Gujarat has everything a domestic or international tourist is looking for – a vast choice of sites and attractions to suit all tastes and budgets. Furthermore, strong logistical interconnection, great communication amenities, adequate health infrastructure, round-the-clock power supply, even in the most remote areas, safety and security, and, above all, the welcoming nature of the people have made Gujarat a prime destination in India for business and pleasure travelers.

Gujarat has a diverse terrain that is a full package in and of itself. Ancient sites in Dhola Veera & Lothal date back to the Harappan period, and some of them date back even further. Aesthetically pleasing Indo-Saracenic architectural styles can be found in Gujarat in the form of old caves, pagodas, monasteries, temples & monuments that combines aspects of Islamic & Hindu architecture. Gujarat is indeed a wonderful location for eco-tourists who want to experience nature at its best. It is the home of critically endangered species such as the Asiatic Lion as well as the Indian Wild Ass, which are not found anywhere in India.

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