10 Best Pregnancy Support Belts In India 2023 (For Maternity)

Pregnancy Support Belts are a type of belts that help reduce the pressure and pain in the back and pelvis of pregnant women. These belts also help support the posture and allow women to move around effortlessly during their pregnancy. All in all, they are also great in the prevention of belly sagging and malposition of the foetus.

However, it is complicated to choose a support belt when there are many options to choose from. Due to this reason, we came up with this list of our top ten best selling pregnancy support belts that are available in India. We have discussed each product individually and in great detail. On the other hand you can check the list for best Postpartum Belts In India. Without further ado, let us start the discussion –

Best Buy Pregnancy Support Belts In India

1. JERN Pregnancy Support Belt

JERN Pregnancy Support Belt

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On number one of our list, we have the pregnancy support belt by JERN. This belt is available in two colours. These colours are – Pink and Beige. The surface of the belt is made from 100% polyester material, while the inside is made from 100% cotton. It has a length of 164 cm and is suitable if you have a waist size between 80 to 120 cm.

You can also use this belt if you had your delivery through a c-section. It will help support your belly and prevent pain and discomfort. However, if you are pregnant, we recommend that you should not wear this belt while you are sleeping. The abdominal covering area of this belt is 32.2 X 17.8 X 2.4 cm. Additionally, the belt only weighs only 77.1 grams.

Things we liked:

  • The inside material is made from pure cotton, which doesn’t irritate the skin.
  • The belt is also easy to close and open.
  • You can also wash the belt conveniently if it gets dirty.

Things we didn’t like:

  • You do not get a user manual with this product.
  • You cannot wear this belt while you are sleeping.

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2. Aaram Pregnancy Support Belt

Pregnancy Support Belt India

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You can buy this product from three available sizes. These sizes are – small, medium, large, and extra-large. It is made from an elastic material, which makes it easy-to-wear beneath any clothing. The stretchy material also makes it easier to accommodate abdominal growth as your pregnancy continues. Moreover, the belt helps in balancing the weight of your body with your shoulder and upper body.

The product also helps in minimizing the burden of pregnancy weight. The belt only weighs 200 grams and is easy to use. The package dimensions are – 28..9 X 19 X 4.6 cm. You can use it during daily activities and also when you are going for a walk. This belt will also ensure good circulation in your belly and provide support in the critical areas.

Things we liked:

  • This product will prove to be highly useful for women who have low-baby symptoms.
  • The material stretches and accommodate the growth of your belly.
  • It is an excellent product for backache problems.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The upper straps of the belt become a nuisance sometimes.
  • The product will not serve well if you are hoping to purchase it for pelvic pain.

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3. RelaxMaternity Pregnancy Support Belt

RelaxMaternity Pregnancy Support Belt

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This silver fiber support belt is available in two colours. These colours are – black and white. The strap is made from X-static fiber, which makes the belt natural and hygienic. The material also protects from electromagnetic waves from mobile phones, radios, and television. Additionally, the material is stretchable to provide a perfect and comfortable fit.

The belt is light in weight and breathable. It is also available in different sizes. Moreover, the belt will never give you any form of rashes and irritation. You can easily slip this belt on, and you are good to go. The belt will provide significant support to your belly and help you with doing daily activities with ease. This belt is made in Italy and has been loved by many customers.

Things we liked:

  • The product protects against harmful electromagnetic waves.
  • The fabric is soft and breathable. You can choose from many sizes of the product.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The price of the product lies at the high-end.
  • There are no adjustable straps on this belt.

4. Grasshopr Pregnancy Support Belt

Grasshopr Pregnancy Support Belt

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On number four, we have the pregnancy support belt by Grasshopr. The product is available in black colour and can be bought in many sizes. It is fully adjustable and helps in accommodating belly growth throughout your pregnancy. The belt has in-built support holders that prevent rolling of the belt when you are sitting. Also, the top strap of the belt can be pulled over to your stomach for better support.

The lining of this belt is made from cotton and nylon, which provide comfort as well as strength to the product. The side panels are stretchable and help in adding ventilation and compression. There is also a provision of an attachment that helps in lifting the abdomen without creating any pressure. The package only weighs 299 grams and has the dimensions of – 27 X 20 X 3 cm.

