Is the E-RAC Ticket Valid on Boarding the Train?

RAC stands for Reservation against Cancellation and the name itself is quite confusing for the people. If you are wondering what E-RAC is then let us tell you that E-RAC is the ticket which is booked via an online portal and the status of the ticket is in RAC Status.

So moving back to question, in the case of RAC, the ticket is confirmed and the seat is allotted to the passenger only when another passenger cancels the train. In addition to this, if the cancellation occurs after the preparation of the chart then also the TTE is liable to offer you a seat.

Talking about your right to board the train on a ticket that is in RAC Status. Well, let us tell you that you have complete rights to Board the train and complete your journey in case of RAC. You can also travel along with your luggage. However, there is one problem associated with the RAC ticket. The problem is that you may not get a full seat while you are travelling. In such a case, you are usually allotted half a seat and you can either sit during the journey or make some sort of adjustment.


If the TTE finds out that there is a passenger who is not travelling due to last minute cancellation then you can get the full seat allotted based on the RAC waiting number. Many people refer to RAC is half reservation which means that you will get accommodation on the side lower birth on sharing basis with someone. You can pull up the seats and travel in the seating position.

So, if you have a ticket in RAC status then you can travel without the fear of fine or penalty and do not forget to get in touch with TTE to get a seat allotted in case of cancellation.


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