How Does an Electric Egg Cooker Works?

Electric Egg Cookers have been around for decades, and they can certainly make it very easy for you to cook the egg. You do not have to be dependent on the stove to get the boiled eggs. Instead, you can just setup your egg cooker and forget about the whole procedure. The egg cooker will cook your eggs, and it will give you the output at the end of the cooking cycle. The capacity of the egg cooker varies between 6 eggs and ten eggs. You can even cook multiple batches of eggs in a single day. This gadget is cheap and user-friendly but have you ever wondered what happens beneath the surface? If you haven’t, then buckle up your seat belts, and we are going to tell you how the electric egg cooker works.

How Does an Egg Boiler Works?

Electric Egg Cooker

In the points below, we have elaborated the basic working principle of the electric egg cooker. Go ahead and check out the details now.

  • Each egg cooker has a heating plate in the base. When you pour water into the water chamber and turn on the power supply, this heating plates starts to get hot.
  • After reaching the threshold, the heating plate gets hot enough, and the steam starts getting generated. The hot plate can generate enough steam to fill the chamber with the steam.
  • This steam blasts the egg from the bottom, and once it fills the chamber, it cooks the egg from 360 degrees. The steam has a lot of latent heat, and all the heat gets transferred to the eggs when you are boiling them.
  • After the boiling process is complete, the machine either turns itself off or rings an alarm to grab your attention. By this time, the eggs have received enough heat that they get boiled. Depending on the water content and cooking time, you get hard-boiled, soft boiled or medium-boiled eggs.
  • If you are making an omelette or a poached egg in the electric egg cooker, then the working principle remains the same.
  • You pour the content into the tray, and the tray is over the steam chamber. The steam heats the plate, and once the plate is heating, the egg starts to cook. Depending on the content, the egg is prepared with heat. The steam in the chamber ensures that your poached egg or omelette is not dry at all.
  • This is how simple the electric egg cooker’s working is, and this working usually doesn’t have any scope of error. There is barely any point of failure in these machines.

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We are sure that it would have been fascinating for you to learn about the working process of the electric egg cooker. These machines work on a simple heating coil that heats the plate. Some of the machines may have complex printed circuit boards to control the whole operation digitally. Overall, the machines have simple architecture, and they are also easy to use. If you have any other question about working of an electric egg cooker, please write back to us. Thank You.


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