Things we liked:

  • The side panels of the belt are made from an elastic material.
  • The belt is light in weight and easy to use. The top strap can be put over the abdomen.
  • It provides excellent support to the belly and is easily adjustable.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The product is only available in black colour.
  • Some buyers have reported that the product is not that good for backaches.

5. SBE Pregnancy Support Belt

SBE Pregnancy Support Belt

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You can buy this product in black or beige. Also, the belt is available in many sizes, which are – small, large, and extra-large. It is made from soft and breathable material and prevents rashes in the skin. Moreover, the belt acts as a cradle for your belly, along with providing support. You can get relief from pelvic and hip pains if you use this belt.

It provides lifting without creating any pressure. The belt also stays in place all the time. It is easy to wear and weighs only 118 grams. The package dimensions are – 19.5 X 15 X 4.1 cm. The belt will prove to be beneficial in easing discomfort from your second trimester. The material of the belt makes it stretchable and adjustable. Buy this product to have the greatest experience of comfort.

Things we liked:

  • The belt does not create any pressure in lifting.
  • It is light in weight and made from breathable fabric.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The material loses its stretchability after some time.
  • It is hard to wear this belt when you are in a hurry.

6. Baby Bucket Pregnancy Support Belt

Baby Bucket Pregnancy Support Belt

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This beige pregnancy support belt is available in many sizes to choose from. This belt helps you in maintaining body posture during pregnancy. It comes with straps that are easy to adjust and put on. The lining of the belt is made from elastic, whereas the fabric used to manufacture the belt is multi-layered. If you buy this product, you will get different pieces, which are – a belly bandit, an inner belt, and a fixing band.

The dimensions of the package are – 26 X 20 X 5 cm. Additionally, the belt is priced at a very affordable rate. You may also wear this belt while you are exercising. The belt gives a gentle pressure to your belly and helps you move around comfortably. It also supports the uterus very well and assists in preventing any kind of discomfort that you may experience.

Things we liked:

  • The price of the belt is very economical.
  • You may use this belt while you are exercising.
  • The sizing guide helps in choosing the perfect fit.

Things we didn’t like:

  • There are no colour options for the product.
  • The belt comes in three different pieces, which are confusing to assemble sometimes.

7. NUCARTURE Pregnancy Support Belt

NUCARTURE Pregnancy Support Belt

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In the seventh position, we have the Pregnancy support belt by NUCARTURE. You can buy this product in a beige colour. It is also available in different sizes. Additionally, the belt is made from a cotton material, which provides excellent breathability. You can buy this product if you want relief from upper as well as lower back pain that you might be experiencing from pregnancy.

It weighs only 132 grams and has dimensions of 17.5 X 16.7 X 3.9 cm. The belt never slips or rolls when you are sitting and standing. It also doesn’t create unnecessary pressure in your abdomen. Moreover, the belt will help you maintain your posture when you are moving around. Also, the material is elastic and can stretch with your growing belly regularly.

Things we liked:

  • The belt does not create any unwanted pressure in the belly.
  • It is light in weight and made from durable fabric.
  • It helps ease discomfort from the back and pelvic area during pregnancy

Things we didn’t like:

  • The belt can be costlier to some people.
  • There are no colour variants in this product.

8. NewMom Pregnancy Support Belt

NewMom Pregnancy Support Belt

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This slip-on belt is available in two colours. These colours are – beige and white. You can also choose from various sizes that this belt is available in. The knitting of the belt is seamless, which gives it a great finished look. Also, the material is stretchable and can accommodate your growing belly very well. The belt is also claimed to reduce pressure from the back and abdomen.

The belt also provides excellent comfort and coverage to your belly. The material is not too thick and helps you hide the belt beneath your clothes very well. Since the belt does not have any side seams, it makes the product more durable than other belts in the market. The belt also helps in distributing the weight from hips and back, thereby reducing back pains and pressure.

