The Best Electric Mop in India

House cleaning is a repetitive task and ensure you and your home get rid of debris and dust. But, keeping the house clean using traditional methods such as filling the bucket with plenty of water, frequent wetting, and drying the mop to wipe is not good in the long run. Some people even get frustrated with manual cleaning after a while. Thankfully, technology is getting advanced day by day, which has resulted in the invention of electric tools, such as robotic mops, robotic vacuum cleaners, and the inevitable electric mops. An electric mop is somewhat unique and advanced compared to regular mops.

These mops are meant to save a lot of time by reducing effort and force. An electric mop is a lifesaver and can be superior assistance whether you need to clean laminate floors, hardwood floors, or tiled floors. Since there are so many electric mops available on the market but without an adequate guide, you may not be able to determine the best fit for you. We have compiled a list to ease your difficulty. The list has the best electric mop in India, after reviewing it you make the right decision while buying it.

Electric Mop

List of Best Electric Mop in India

How to Choose the Best Electric Mop in India?

As said above, an electric mop reduces your efforts and hence you save a lot of cleaning time. There are numerous factors to consider before buying an electric mop. Determining below given factors will ensure you can have a product that stands out the best. Let’s quickly take a look:

1. Type of Floor

The type of floor covering in your home helps in deciding the type of mop to be used. The reason behind considering the type of flooring is that some floors require exceptional cleaning, while some floors such as hardwoods cannot be asked to wipe down. However, mopping is important to keep your floor type clean at all times. Knowing your floor type is the primary step in deciding the best mop for cleaning.

2. Types of Mops

An electric mop comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Electric mops typically have a streamlined design that includes everything needed to clean construction in a single all-in-one device, unlike the classic mop and bucket combination. Although not all electric mops are designed for all cleaning tasks, you must consider the style that best suits your cleaning needs.

  • Vacuum Mops

These electric mops have the ability to mop and vacuum your floors at the same time. This is a suitable option if you want to do two of your tasks at the same time.

  • Spin Mops

Spin Mops, as the name implies, has spinning heads that help clean your surface more effectively. They are proven to clean a variety of floors and help reduce the need to actively overdo your mop at cleaning speeds.

  • Robot Mops

Choosing a robot mop is a smart move if you take a practical approach to your cleaning job. These self-working electric mops work through multiple sources including your voice, a robot, and an attached smartphone app. With so many features available in robot mops, the cleaning task becomes hassle-free. In addition, some devices can perform multiple functions, which shows their versatility.

  • Steam Mops

Steam mops come with a built-in water reservoir and work by using steam in the cleaning process to eliminate germs and bacteria to keep your floors tidy.

3. The capacity of the Water tank

The capacity of a water tank is the most underrated aspect when it comes to a mop. Generally, the higher the tank’s capacity, the less likely it is to refill. It may help even choosing the right type for the size of your house. If your house is neither too big nor too big, you don’t need to choose a large container. However, the large water container makes your mop heavy and interferes with the cleaning time, which will also take more time and effort.

4. Classification of Wipes

Electric mops have different wipes versions—replaceable and removable types for cleaning different areas. For example, some people may choose wipes to clean the bedroom room while some may choose to clean their living room. Replacement hardware may be based on the type of flooring in your home. Some electric device brands offer cotton pads that are reusable and are cheaper than others.

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