infections
  • Safe to use for up to 12 hours without leakage
  • Available in 3 sizes

Things we didn’t like:

  • Some people complained that it is not suitable for people with weak pelvic muscles

8. Lady Go Reusable Menstrual Cup

Lady Go Reusable Menstrual Cup

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Next, on the list, we have Lady Go’sMenstrual Cup. This cup is certified by different countries like India, the USA, Europe, Switzerland, etc., It is available in a model called the active model which means this is suitable for women who have an athletic body and continue to perform physical activity during periods. If you are not that active, do not worry, there is a standard model too. The cup is quite leak-proof and can stay as long as 12 hours and if you follow good hygiene, then this can be reused up to 10 years. If at any time you are not satisfied with the size or want to know the proper size, the Lady Go counseling team is ready to help you.

Things we liked:

  • Certified by different countries
  • Available in different sizes and models suitable for athletic body type too
  • Leak-proof cup and can stay up to 12 hours
  • A perfect counseling team to help you pick the perfect size.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing as such

9. DALUCI Reusable Menstrual Cup for Women

DALUCI Reusable Menstrual Cup for Women

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TheDaluciMenstrual Cup is next on our list of best menstrual cups for 2021. This is available in different sizes. The cup can be used for 10 years if maintained properly and is leak-proof for up to 12 hours of usage. When it comes to the material, it is made of 100% medical-grade Thermoplastic Elastomer. It is suitable and comfortable to wear for any sized or shaped women. With the high-grade material, it does not cause any irritation and unpleasant odor. The material is comfortable once inserted and you never feel a thing.

Things we liked:

  • Available in different sizes
  • Can be reused up to 10 years and is leak-proof up to 12 hours
  • Made of high-quality thermoplastic elastomer material
  • Does not cause irritation or unpleasant odor

Things we didn’t like:

  • Some people complained about the cup not opening properly once inside.

10. GynoCup Reusable Menstrual Cup

GynoCup Reusable Menstrual Cup

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Last but not least, on the list, we have Menstrual Cup from GynoCup. This helps to cover any type of menstrual flow and does not cause any irritation, discomfort, rashes, discomfort, unpleasant odor, etc., The rim of the cup is strong enough to provide a tight seal and does not cause any leaks. Also, the material of the cup is made of silicone, which is 100% medical-grade. The cup can stay still without needing to change up to 10 hours safely. Also, when you use it properly,  you can reuse the cup up to 15 years.

Things we liked:

  • Covers any type of menstrual flow
  • Does not cause irritation, discomfort, rashes, discomfort, unpleasant odor, etc.,
  • Provides tight seal and is leak-proof up to 10 hours
  • Reusable up to 15 years

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing as such

How Does Menstrual Cup Work?

Menstrual cups work by collecting menstrual fluids. They are quite easy to use and reusable as well. Here is a step-by-step process about how they work. 

  • You should first make sure that your hands and menstrual cup are clean. Using dirty hands can cause infections in the vaginal area. So, wash your hands before using them. 
  • Now take the menstrual cup and fold it in C shape or U-shape. There are many ways of folding a menstrual cup. You will have to choose a style that is easy for you. In the beginning, it is going to be a bit tough to use them, but as you keep using you will get used to it. 
  • You should now sit or squat and then insert the menstrual cup inside the vagina. You will have to leave the fold when you insert it inside and no longer hold the fold. 
  • Once you leave the fold, make sure to insert the cup inside so that the menstrual cup’s tip is not visible to you. But do not push it too much that you will not be able to reach the tip to pull it out. 
  • You can slightly pull the menstrual cup by holding the stem. You will feel slight pressure of suction when you pull the menstrual cup. If you are able to feel the pressure, then it is placed in position. You can also insert your finger and check around the rim of the cup to make sure that it is completely opened and in place. 
  • You can leave the menstrual cup for eight to twelve hours, depending on the flow. If you have a heavy flow, then it is good to check after six hours. 
  • If the cup is full, you can empty the fluids and clean it. Once it is clean, you can again place it back, following the same procedure. 