Things we liked:

  • The finish of the belt is seamless and perfect.
  • You can choose from two different universal colours.
  • The price of the belt is also very affordable.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The product is not great in lifting the belly.
  • This belt also loses its elasticity after some time.

9. IRIS Pregnancy Support Belt

IRIS Pregnancy Support Belt

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This belly brace belt comes in white colour. The fabric of the belt also has adorable prints in it. It has a Velcro that helps in adjusting the fit of the belt quickly. The linings of the product are elastic and convenient. The fabric is multi-layered yet breathable. This belt is ideal to use during pregnancy, as well as post-pregnancy. It will help you have a healthy body posture.

It also helps in reducing joint fatigue and muscle soreness. An unbalanced baby weight can increase spinal pressure. This belt is here to minimize that as well. It is recommended that you should detach the Velcro when you are sitting. It also provides different levels of compression in different trimesters to help you do your daily activities conveniently.

Things we liked:

  • The fabric has an adorable printed design on it.
  • The belt is provided with a Velcro strap for easy use.
  • By wearing this belt, you can easily go for walks and perform daily chores without worrying.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The price is high while the number of features is low.
  • You have to detach the Velcro when you are sitting.

10. LifeShield Pregnancy Support Belt

LifeShield Pregnancy Support Belt

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In the last position, we have the LifeShield Pregnancy Support Belt, which is available in many different sizes from Small to XX-Large. It helps in supporting your belly as well as back during your pregnancy. The loop panels and hooks are broader to apply less pressure to the growing foetus. Also, the belt helps in reducing strain from your abdomen, pelvis, and back.

The design has a lateral closure to provide an easy-to-wear feature to the belt. The belt also has foam padding, which gives extra cushioned fit to your belly. The fabric used to make the belt is elastic and breathable. Additionally, the belt will not make you feel uncomfortable when you wear it.

Things we liked:

  • The lateral closure of the belt is fantastic.
  • The belt is comfortable to put on and off.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The price of the product lies at the high-end.
  • The design of the product is bulky, which is why you have to wear it over your clothes.

How to choose a Pregnancy Support Belt

Below mentioned aspects will help you choose the best pregnancy support belt:

Consider the price: You are only going to use the belt for a few months, which is why you should invest in a belt that fits your budget. In our list, the price of the belt lies at different ranges. You can easily choose a belt that is affordable for you. However, don’t forget to consider the quality of the product along with its price.

Consider the colour: Belts can be visible through your clothes. Due to this reason, we recommend that you buy a belt that has the perfect colour. This means that the colour of the belt should go with a wide range of the dresses you own. This will ensure no one could see your belt when you are wearing it.

Consider the fit: A good pregnancy belt is the one that fits well but never puts your comfort at stake. So, you should always check the size and fit of the belt before you make a purchase. This will also help you not to be disappointed and buy a belt that starts slipping. Consider purchasing a belt that fits well but does not create pressure.

Consider the closure: Some belts are slip-on while the others have adjustable straps. Slip-on belts are comfortable to wear even when you are in a hurry. Whereas the belt with straps provides better comfort and support to your belly. You should buy a belt that has the closure that you have been looking for.

Consider the material and fabric: Some materials can cause rashes and irritation to your skin, especially if you have a sensitive skin type. You should buy a belt that has a material made from breathable fabric. This will not only ensure comfort but will also prevent skin irritation. Due to this reason, we recommend that you should always check the contents of the material of the belt.

Read reviews: Buyers have posted various reviews that are based on their first-hand experience with the product. You can read these reviews on many e-commercial sites. Reading reviews will always help you in buying a quality product that has a long lifespan. This will also save you from any disappointments that you might have after purchasing the product.

How to use Pregnancy Support Belt

Pregnancy is one of the most complex times when a human body is continuously making adjustments to support the proper growth of the baby. When the ligaments that support the uterus stretch to support it when expanding periodically, it could cause pain and discomfort. The only thing to do to get a temporary relief is to use a pregnancy support belt. These belts worn below the abdomen support the expanded uterus and give comfort. However, this comfort and support cannot be enjoyed if the pregnancy support belt is not worn in the right way. So, how to wear it?

