Mizoram, which is known for its lush hills & dense bamboo jungles, is located at the southern point of northeast India’s peninsula. The hills, which are known as the Kingdom of Blue Mountains, are crisscrossed by flowing rivers and towering glittering waterfalls. A trip through the heart of the region, towards the Myanmar border, would take you across beautiful green paddy fields. Because of its geographical diversity, it is considered to be one of the most attractive destinations to visit in India’s north-eastern region.

Mizoram has a lot to offer visitors, including a diverse range of events, performances, crafts, fauna and flora, natural scenic splendor, and a comfortable climate. Tam Lake, which is popular for its fish and prawns, is an excellent picnic site, and the ability to sail in the boats makes it much more enjoyable. This Siaha River is the largest river in Mizoram & then a fishing haven for fishermen of all skill levels.

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