Himachal Pradesh’s is popular as ‘Land of Snow.’ While Himachal Pradesh has traditionally been recognized as a summer location, the Dept of Tourism and Civil Aviation of the Authorities of Himachal Pradesh has made significant efforts to separate the seasonal fluctuations factor and has established diversified tourism to attract tourists during other seasons as well as during the summer. Himachal Pradesh is now referred to as “A Place for All Seasons & All Reasons.”

Himachal Pradesh is situated in the center of the western Himalayas and is known as “Dev Bhumi” (Land of Gods and Goddesses). It is considered to be the home of Gods and Goddesses. The entire place is punctuated by temples, both of stone and wood construction. Himachal Pradesh is a symphony of gloomy valleys, craggy crags, glaciers, giant pines, roaring rivers, and stunning flora and wildlife that will be remembered for a long time in the minds of people. The state possesses a vast collection of pilgrimage sites and sites of anthropological significance.

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