Most women assume a pregnancy support belt to be a simple belt that could be worn anyway they like. Wearing a pregnancy support belt with such an assumption could do more harm than good. Here is how to wear it the right way.

Step 1: Pick up the pregnancy support belt of the right size first

Step 2: Now, open the pregnancy support belt

Step 3: Wrap the strap that connects the pad around your body until the other end of it meets the opposite side of the pad.

Step 4: Fasten the strap to the pad slowly using the hook and loop fastener. Remember, you need to fasten it slowly, too much pressure could be bad.

Step 5: Reposition the hook and look fastener to adjust the belt.

Step 6: Now, hook the tummy strap to the upper part of the pad and wrap it around the top of the belly.

Step 7: Wrap the tummy strap until it reaches the opposite part of the pad. Then, attach the tummy strap to the pad through the hook and loop fastener.

Once you have completed doing this, you need to adjust the belt to make it feel more comfortable.

Warning –

  • Never wear a pregnancy support belt too tightly
  • Do not wear the pregnancy support belt in such a way that it disrupts smooth walking and sitting.
  • Never wrap the pregnancy support belt around and on the belly, it should be worn below the belly to support it.

Not all pregnancy support belt comes with tummy strap, you should avoid purchasing such belts as they are not as good as other belts.  Apart from these pregnancy support belts are available in different shapes and dimensions, you need to make sure that you are purchasing a pregnancy support belt of appropriate size, or else the belt could be too loose or too tight.

Pregnancy Support Belt Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many hours a day should I use the pregnancy support belt?

It is the most common question that usually many pregnant women ask, and the short but sweet answer to this question is that you shouldn’t use it more than three hours a day. Many women try to wear or use the pregnancy support belt for more than three hours a day, but it is not suitable for you and your baby. The primary purpose of the pregnancy support belt is to provide relief from the back pain issue and allow you to do some daily life activities.

But some uses think it in the wrong way; they usually try to use the pregnancy support belt longer in a day by believing in some foolish misconceptions. But now you know that you shouldn’t use these belts for more than two to three hours a day to avoid any side effects caused by a pregnancy support belt.

  • Why do experts suggest that a pregnant woman should use the pregnancy support belt infrequently?

If you use the pregnancy support belt daily and for more than three hours a day, you should surely stop doing this from the very next time. The primary purpose of pregnancy support belts is to offer a comfortable position and deliver the tummy’s extra weight to the back. And by doing this, you can come to a comfortable posture, which will help you perform some daily and essential activities. But keep in mind that while wearing the pregnancy support belt, it might put some pressure on the belly section, which is completely unnatural.

And there might be the chances that this extra pressure or compression can cause harm to your baby. Or it can interrupt the development process of your baby. It is the main reason why experts and medical professionals always suggest that a pregnant woman should avoid using the pregnancy support belt frequently or daily.

  • Does the post-pregnancy support belt help to reduce the belly, or not?

Well, if you recently gave birth to your baby, and the most common issue that women usually face after pregnancy is the increased tummy fat or loose abdomen muscles. You can prefer yoga and light exercise for better results. But keep in mind that the post-pregnancy support belt doesn’t help reduce the belly; it only helps the loose muscles come back in their natural position.

  • Does the pregnancy support belt help to reduce the risk of stretch marks?

Stretch marks are another big but common issue that many women face after giving birth to their babies. And these stretch marks stay for quite a long, which may seem odd, that’s why the women usually want to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy. A pregnancy support belt can be useful because it supports the belly part and diverts the weight on the back; that’s why most of the time, the belly doesn’t stretch too much. And ultimately, it helps prevent stretch marks, not completely, but yeah, it can be the right choice. But keep in mind that consult your doctor about a pregnancy support belt before using it.

Final Verdict:

There are many pregnancy support belts available in the market. Due to this reason, it becomes tough to choose the best product. Here, on our list, we have discussed our top ten picks of different pregnancy support belts. We have addressed each product individually, along with what we liked and disliked about the product. At the bottom of our list, we have also given information on how you can choose your belt. We hope that our list helped you in refining your search and buying the pregnancy support belt that you had been looking for all this while.

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