Best Router Under 1500 Rs. In India

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of uninterrupted and brilliant internet connectivity is a reliable internet service provider. However, we often overlook the quality of the router they supply bundled with their connection. In most cases, the routers supplied with the connection are sufficient for the homeowners. But if you are looking for a better range and connectivity speeds, you should invest in a good quality router. Talking specifically about India, there are numerous brands that have a good range of routers in a decent price range that are loaded with an excellent set of features.

With the increased number of smart devices used at home, and the concept of smart homes, the importance of a good quality router is more than ever before. Though you can rely on the routers supplied by your Internet service providers, if you are after good range and flawless connectivity, it is recommended that you invest in a good quality router that not only has better value, but also keeps your devices connected.

With the increased demand for smart devices and the urge to keep the world connected, the importance of a Wi-Fi router has been increased a lot. Along with these, the recent pandemic also caused a majority of the world population to work from home, and for better connectivity and reliable performance, you can’t literally rely on the mobile internet connection. It is extremely important to have a stable Wi-Fi connection at home with a good quality router that can help your devices to get good connectivity and strength of the signal so that you can easily get the best connectivity and performance regardless of the place in your home you have your workspace at.

Best Selling Router Below Rs.1500

Choosing a best-in-class router involves many things. Some of them are connectivity range, usability, and life expectancy. Depending on these three and many other aspects, we have shortlisted six of the most efficient routers that you can buy this year for your home/office. Have a look at them and choose one according to your needs.

1. TP-link N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router

TP-link N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router

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For the buyers who are looking to invest in a good quality wireless router from a renowned brand, the TP-link N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router is an excellent product to go with. In other words, if you are after a complete value for money product and want to rely on a high-quality product, you should once consider a TP-link N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router for yourself.

Though there are numerous features that we made us include the TP-link N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router on the list, the top two features that make it a distinguished product from the other products in the price segment, are the easy installation, 300 MBPS ideal speed, and IPv6 compatibility. Let’s have a look at these features in detail so that you can decide whether you should opt for TP-link N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router, or not.

The first thing that attracted us to the TP-link N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router is its easy installation and the brilliant build quality. TP-link N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router is designed to perform and if you are looking to invest your money in a product that is going to last forever, TP-link N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router can be a worthy item to consider. Additionally, the TP-link N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router is one of the easiest to install wireless routers. Just go through the installation manual and you won’t find any issues regarding the installation.

Another reason for including the TP-link N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router in the list of the top six routers is IPv6 compatibility. This means your router is going to support the latest industry standards and maximum possible internet speed. The better standard means better performance, and youaren’t going to feel disappointed with the usability of the router.

So, if you are looking forward to buy a highly efficient and reliable router for yourself, you should once try your hands on the perfect TP-link N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router.


  • Amazing build quality
  • Easily handles the speed of 300MBPS
  • Great brand value


  • None so far

2. iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN

iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN

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iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN is an excellent choice for users who are looking forward to buy a great looking router for them. Apart from great looking and outstanding performance, the iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN has numerous other things that make it an ideal deal for the homeowners and small office owners.

The first reason why we have included the iBall Baton iB-WRD12ENon our list is that it handles dual-band AC technology. That means you can use both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bandwidth. The excellent performance and speed handling by the router makes it an excellent choice for buyers who are looking for best-in-class usability and performance.

Another reason why you should consider buying iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN is the unique and reliable Beamforming technology. Due to this unique technology, you can expect a wider coverage and highly efficient performance. So, ifyou are after the sheer performance and are searching for a perfect router that you can rely on for better coverage, you should once consider iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN.

The MU-MIMO Technology offers users better coverage along with stable connectivity. Most ISP’s routers are not up to the mark to provide an uninterrupted and stable internet connection across your home. So, if you are dealing with connection issues andwant to buy a reliable router for your home, iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN can be a worthy choice for you.

The router has four omni-directional antennas that assure better connectivity and range. Also, a dedicated mobile app makes the router a great choice to make at the price point. The router is capable of handling 1200 MBPS speed and you shouldn’t worry about the performance or efficiency by choosing the iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN.


  • Great build quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to reach customer care


  • 4Ghz range is not up to the mark.

3. Tenda N301 Wireless-N300 Easy Setup Router

Tenda N301 Wireless-N300 Easy Setup Router

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For the users who are looking for an easy to use and set up router, the Tenda N301 Wireless-N300 Easy Setup Router is going to be an ideal product for you. With the outstanding performance and simple design, the Tenda N301 is an outstanding product for buyers who are not too keen to invest in complex devices.

Along with the excellent design, theTenda N301 Wireless-N300 Easy Setup Router offers numerous features and usability features that make it an ideal choice for homeowners. Additionally, if you are looking for a mid-range router that works and looks great, you should once try your hands on Tenda N301 Wireless-N300 Easy Setup Router.

With extra features like parental control and better speed control, the Tenda N301 Wireless-N300 Easy Setup Router offers users brilliant value for money and offers you an excellent value for money. The router weighs 122 gms that make it an ideal choice for the homeowners.

Though the router belongs to the mid0range price segment, it easily can handle 300MBPS speed. So, regardless of the plan you have from the ISP, you won’t have to worry about the compatibility of the router. The build quality and performance of the router is on par with the other mid0range routers available in the Indian market and you aren’t going to find any complaints regarding the performance of the Tenda N301 Wireless-N300 Easy Setup Router. Try your hands on this amazing router and get the brilliant product to get flawless connectivity at home.


  • Amazing value for money
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty performance
  • Great brand value


  • Data transfer rate is mediocre

4. Mercusys MW330HPHigh Power Wireless N Router

Mercusys MW330HPHigh Power Wireless N Router

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Mercusys MW330HP High Power Wireless N Router is for those users who are looking to buy a high-quality router for their home that can be considered as a one-time investment. With the performance-oriented features and design, the Mercusys MW330HP is probably one of the best and most reliable products in this price range. The special features like the “Turbo” button and enhanced coverage, you can rely on the router for uninterrupted Wi-Fi Coverage in your home.

Apart from the performance, the thing that makes the Mercusys MW330HP a worthy item for the homeowners is the perfect build quality. The durable material and build are meant for 24-hour coverage and uninterrupted performance. If you are looking for a router that can be kept on throughout the day and provide services for many years to come, youshould consider buying Mercusys MW330HP.

One more thing that made us include the router in the list is the excellent customer care support. With the perfect build and usability, the Mercusys MW330HP offers users an excellent value. You can easily rely on Mercusys MW330HP for excellent customer care and maintenance-free life. Try your hands on Mercusys MW330HP and you are not going to regret buying this amazing router for your home.

This way, if you are looking for an ideal deal and better durability, the Mercusys MW330HP is an excellent product for you in the price range. The unique design and flawless build quality make it a perfect product for the users who are looking for a long-lasting product for their homes.

There are a few pros and cons of the Mercusys MW330HP that you should be aware of before buying this router. Have a look at these and then decide whether you should buy Mercusys MW330HP or not.


  • Uninterrupted data speed
  • Great build quality
  • Easy installation


  • None so far


These were six of the most reliable Wi-Fi Routers available in the Indian market also check budget price routers list. With outstanding usability and performance, you can easily find the best connectivity throughout your home even with a limited budget. So, choose one out of these routers and get uncompromised internet connectivity at your place. Regardless of the router you choose for yourself, you can be assured of getting brilliant performance and outstanding value for money.

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