How to Use Egg Boiler Machine [The Best Way]

Egg boilers & egg cookers are the best way to cook eggs, and they are also very quick. It is a lot quicker to cook eggs in the egg boiler when compared to the traditional stove. Another advantage of using the egg boiler is that if you are using the egg boiler right, you would not have to estimate the time remaining while cooking different types of egg.

We understand that you might need some guidance while using the egg boiler for the first time, and hence we have compiled this guide to teach you how to use the egg boiler machine in the best possible way.

Cooking Hard Boiled / Soft Eggs

electric egg boiler cooker

If you plan to consume hard-boiled, medium boiled or soft egg, then we have documented the process for you in this step. Follow the steps listed below, and you will be able to get the desired result.

  • Start by measuring the water in the cup and remember that the amount of water would depend on the type of eggs you want. It will also depend on the number of eggs and the egg boiler machine. So, measure the water and add it to the water tray unit of the egg boiler machine.
  • In this step, you need to hold the egg and piece a small hole in the egg’s larger end. You can use a sharp pin, and most of the egg boiler machine comes with a pin as well. This technique helps you in preventing the egg from cracking when it is being boiled.
  • Now, place your eggs in the dedicated cavity and ensure that the hole punched by you is facing upwards. After placing the eggs in the dedicated space, you need to cover the top and press the start button.
  • You will now notice steam in the cooking chamber, and you can keep track of the time as per the manufacturer’s instruction. If your egg boiler machine turns-off automatically after the cooking cycle, then you would not have to worry about overcooking. You can even buy the egg boiler machine that has an audio alert system.
  • After the machine has been turned off, wait for a few minutes and open the lid. After the steam vents out, you can pick the egg and put them in cold water. Putting the eggs in cold water will stop the cooking process. Your boiled eggs are now prepared.

Cooking Poached Eggs & Omelets

Some of the egg boiler machines come with additional features which allow you to make poached eggs or omelettes. If your machine comes with such features, we can teach you to make poached egg or omelette in your egg boiler machine.

  • To begin the process, you can start by installing the right to try. After installing the tray in the egg boiler machine, you need to add the water to the water cavity and fill it up to the recommended level.
  • Now, crack the egg’s shell and pour the egg into the tray if you are making the poached egg. If you are making the omelette, whisk the egg and pour it in the try.
  • You can now put the cover and click on the start button. Wait for the cooking cycle to complete, and the steam will cook your egg thoroughly. The steam will also ensure that your egg is not dry,and it will keep the egg moist.
  • In this step of the process, you need to remove the lid and take the prepared dish out of the tray.

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Cleaning the Egg Boiler Machine

Cleaning is an essential part of the egg boiler machine. You do not want harmful bacteria to breed on the surface of the egg boiler machine as these bacteria can make you seriously ill. In such a case, follow the steps listed below to clean the egg boiler machine and make it ready for the next use.

  • Start by assessing the type of cleaning process you need to follow for the parts of the egg boiler machine. Some parts are dishwasher safe, while other parts should not be washed at all.
  • Before removing the parts of the egg boiler machine, ensure that you have disconnected the machine and all the parts are cooled down. Use the mixture of warm water and vinegar to clean the base of the egg boiler machine. To do so, soak the cloth in the liquid and drain the excess mixture. Now wipe the base and ensure that there is no deposit on the base.
  • The dishwasher-friendly parts can be tossed into the dishwasher, and they can be washed in a regular cycle.

This was all for today, and we have covered all the essential points associated with the proper usage of the egg boiler machine. You should now be prepared to cook any type of egg in your egg boiler machine, and you also know how to clean the egg boiler machine properly.


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