It is India’s tenth largest state, and it is blessed with a rich cultural past, as well as an abundance of natural beauty to enjoy. It is a place ‘Full of Surprises’ since it is set in the core of India and has a 10,000year old civilization. The state of Chhattisgarh offers a uniquely Indian experience. Waterfall, tunnels, dense forests, ancient temple ruins, uncommon wildlife, beautifully curving temples, and Buddhist sites may all be found in this region, as well as mountainous plateaus that stretch for miles in every direction.

The state has 44 percent forest cover and a tribal population of 32 percent, making it the most forested state in the country. Chhattisgarh has now become a mecca for environment lovers who want to learn about and experience the state’s unique tribal arts, crafts, and traditions. Using environmentally friendly practices, indigenous tribes have played a critical role in fostering and maintaining the natural environment for generations in this region.

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