If you are using a menstrual cup for the first time, you can use a small panty liner to stay safe if there is any problem in placing the menstrual cup. You will need a few months to get used to the menstrual cups. Before storing it for next use, make sure you are washing it in hot water to avoid any kind of problems when you are using it the next month. They are simple to use and safe as well. 

How To Choose Best Menstrual Cups in India

Before purchasing any product, you must know complete details about it so that when you look at the product description, you would exactly know what to look at and which one to purchase. The same is true for the cups as well. However, if you are still confused, do not worry. The following are some factors that should be kept in mind when you go to the market to purchase menstrual cups.

⇒ 1. Cervix Height

One of the major factors to consider is the cervical height. The height helps you to select the perfect length of the cup. It is best to measure the cervix height during periods. There are various methods that you can use. If you are someone with a low cervix, you need to select a product of small size or you can go with cups that have a bell-shape. For medium and high cervix, there are a lot more choices. Medium cervix women can use cups of small or large size and they can go with bell-shaped as well as V-shaped cups.  For high cervix, a large-sized and V-shaped cups are more apt. So select the size of the cup based on cervical height.

⇒ 2. Material

Most of the menstrual cups are made of soft silicone or rubber material. It is always best to select medical grade silicone material. It is safe to use and does not cause any dryness. Most of the companies out there mention that the material is medical grade. However, be sure that you know that the brand is a good one.

⇒ 3. Age

One other thing that is important while you are selecting is the age and your vagina. Many companies give a recommendation on the pack about age. Usually, there are 2 categories. One for people who are under 30 years of age and did not have any delivery through the vagina or by c-section. The other recommendation is for women who are more than 30 years and have delivered either through vagina or c-section. As pregnancy tends to change pelvic muscles and make them loose, companies suggest larger cups as they are wide enough. However, you need to consider all other factors like cervical height, comfort, etc.,

⇒ 4. Type of cup

There are 2 types of menstrual cups available – firm and soft ones. It all comes down to your usage and comfort. If you are a person who involves in a lot of activities, then soft cups might not be a good option. If you find that soft cups are not for you and find leakage, then shift to the firm ones. Also, if you have any bladder problems, do not directly select firm cups. Go with medium firm ones.

⇒ 5. Menstrual Flow

When it comes to menstrual products, one important factor is the menstrual flow. It differs for different people. A light flow means a menstrual cup of small size is sufficient. However, you also need to check cervix height and comfort. In the same way, if you have a heavy flow, you need to consider large cups. But, if smaller cups feel comfortable, then you need to take smaller cups and change frequently.

⇒ 6. Type of stem

The traditional form of the menstrual cup has a long stem. Some people find it comfortable with such long stem; however, some do not feel comfortable using long stems. They even try to cut the stem. With more options available in the market today, there is a wide range of types. Some cups come with a short stem, while others with hollow-shaped ones. There are other types like bulb-shaped stems, ring-shaped or even stemless ones. You need to select the best cup based on your comfort levels.

⇒ 7. Colors and Marking

With different varieties of menstrual cups being available, there are also different colors available like orange, black, red, yellow, etc., Women prefer different colors based on their liking and some do not want to see stains on the cup. So, they go with a color that looks pleasant. Some cups are transparent which means they do not have any dye on them. Make sure that you get the product that has a good brand name.

These are all the factors that need to be considered before even purchasing the product. We hope you find this guide quite useful.

Benefits Of Using Menstrual Cups

For those women who are used to sanitary pads or tampons, you might find the use of menstrual cups quite daunting. In order to jump from regular products to a new product, it would be a difficult task especially when you are already comfortable with the current methods. However, these products provide certain benefits which are greater than the traditional products that we have been using. The following are a few of these benefits:

  • These are cost-effective when compared to the sanitary pads or tampons. If you are going with reusable ones, then it is a one-time investment and you can save loads.
  • Visiting pharmacy every time, especially for getting the feminine needs, is a little bit uncomfortable. With cups, you do not have that problem.
  • They do not tend to dry the vagina as the tampons do. They also maintain a good pH balance.
  • Menstrual cups are generally safe to use for longer periods like 12 hours. However, with sanitary pads or tampons, you need to change them frequently.
  • These are environmentally friendly
  • The disposable type cups are safe to use during intercourse and you or your partner never feel the cup.
  • Menstrual cups collect the blood into the cup rather than absorbing. On the other hand, tampons or sanitary pads absorb the blood, making them release some toxins which might cause bacterial infection. So, cups are safer to use.

