Orthopedic Mattress Advantages and Disadvantages

You must be well-aware of the orthopedic mattress. These are such types of mattresses that are mainly designed to support the backs, joints, and other parts of the body. The mattress is derived from the Arabic word “Mantra”. It means a place where something is thrown or placed. The entire mattress is filled with air. They are placed on the top of the bed. Doctors always approve of an orthopedic mattress. It is clinically proven. It supports the smooth alignment of the joint and other deformed parts of the body. However, all mattresses are not orthopedic in nature. They have certain features that are absent in the case of an ordinary mattress.

Some of the most common orthopedic mattresses are open spring mattress, pocket spring mattress, and mattress open foam mattress. However, hybrid mattresses are always preferred by buyers.

Orthopaedic Mattress India

Main advantages of using orthopedic mattresses:

Here are some of the main advantages of using an orthopedic mattress. Let us discuss some of the prime ones.

Supports the spine: The most vital feature of the orthopedic mattress is that it always supports the spine. These types of mattresses never sink with body weight. People with spine issues always prefer to use orthopedic mattresses.

Improvement in body posture: Another important advantage of an orthopedic mattress is that it helps in improving body posture. It prevents the body from getting curled at the time of sleeping. All these will help people to stay stress-free for a long time.

Rate of comfortability: However, the best advantage of the orthopedic mattress is that it provides ultimate comfort to the body. No other mattresses can provide such types of comfort. People can sleep here for hours.

Economic nature of the mattress: Well, the best advantage of an orthopedic mattress is that it comes at a reasonable price. They are cheaper than other mattresses. On the other part, they also give a long-term service to the users. They are economical in the true sense.

Disadvantages of orthopedic mattresses:

To name a few, these types of mattresses come with few disadvantages. Let us mention some of them.

The heavyweight of the mattress: The heavyweight of the orthopedic mattress is one of the main disadvantages of using it. It is so heavy that one cannot lift it easily. It requires a good number of people for lifting.

Sometimes the high cost of the mattress: It is also found that the high price of the mattress is something bad for the people. The common people may not afford it. Reports have revealed that the orthopedic mattress price is 50% higher than the ordinary ones.

Not good in many countries: However, many countries have not supported the concept of orthopedic mattresses. They believe that these types of mattresses may not be perfect for the body. Many times it is also found that some companies make fake orthopedic mattresses and sell them to people. This is not as good as it ultimately causes damage to the body. So, users should buy the product that is certified by the physicians.

It is also recommended to buy an orthopedic mattress prescribed by the physician or the one with good reviews. Otherwise, it is better to go with the ordinary ones.

At last, it can be mentioned that an orthopedic mattress has both advantages and disadvantages. In such a case, it is best to invest in a reliable company. Before buying an orthopedic mattress, you should be well-informed about the use of the product. It is mainly designed to give people relief from various types of back pains and hip pains. It can also help in shaping the body.


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