How Does an Induction Cooktop Work? The Science Behind it!

Cooking is always a good habit. If we look back it will be seen that during the early days cooking was done with the help of oldest technologies. What is the main motive of cooking? Cooking is done to kill the germs. However, with the help of advanced science and technology, new things have been introduced. The modern techniques are good and better. During the 20th century ingenious inventors came up and they made the process of cooking easier among the people. If we see microwaves it will be found that they use radio waves to cook the food quickly and efficiently.

What is the meaning of induction?

Before proceeding into this topic we should know about the meaning of induction. It means the generation of electricity with the help of magnetism. It also says that magnetism is being used for the generation of electricity. It is with this principle that an induction cooker is used for cooking.

The introduction of an induction cooker has benefitted people in many ways. They can easily cook the food even without using a lighter. It is operated with the help of a switch. It helps in the hassle-free cooking process.

How an induction cooktop does operate?

Preethi Induction Cooktop

An induction cooktop is similar to ceramic cooktops. It has some distinct zones where the user can keep the pots and plates. The cooking surface or area of the cooktop is made from tough ceramic glasses.  Each of the cooking zones comprises of wound coil of metal. The moment the power is turned on the current flows through the coil and generates an invisible and highly frequent magnetic field.

Until and unless there is a pan on the cooktop no such heat is produced or can be felt. The cooking zone remains cool. Then place the pan on the cooking top and the magnetic field generated by the coil penetrates into the iron. What does the magnetic field produce? It produces electric currents inside the pan and turns into a heater. The heat from the pan now flows and transfers into the food that is being prepared. If there is water inside the pan it will also get heated within a short passage of time.  It can be rightly said in this context that a copper or an aluminium pan will not work properly in the cooker until they have additional layers attached on the bottom that are magnetic.

The eddy current flows through the top and heats the vessel on the device. Eddy current is a type of current that is circulated in the conductors and has been induced in the conductor with the help of the magnetic field. They can easily heat the metal device even without touching it. These types of currents are mostly available in energy meters or speedometer. The eddy current comes with a wide variety of uses. They are used in various fields. Thus, the demand for induction cookers is gradually increasing in the present world.

Benefits of using induction cooktop:

Induction cooktops come with a lot of advantages. Let us discuss some of the noted ones.

  • Induction cooktops are convenient to use. The operation mode of the cookers is so easy that it can be done by anyone. The user has to place the cooker in a perfect place and switch it. Then place the vessel and start cooking.
  • The portability of the cooker is another advantage. It can be moved to any place. The device is light-weighted so one can carry it smoothly. It can be wrapped in a bag and taken to any place.
  • The induction cookers also consume less electricity than any other electrical gadgets. This allows more and more people to use it.
  • With the help of induction cookers, the heat is produced in the pan and not on the cooktop. It is much energy efficient than any other devices. It also helps in easy cooking of food. This is because the pans that get heated quickly cook the food faster. This is the reason why most of the restaurants prefer to use the induction cooktops.
  • Induction cooktops are much safer than gas stove cylinders. There is very less chance of accidents.
  • On the other part, induction cooktops also produce less pollution. Combustion type of cooking is always hazardous. It generates much air pollution. But induction cooktops are safe in all aspects.

Wind Up:

Gone are the days when people could spend a long time in the kitchen. With the introduction of induction cooktops, this problem can be resolved. One can sit under the fan and prepare the food. It is better and nice in all respects. However, all companies have produced induction cookers with various features and advantages. Buyers can buy as per the budget and requirement.

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