Hence, using menstrual cups has many advantages and it is quite widely accepted methodology these days. Women are feeling comfortable and tending more to this.

Risks Of using Menstrual Cups

For any product, there are certain risks associated with which you should be aware of. For the menstrual cups as well, there are few risks that you need to know.

  • If the product is not properly cleaned after each use, then it might cause unnecessary irritation. Also, inserting the cups can cause irritation if not properly done.
  • Although infection is quite rare when using the menstrual cup, it can be possible if you have bacteria on your hands or on the cup.
  • Sometimes, you can experience what is called Toxic Shock Syndrome. It occurs due to the Staphylococcus bacteria. It is extremely rare to get this syndrome. However, you need to keep your hands and cup hygienic to avoid getting it.

So, these are some of the risk elements that you need to know.

Menstrual Cups Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I purchase a decent quality menstrual cup?

It is super simple to find a variety of menstrual cups over the internet. You can glance upon numerous sites to select what you prefer. However, if you do not find it comfortable to buy a menstrual hygiene product online, you can also purchase it offline. These are also available in medical stores and some supermarkets. Buying offline has a benefit that you can thoroughly analyze the product.

  1. Can a virgin female also wear a menstrual cup?

Yes, there is no limitation for the use of menstrual cups. A woman who has hit her pubertal menstrual cycle, irrespective of the age, can use menstrual cups readily. For easy and painless insertion, you will need to take care of the cup size and technique of insertion. Menstrual cups usually come according to the volume they can store. Small, medium, and large sizes can store 15ml, 20ml, and 30ml, respectively. So, if you are a virgin, go for a smaller size initially.

  1. What is the right technique of inserting a menstrual cup?

Wash your hands and the cup with soapy warm water. The next step is to locate a comfortable position. If you are trying it for the first time then squatting would be a better option. Fold the cup and try to insert it gently by unfolding the labia. Let the cup pop up and open inside. You might feel uncomfortable for a while; but, soon you will be familiar with the feeling.

  1. Does it pains the first time you insert it?

As such, there is no pain after insertion of the menstrual cup apart from a slight foreign body discomfort feeling. The discomfort goes away in a few minutes. However, if you feel pain- either you have not inserted the cup appropriately, or it is not clean & tidy. The infection of the vagina is the primary cause of pain.

  1. Can a menstrual cup get stuck & lost afterward?

Yes, the lack of proper insertion technique or other reasons may lead a menstrual cup to be stuck. However, there is no need to panic. You can get it out by yourself without any assistance. Try to contract your pelvic muscle and sit in a squatting position to find the stem of the cup. If you still find it difficult, consult a gyno. A menstrual cup cannot get lost inside your body. Vagina and uterus are a closed canal; there is no way up to the body.

  1. Can I use the washroom with the cup inside me?

Yes, it is a myth that a woman can’t pee with a menstrual cup on.

  1. Can we use a menstrual cup for postpartum bleeding?

We do not recommend women to use a menstrual cup for postpartum bleeding. Your uterus is sensitive at that time. Putting a foreign body can lead to increase chances of infection.

  1. Can I also use the cup if I have endometriosis/ IUD?

To avoid dislodging of IUD and failure of contraceptive, we advise you to wait for 2 cycles before using a menstrual cup. However, it is safe to use a menstrual cup in endometriosis. Determine the amount of flow and choose the cup size wisely.

Bottom Line

Now that you have known so many things about using menstrual cups, it is up to you to decide whether to go with the product or not. Bear the benefits and risks of using it in your mind and weigh them to make a decision. It is not unusual to have risk factors associated with any product in this world. It all depends on whether that risk factor is vital for you or not. We are sure that menstrual cups are very useful, especially for women who go out more often. The buying guide that we have provided will be of great use for you to select the best product possible. Once you have all these ideas in mind, our list would be a great place to find the best menstrual cup for your purpose. We have also given the pros and cons for your convenience. Once you are ready with a few of your favorites, you can go to the link that we provided for each product, to get more details. We hope that this post is worth your time.

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