Meaning & Full Form of RAC/CNF/GNWL/WL

What is the Meaning and Full Form of RAC, CNF, GNWL, WL?

When you book a ticket with IRCTC, the status of the ticket is displayed in a code word. There are many people who are not able to understand the meaning of these keywords but we don’t want you to suffer because of this. To make it easy for you, we have listed the full form of some of the essential keywords that you come across on your tickets.

The basic keywords that we have listed are RAC, CNF, GNWL & WL. In 99% of the cases, you will come across only these types of keywords. If there is something else displayed on your ticket then you can get in touch with IRCTC to check the meaning of the keyword.

Below is the meaning and Full Form of RAC, CNF, GNWL, WL

RAC – RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation and if you see a RAC on your ticket then your journey can be a little uncomfortable. In most of the cases, RAC tickets are confirmed by the time the charts are prepared but if not then you will have share your seat with some other passenger. This can be a little uncomfortable but in case of cancellation, you will be allotted a seat by TTE. Apart from this, you must remember that you can travel if your ticket has RAC Status.

CNF – If you see a CNF on your ticket then you have a reason to be happy. This is because CNF means confirmed and in this case, you will have the berth number and the seat number mentioned on the ticket. The only exception to this is the journey ticket in 1A as the TTE assigns the seat manually to the passengers travelling in First AC.

GNWL – The Full Form of GNWL is General Waitlist. When you book a ticket in waitlist, you encounter GNWL but not always will you see a GNWL even when you book a ticket on a waitlist. So when exactly do you see a status of GNWL? Well, you see this status when you book a ticket onthe waiting list and when your boarding station is also the originating station. If your boarding station is close to the originating station then also you will see a GNWL status on your ticket. There is always a high chance of this type of ticket being confirmed. Remember that you can’t travel on a ticket that is in GNWL status at the time of journey as the ticket is auto-cancelled in such a case.

WL – WL means Waiting List and this type of status is often mentioned along with a number. This number is your rank in the queue and as the tickets are cancelled, you will move up in the queue. This way, you get an idea if you have been allotted a seat or if you have a chance of getting a confirmed ticket by the date of journey.Remember that you are not allowed to travel if your ticket has a WL status by the time of journey as this type of ticket is also auto-cancelled.

This was all about the different types of status that you will get to see on your train tickets. In addition to this, you can check your PNR status to get to know the updated status and the status can be updated any time before the charts are prepared. In addition to this, the tickets in waitlist are automatically cancelled and the refund is credited back to account if the ticket was an e-ticket or i-ticket.

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