Tips & Precautions For Using Gas Stove Safely

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is highly combustible. Any carelessness around the gas stove is enough to cause harm to you. You need to be very careful when you are using the gas stove. The safety around the gas stove remains to be a major concern around the globe. If you are using the gas stove for the first time, then we are sure that you would be interested in learning about the tips & precautions associated with using the gas stove. Moreover, it is never too late to learn about the safety aspect of anything that can harm you with improper usage.

The modern gas stove comes with a host of benefits, but it can also be dangerous. It is like a two edged sword. In such a case, we decided to help you by listing some of the tips and precautions that you must follow around Gas Stove. You can check out the details in the section below as these tips and precautions will help you enhance your safety by a considerable degree.

Tips & Precautions for Using Gas Stove

gas stove safety

A little attentiveness and care would go a long way when dealing with something like a gas stove. Below are the tips and precautions that you must follow all the time to keep yourself and your family safe.

1. Manage the Flame

The gas stove offers excellent control on the flame, but you need to manage and monitor it properly. You need to ensure that you are selecting the right level between Low, Medium & High Flame. In addition to this, you need to ensure that the cookware is directly under the flame. Please do not leave the burner on when it is not in use as this can lead to accidents. You must also not use a fan while cooking because the fan may extinguish the flame, leading to gas leakage.

2. Stove Maintenance

You need to maintain your gas stove in the top condition. You should periodically check for the leakages and blockages. The best way to check for blockage is by checking how long it takes for the flame to light after you turn on the gas knob. In ideal cases, it should be instantaneous. In addition to this, you need to ensure that you are also cleaning the gas stove regularly. Rusting on the pipes can be dangerous as, over time, it may cause a leak. You should periodically clean the burners‘ hole, ensuring that the food particles are not blocking the gas. You can use soapy water to clean the stove.

Moreover, you must also check the stove for leakages. Check the rubber pipe and try to smell the gas leaks. The LPG comes with ethyl mercaptan, and it has a strong smell. You should be able to detect the gas leaks quickly because of this smelly substance.

3. Igniting the Flame

While it is essential to control the flame, it is also necessary to ensure that you ignite the flame right. Do not keep utensils on the burner until the flame has been ignited. In addition to this, be extra careful when you are using automatic ignition systems. If there is a failure in the ignition, immediately turn off the knob and start again. If you are using manual ignition, then always use a lighter. If you are using the matchbox, ensure that you keep the match stick a little away from the burner. Lastly, ensure that the knobs are in off position when you are not using the gas stove.

4. Choosing the Right Utensils

While using the gas stove, it is crucial to select the right utensils. The bottom of the cookware should cover the flame completely when it is on a high. The fire should not escape the utensil as this can become a potential fire hazard. You must not use glass on the gas stove, and it is always recommended to use high quality metallic cookware. You should also dry the utensil before you use as the dripping water may cause the flame to extinguish. You can use copper or steel pots. You can also use aluminium pots under the gas stove.

5. CO & LPG Monitor

It is also essential to monitor the LPG all the time. Ensure that you are not in the closed space while cooking. The Carbon Monoxide should not get generated, and it would be in the best interest to install a CO Monitor and an LPG Detector in the kitchen. Exposure to CO can lead to headaches, nausea, vomiting and even death.

6. Careful Cooking

You need to be very careful while cooking on the gas stove. You must not let the children play around with the gas stove. Ensure that the handles of the cookware are not on the flame. If there is something that you would not be used frequently, then you can keep the utensil on the back burner as well. Ensure that you turn off the gas burner immediately after the usage. The handles can lead to a risk of knocking, and you must avoid that on every cause. Do not leave the stove unattended and ensure that you are careful while cooking.

7. Turning off Regulator

We have mentioned this earlier as well, and we will stress on this point again. The knob should be on the off position, and you can turn off the main regulator as well. Turning off the main regulator will ensure that there is no gas leakage when you are not around.

8. Preventing Fire Hazard

Until now, we have covered a lot of essential points. You must also ensure that you are not creating any fire hazard while using the gas stove. Do not ignite match or any electrical equipment if you sense a gas leakage. Ensure that there is no flammable object around the gas stove. In case of gas leakage, leave the windows open till the gas has been completely expelled out. If there seems to be a problem, ensure that you have addressed the concern with the experts. You should keep all the utensils, foil paper, wrapping and other inflammable objects away.

9. Access to Emergency Services

It is essential to have emergency equipment handy. You must have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen just if there is a need to put out a fire. Do not use water to put out the fire and always use an extinguisher in such cases. Also, have the contact numbers of the emergency services handy so that you do not have to find it when you need the numbers. We also recommend listing the numbers on a stick-it note on the refrigerator door or somewhere similar.

10. Managing Clothes around Gas Stove

You also need to be careful around the gas stove, and you need to ensure that you are not wearing loose clothes around the gas stove. Do not wear synthetic around the gas stove as it can catch fire very quickly. People with long hair should ensure that you have tied their hair correctly. Do not hold children when you are cooking, and the teenagers should also be allowed near the gas stove only under supervision. Do not be reckless around the gas stove.

Hope you have gone through the precautions and the safety tips for the usage of the gas stove. These tips are certainly going to be of great help when you are using the gas stove. Always remember that the prevention is better than cure, and in such a case, it would not harm you to be careful around things. If you detect any leak, do not turn on the electric connections and switch off the mains’ electric supply. You must always reach out to emergency services if you detect a leak or if you need any assistance in case of any emergency. If you need more clarifications about the safety aspect, you can also reach out to your LPG service provider.

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