Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Winner, Host, Runner-up, Housemates Name

The Indian reality show Bigg Boss Kannada is a popular draw for viewers. Almost any tongue can get their hands on it. For this reason, many viewers find it to be the best option. When compared to the Hindi program, Kannada has been a huge success with audiences across the country.

If you speak Kannada, you may watch Bigg Boss on Colors Kannada. Bengaluru, known as the “Film city,” is where the majority of these series are filmed. A large audience has gathered to watch the show and participate in it. Everything about the show ends up being quite thrilling and daring.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Winner: Chandan Shetty

Chandan Shetty

There are several songs by Chandan Shetty, a popular Kannada singer. In October, the show premiered with a total of 20 contestants. Back in 2012, he made his debut in the music business.

Shetty made his debut in the film music industry in 2012, working with Arjun Janya on the film Alemaari as an assistant music director and lyricist. After then, he contributed to a number of additional films.

On October 21, he proposed to Niveditha Gowda, his co-contestant from Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5. In October he won the show and the duo got married on February 25, 2020.

Actor Sudeep hosted season 6 of Bigg Boss. He also served as host for the show’s inaugural season in 2013. He’s hosted the show since day one, and he’s great at it.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Runner-up


What made this season different from the rest was the addition of regular people who had auditioned to live in the house alongside the celebs, and Diwakar was one of those common people who were declared as the runner-up of bigg boss kannada season 5.

When he joined bigg boos, he was working as a sales representative.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Housemates Name

The list of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Housemates included

  1. Shruti Prakash
  2. Niveditha Gowda
  3. Karthik Jayaram
  4. Divakar
  5. Chandan Shetty
  6. Krishi Thapanda
  7. Riaz Basha
  8. Anupama Gowda
  9. Sameer Acharya
  10. Suma Rajkumar
  11. Megha
  12. Tejaswi Prakash
  13. Dayal Padmanabhan
  14. Sihi Kahi Chandru
  15. Ashitha Chandrappa
  16. Jagannath Chandrashekhar
  17. Jaya Sreenivasan

Wild cards were used to let three participants into the house. The second contestant was host Akul Balaji, who was there to promote his new dancing reality TV show Master Dancer. The last two contestants were actresses Lasya & Samyuktha Hegde.

 A few days later, Hegde was evicted out of the BBK5 house when she smacked Sameer Acharya for, reportedly, inappropriately touching her. The following day in the confession room, however, she admitted that Acharya had done nothing wrong and that she had acted impulsively.

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