Induction Cooktop Wattage Comparison – A Complete Guide

Induction cooktops are considered to be one of the energy-efficient cooking methods. They consume a very low amount of power for cooking compared to other cooking methods like gas stoves or and electrical cooking. As per the design of the induction cooktop, it starts functioning only when cookware is placed on it.

Induction cooktops use an electromagnetic induction mechanism for heat generation, which results in efficient cooking performance. This way, induction cooktops are cheaper than other cooking methods. Also, they provide higher efficiency and allow you to control the temperature and power as per your needs. The best thing about induction cooktop is that it uses around 85% to 90% of the generated heat for cooking. On the other hand, gas stoves and electric cooking methods use only 65% to 70% of the generated heat for cooking your food. Therefore, induction cooktops are a better option for cooking than other cooking methods when it comes to energy consumption.

Induction Cooktop

However, you can find induction cooktops in a wide range of options in terms of wattage ratings. They have as low as 100 watts for simmer setting and as high as 3700 watts for boiling. Moreover, the wattage of induction cooktops ranges according to their sizes. This is why you need to know the wattage comparison of induction cooktops before buying one. Here, all about the wattages of induction cooktops that you need to know before buying an induction cooktop for your kitchen.

How Much Electricity Does the Induction Cooktops Really Consume?

You can understand the actual electricity consumption of induction cooktops by some simple examples. For example, you use an induction cooktop with a wattage rating of 2000 watts. Now, if you use this machine for one hour, then it will consume two units of electricity. This is the simple formula to know the electricity consumption of any appliance.

But you need to remember that 2000 watts is the maximum wattage rating of the induction cooktop, and you don’t need this much power for your daily cooking.Induction cooktops usually come with controls that allow you to adjust the watts depending on your cooking needs.

Now, the electricity consumption of the induction cooktop will get decreased. Suppose your usual cooking time is two hours,and you are cooking your food by varying the watts of your induction cooktop. Then you can calculate the electricity consumption of the induction cooktop by multiplying the watts at which you are using the appliance and the number of hours you take to cook your food. Also, you can calculate the annual energy cost by multiplying the cost per unit and the total unit that the induction cooktop has consumed.

How Does Induction Cooktops Use Less Energy for Cooking?

Induction cooktops function by using the principle of electromagnetic induction, so it creates a magnetic field by using electricity. Because of the magnetic field, it induces a current inside the pots and pans that you use on the induction cooktop for cooking. Therefore, it doesn’t use electricity directly to cook the food.Moreover, it cooks the food quicker, which results in less energy consumption.

They are also sensitive to power and temperature, so they cool down immediately when the power is off. The smart technology used in this appliance ensures that the power is cut when there is no or empty cookware on it.Further, if the food is being cooked for a long time, then it cuts the power. This way, the induction cooktop consumes less energy for cooking than other cooking methods.

How Is Induction Cooktop More Energy Efficient Than Electrical Cooking?

As mentioned above, induction cooktops use the electromagnetic principle to cook the food. So,they consume less energy than electrical cooking. Moreover, this technology heats the cookware instantly for faster cooking. This also allows you to adjust heat efficiently according to your needs.

On the other hand, electrical cooktops use electrical power to heat the cookware by consuming electrical energy. This way, the electrical cooking method takes more time to cook than the induction cooktop.

Apart from that, the use of electromagnetic induction makes the induction cooktop safer than electrical cooking. It heats the cookware leaving the cooktop surface cool to touch. But the surface of electrical cooktops gets heated while cooking,so it is not safe to use.In this way, induction cooktops are more energy-efficient than the electrical cooking method.

Why Are Induction Cooktops Better Than Gas Stoves?

Induction cooktops use 90% of the total energy for cooking, while gas stoves use only 65% to 70%of the total energy to cook. Further, induction cooktops use advanced technologies for a better cooking experience. Since induction cooktops don’t use direct flames, they are safer than gas stoves. So, you can consider using induction cooktops instead of using gas stoves in India for better results.

Final Verdict:

Induction cooktops are very popular because of their design and performance. They come with advanced technologies to allow you to cook your food efficiently. Apart from that, these appliances come with simple controls to enable you to cook the food at your convenience. But induction cooktops are only compatible with steel and iron cookware. So, you will need to use the utensils that are made of iron and steel to cook using an induction cooktop.

However, induction cooktops are energy efficient compared to other cooking methods. The wattage rating of induction cooktops usually varies depending on their price, size, and application. But they allow users to control the watts of the appliance while cooking according to the dish. Since they use electromagnetic induction for heating, they are safer and efficient to use.

These appliances generate a magnetic field using electricity, which induces a current inside the cookware to heat. This way, they use very little electricity for cooking the food than other cooking methods. Also, it takes less time to cook the food,which results in less energy consumption. So, you can consider using an induction cooktop in your kitchen for a better cooking experience. Since it consumes less energy, your monthly electricity bill won’t get affected.

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