How to Clean and Maintain Roti Tawa for a Long Time?

Roti Tawa is one of the essential kitchen tools without which you cannot prepare good and round-shaped rotis. It is vital to take proper care of the tawa from time to time. Otherwise, it will get damaged, and you cannot prepare delicious rotis. To increase the life of the roti tawa you need to keep it clean. You can do this soon after cleaning the tawa with water and soap when it is hot. You need to follow some instructions while cleaning the tawa. Rough handling of the tawa can reduce the life of the tawa.

Tips for cleaning the roti tawa for an extended period:

roti tawa

For proper cleaning of the tawa you have to follow some steps. It is only possible when you maintain the tawa right from the day it is purchased. Here are some tips you must follow while cleaning the tawa.

  • It is always advised to clean and wash the tawa with hand or soft sponges. Never scrub the tawa with full force. This will reduce the life span of the product. You are also advised not to use any soap or detergent on the tawa while cleaning it. No need to worry if you find some scratches on the tawa. It will vanish while you clean it after cooking.
  • What will you do if you experience stubborn bits on the tawa? It is an essential question that may arise in your mind. The best way to get rid of the stubborn bits is to wash the tawa with salt and water. This will instantly remove the stains from the tawa and bring it back to its original form. You can also immerse the tawa in the solution of salt and water for some time. It will work much better.
  • It is also essential to see that you dry the tawa before using it. It is okay if you put the tawa on the burner. This will help in the easy drying of the tawa.
  • Once the tawa is cleaned and dried, you need to oil it up. It is another essential point to follow while maintaining the tawa. You can oil the tawa with a coating of ghee or refined oil. Oiling the tawa on the outer part of the tawa will help to remove the extra buff from the product.
  • Another big thing to remember for cleaning the tawa is to store it in a dry place when not in use. This is the best way to maintain the tawa and increase its longevity.

Other vital points for maintaining the tawa:

If we look back, it will be found that during the early day’s people used tawa, and those were made of different metals. However, with time, new things and advanced technologies have helped in the advanced making of tawa’s. Here are small tips you can follow for increasing the lifetime of the tawa.

  • You can use vinegar to clean the tawa and maintain its life. You can soak the tawa in the vinegar water for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash it underwater.
  • If you so not have vinegar in your house, you can also simple lemon juice to clean the tawa. It will help in the easy removal of the stains from the tawa.
  • Always try to wash the tawa when it is hot. Never use hard scrubbers on the tawa.

Thus, it may now be easy and smoother to clean and maintain a tawa. If you want to cook delicious items on the tawa you need to keep it in the best possible manner.


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