Silicone Spatula Vs Wooden Spatula: Which is better?

With the invention of spatulas most of the works have appeared to be smoother and easier in the kitchen. For cooking products in our home, we try to invest in the best ones. We never compromise with it in any situation. Sometimes for stirring the soups or other items, we require a good-quality spoon. However, spatulas can essentially help you. Spatulas can help you in this situation. You can get spatulas of various metals. Some people prefer to use metallic ones while others use wooden ones. It varies from person to person.

Difference Between Silicone and Wooden Spatulas

You must have seen in many places that people prefer spatulas of various metals. Some people prefer to use silicone spatulas, while other uses wooden ones. Each one of them has some special things and qualities. It depends on the requirement of the users. Take for example, silicone spatulas that are heat resistant. They will tolerate the heat even if they are placed before the burner. It will never melt or get damaged in any way.


But if you use a wooden spatula, it may get damaged if you place it before the burner. A wooden spatula gets quickly heated. It is one of the significant disadvantages of using a wooden spatula. If you keep the spatula within the cooker for an extended period, you may not touch it as it becomes so hot.

However, both the silicone and wooden spatulas have some pros and cons. It is found that silicone spatulas are much flexible than wooden ones. It has been witnessed in several cases. Even silicone spatulas are considered to be a convenient tool for baking. Most people prefer to bake cakes on silicone molds. If we compare, it will be noticed that silicone spatulas are easy to maintain and use. You can easily sanitize the silicone ones. But it is tough to maintain or sanitize wooden spatulas. It is one of the drawbacks of using wooden spatulas. One of the significant advantages of using a silicone spatula is that sometimes it becomes hard to find the real ones. Most people sell duplicate ones.

Which one is better and why?

A study has revealed the fact that silicone spatulas are much convenient and better than wooden ones. The wooden spatulas may look very attractive and ethnic but you cannot use them for an extended period. It may get damaged after a specific time. But if you have a silicone spatula, you can get a better benefit. It will be worth buying a silicone spatula because you can use it for an extended period. It also requires less maintenance.  Many people believe that wooden spatulas are eco-friendly products and silicone can be harmful to the body. But you must remember that there is no harm or side effect of using a silicone spatula. It has been proved in several cases.

So, you can try using a silicone spatula to observe the benefits. It is for sure you will love using the product. It seems that a kitchen is incomplete without the spatulas.


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