Indian Army Ranks, Career, Salary & Recruitment Process

Indian Army is the organization which protects the nation from the incoming danger from the international border. They guard the Indian Territory even when the temperature falls below – 50 Degrees. This needs a lot of courage and they certainly deserve a lot of respect from the citizens of India. Indian Army is also the third largest army in the world and it is the also an army which is known for mountain warfare. There are many regiments in Indian Army and Gurkha Regiment of Indian Army is known for its ferocious attitude towards the army.

Apart from protecting us from the enemy, the Indian Army is also going out of the way to help Indians during the disaster. Floods, earthquakes, forest fires or any other calamity, the Indian Army is ready to deal with any challenge. The army had also been involved with the surgical strikes and they have taken up several operations against the terrorists who try to hit the common man of India. You might agree with us here but there is no other job which is as prestigious as that of Indian Army.

With all this, Indian Army deserves special attention and it also receives a lot of attention from the youth of the nation who wish to serve the country by joining the Indian Army. The process is tough yet lakhs of people apply for various posts in Indian Army. They undergo tough training so as to be a part of this esteemed organization. If you also wish to join the Indian Army then this article is also for you as we have listed a lot of information in this article. To begin with, we have listed information about the ranks in Indian Army. Followed by this, we have listed information about the career path with the Indian Army along with the Recruitment Process for the Indian Army. Lastly, we have listed the information about the salary and the benefits that a person receives in the Indian Army. So, go ahead and check out all the information about Indian Army. You can also share this information with someone who is preparing to join Indian Army or with someone who is really passionate about Indian Army.

1. Ranks in Indian Army

There are many different ranks in Indian Army and no, they are not same as Indian Air Force or Indian Navy. The ranks in this wing are totally different from those. In addition to this, a lot of people find these ranks a little confusing but you should certainly know about the ranks in Indian Army as they protect you every single day. They sacrifice their future for your present. So, moving ahead, let us have a look at the ranks applicable in Indian Army.

Commissioned Officer Ranks in Indian Army

  • Field Marshal
  • General
  • Lieutenant General
  • Major General
  • Brigadier
  • Colonel
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant

Junior Commissioned Officer Ranks in Indian Army

  • Subedar Major
  • Risaldar Major
  • Subedar
  • Risaldar
  • NaibSubedar
  • NaibRisaldar

Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks in Indian Army

  • Havildar
  • Daffadar
  • Naik
  • Lance Daffadar
  • Lance Naik
  • Acting Lance Daffadar
  • Sepoy

These are the various ranks applicable in the Indian army and they are in mentioned in the descending order of hierarchy. In addition to this, you must know that some of these ranks are specific to the regiment and you might not find some ranks in the other regiments. For example,Risaldar Major is restricted to Cavalry and Armoured Regiments. So, this way, you can come across ranks which are specific to some regiments.

2. Career in Indian Army

Indian Army had always been a very good career option for people. If you wish to join Indian Army then you can go throughthe recruitment process and with passing years, you can climb up the ladder of success. You can choose between the different wings of the Indian Army and you can be a part of Technical as well as Non-technical wing. In addition to this, you can also be a teacher with the Indian Army. This totally depends on your interest. If you are interested in medical then you can appear for AFMC and you will be a part of a medical fleet of Indian Army.

3. Recruitment Process for Entering Indian Army

Recruitment Process in Indian Army varies with the ranks and the eligibility of the candidate. There are two basic selections applicable in Indian Army and one is for General Duty while the other is for Officers Selection. Below are the details regarding the same.

  • General Duty – For general duty, the candidate should be between the age of 17.5 to 21 years and he should have completed matric with 45% marks. In addition to this,the candidate should have a minimum height of 167 cm with a minimum weight of 50 Kg. The candidate should also have a chest of 77cm with an expansion of about 5cm. In addition to these eligibility criteria, the candidate must not suffer from any infection, communicable disease, ENT issues or cardiovascular disease.

If the candidate meets the above-mentioned criteria then he can apply for the general duty in Indian army. The candidate needs to keep a track of employment newspaper so as to know about the form. once the form is filled, the candidate will have a written test, physical test and a medical test. The candidate will be recruited after the test is complete.

  • Officer –Talking about the officer ranks, the candidate can join for Permanent Commission or they can join for Short Service Commision. The mode of entry can vary. Below is more information about the different mode of entries in Indian Army for Permanent Commision.
    • National Defence Academy – The candidates can appear in NDA exam after completing 12th The candidates need to clear the written test in the first stage and the shortlisted candidates are called in for a 5-day interview with Services selection Board. This 5-day interview includes physical tests and medical tests. Once the candidate clears all the exams, the candidate gets a choice between three wings of Indian Defence Services. Later, the candidate is sent to Indian Military Academy for the training.
    • University Entry Scheme– Under the university admission scheme, the candidates in a pre-final year can apply for the Indian Army. It should be noted that only B.Tech and B.E. candidates must apply under this scheme. After the shortlisting procedure, the candidate goes through the training at Indian Military Academy in Dehradun and the candidates are commisioned in the army after that.
    • Combined Defence Service Examination– A lot of candidates also make their way through CDSE and in this, the candidates in the final year of graduation can apply. The candidates who have completed their education are also eligible for CDSE. This exam is also followed by a medical and physical test.
    • AEC– For the candidates who are in Post-graduation, the way to enter the Indian Army is via AEC. The candidates can apply after completing their post-graduation.
  • Apart from information listed above, the candidates can also join Indian Army for Short Service Commission. Here the period is 10 years to 14 years and the candidates can join this under various wings. You can refer to the website of the Indian army for more information on SSC.

4. Salary for Indian Army

Talking about the salary received in Indian Army, there can be a variation depending on the field that the person is joining in. Apart from this, the salary also varies with the position of the person. The minimum salary received by any person in the Indian Army is Rs 25,000 and the maximum salary received by the officers can be Rs 1, 30,000. This portion includes the basic pay, grade pay and army service pay. This is just the pay that the Indian Army receives but,in addition to this pay, the army also receives a specific allowance.

5. Allowance

The allowance received by the Indian Army can be classified under Field Area Allowance, High Altitude Allowance and Uncongenial Climate Siachen Allowance. The allowance varies from Rs 4200 to Rs 11,200 per month. But this is not all, Indian army personnel may also receive flying pay allowance, parachute pay allowance, special force allowance, transport allowance, House Rent Allowance and other such allowance which increases the pay package of the Indian Army.

6. Additional Benefits

In addition to the pay, the army receives some of the basic facilities like the access to canteen service and other such facilities which helps them in meeting the daily expense. The children of the Army Personnel also have access to special schools and this helps them in getting an education.

This was all about the salary, allowance and benefits received by Indian Army,however, it is not restricted to these benefits. There are other benefits which have not been mentioned above and these benefitsinclude insurance and other such essential things. Post-retirement, the personnel also receive a pension from the government.


This was all the information available to us about the Indian Army. The eligibility criteria usuallydon’t changes but there are cases when the Indian Army might revise the eligibility criteria. In addition to this, you might even come across the pattern change for the exam. To deal with such changes, it is best to check out the employment news and the website of the Indian Army so as to get the accurate information about the test and other notifications from the Army.

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