When it relates to the richness of its tourism locations, Madhya Pradesh could be characterized as the finest state in the nation. Madhya Pradesh is referred regarded as the “Heart of India” because of the numerous attractions and activities it has to offer. It has served as a repository for the spiritual and cultural heritage of nearly all religions. Everywhere you look in the state, you’ll see dozens of monumental structures like as beautifully carved temples, stupas, forts, and palaces. The beautiful face of the region is as diverse as its people.

The state, which is primarily composed of a plateau, contains a diverse range of natural features, including huge mountain ranges, meandering rivers, and kilometers of beautiful forests. In fact, a substantial portion of Madhya Pradesh is covered by forest, which provides a unique and thrilling panorama of wildlife viewing opportunities. It is possible to see tigers, bison, and a range of deer and antelope species at Kanha National Park and in the National Park of Bandhavgarh and Pench.

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