Auto Ignition Gas Stove Vs. Manual Ignition: The Differences

Gas stoves are a primary way to cook delicious food. The key thing that plays an important role in cooking food is the right temperature and the best and simplest way to achieve this is the gas stove. And with time,the traditional gas evolved tremendously. And now you can choose from a variety of gas stoves that vary from each other in terms of features, usability, and price.

Though there are numerous categories of gas stoves available for the users, the two major categories they can be divided into are manual ignition and automatic ignition. Let’s talk about the major differences between these two categories of gas stoves so that you can decide which one of these is the right product for your home kitchen.

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Differences between the Auto-Ignition and Manual Ignition Gas Stoves

Auto Ignition Gas Stove Vs. Manual Ignition

Though the categories are different there aren’t many differences between the gas stoves. Some of the major differences we came across while reviewing different brands and models. Have a look at them once and then choose the right gas stove for your cooking needs.

1. Ignition technique

The first major difference between an auto-ignition and manual ignition gas stove is the way the gas is ignited. For the manual gas stoves, you will have to use an external spark creator such as a matchstick or lighter. On the other hand, the auto-ignition gas stoves have a special ignition system powered by electricity. This is powered by one or two AA batteries. So, you need to invest in the batteries after every few months depending on the frequency of using the cooktop.

2. Safety features

The safety feature is another difference that you should care for while choosing one of the gas stoves for your home. Though there aren’t many differences in features, the gas stoves with auto-ignition are considered safer than the normal gas stoves with manual ignition. The safety features like auto-ignition and alarm are a few things that are great for users. So, depending on your needs, choose a perfectly designed gas stove for your home.

3. Overall product cost

Another important difference that can help you decide on a better gas stove for your home is the product cost. Comparatively, the gas stoves with auto-ignition are expensive than the gas stoves with manual ignition mode. So, if you were looking for a cheaper gas stove, you should look for the manual ignition gas stoves.

4. Maintenance cost

Maintenance cost is another thing that differs from the categories of gas stoves. The maintenance of auto—ignition gas stoves is a little higher than the gas stoves with manual ignition and the manual gas stoves a better choice than the auto ignition gas stoves. However, if you are looking to have a modern and easy to use gas stove for your home kitchen, the auto-ignition gas stove will be a better buy for you.

5. Usability

The usability is another difference between these gas stoves. The auto-ignition gas stoves are great for the users who aren’t too keen to buy numerous things for the gas stoves. They are also much easier to use for daily home use. If you can deal with the expensive maintenance, you should choose the auto-ignition gas stove for your home kitchen.

Apart from these five, there aren’t many differences between the two gas stoves. So, according to your needs and budget, you can easily choose the perfect one for your kitchen. Just make sure that you choose a better brand for yourself that has great customer care and offers amazing value for money.

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