Does an Induction Cooktop Use More Electricity?

Today many individuals choose the induction cooktops as they are energy efficient. As the induction cooktop uses the electromagnetic energy to generate heat, it is energy-efficient equipment. The price, the energy consumed, the maintenance and everything about this cooktop is cost-effective.

The technology of the induction stoves is getting excellent each day. Today, it comes with even more energy-saving features. These induction cooktops are compatible with standard electricity supply of the country. Even though they are energy-saving, the temperature and power control of the stove is also excellent.

Many have this question whether an induction cooktop uses more electricity? The answer for it will be no. The induction cooktops are more energy efficient than gas stoves and other electric appliances. It can save up to 90 per cent energy than other cooktops. There are plenty of reasons to prove the energy-saving feature of induction stoves.

The electromagnetism energy of an induction stove is generated through a magnetic field. The magnetic energy is induced to the pans and cookware is placed on the induction stove. This technology does not use electricity directly to cook food. Due to this, these cooktops can cook faster with less energy. Let us see some of the reasons on how an induction cooktop uses less electricity.

Induction Cooktop

The factors that make induction cooktop energy efficient

  • The energy-efficient in electricity

More than 90% of the electricity of an induction cooktop is used for only the cooking purpose. No heat energy gets waste or escapes the induction cooktop. The regular electric cooktop consumes up to 340 watts to boil water. The energy consumed by an induction cooktop is amusing as it only takes 24 watts to boil water. Using an induction cooktop is a win-on- win as you can save a lot of cost in your electricity bill. In the case of gas cooktops, most of the energy escapes the atmosphere and gets waste. However, when using an induction cooktop, you can have the assurance that no energy gets wasted.

  • The energy efficiency in temperature

The induction cooktops come with excellent temperature control features. The temperature in the induction cooktop can even reach the lowest Fahrenheit. Do you love to low cook your food? Then there is no other perfect stove for you than this. The induction stove can help you to cook delicious dishes in low temperatures. As the temperature is precise, it will not burn. You can slow cook meat with this feature. If you want to speed up the induction cooktop temperature, then the change is instant. The wide range of temperature and controls in this stove makes it the most energy-efficient equipment.

  • The efficiency in speed

The induction cooktop can quickly cool down in seconds. The speed of the temperature control is swift and makes it the most energy-efficient stove. You can save energy by cooking in this stove by fast cooking. If it takes 20 minutes to cook a complete diner in a regular stove, you can do it within 10 min when using an induction cooktop. The speed cooking feature saves energy and time.

  • The power control feature

The induction cooking does not require that much electricity. A standard socket with 240 volts is more than enough to cook a complete meal in the induction. There is also a voltage and electrical consumption panel in every induction stove. It helps you to know how much power is saved when using the cooktop. There are also plenty of low range power inductions available in the market. In most of the induction stove, the power is equally shared among the different zones. However, there is also an option to use maximum electric power in one single zone. The power controller feature can save electricity and keeps the induction working with stability.

  • The less wattage feature

There is less electricity and energy wastage in induction cooktops. Most of the gas stoves and electric stoves come in steel material. The steel is a good conductor of heat. Due to this, these cooktops’ surface consumes energy and takes a lot of time to cool down.

The cooktop surfaces with steel can drag a lot of energy that increases your electricity bill. On the other hand, the induction cooktops are of sturdy glass surfaces. As glass is a poor conductor of heat, the cooking surface cools down quickly. Even when the heating zones are hot, the surface of the induction cooktop remains cool.

  • The auto switch on and switch-off feature

Having an inbuilt timer is useful when boiling or heating water. You can set the time and cook your dishes without wasting even a minute of energy. When the timer is over the cooktop automatically turns off. These cooktops come with a sleek timer panel that makes it easy for you to set time.

Due to this feature, you can not only save energy but also prevent accidents. The induction stove can avoid overheating by using the timer. Today, many inductions also come with preset menus. The preset menus come with fry, heat, warm, grill, stir and boil features. When cooking without preset, you may change the temperature in the middle. However, when using the preset menu, you will not change the temperature that ultimately saves energy.

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What are the ways to make cooking more energy-efficient with induction?

  • Keeping the same size pots in each of the induction zones can help you to save energy. When each zone has the same size pans, energy is equally consumed and saved.
  • Use the vessels with a flat bottom. The cooking vessels with flat bottoms can absorb more electromagnetic energy. When doing this, the cooking vessel absorbs energy quicker and faster.
  • Keeping clean cookware can help you save more electricity. A smudged vessel can disturb the induction process and take more energy.
  • Allow the steaming time for every food you cook. Do not completely cook food as the food will be prepared fully during the steaming process.
  • Always keep the cookware first and turn on the induction. This way, you will not waste any electricity during the cooking process.


The induction cooktops are the most power, electricity and time-saving equipment in the market. As they are highly electricity-saving, you can use it without any stress. You will receive less electricity cost when using the induction stove.

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