10 Best Fat Burners In India 2023 [For Men & Women]

We live in India, a country which is known for its tradition of a wide variety of food. In such circumstances, commonly, people tend to accumulate fat in their bodies. All of us must have experienced the clothes that used to fit us perfectly have gone right now. These extra inches have developed due to the fat storage in our bodies. This is the indirect result of our eating habits.

You immediately go and get a weight check done and what you find out is shocking! As the needle deflects towards the right, your anxiety goes on increasing. To avoid such stressful conditions, we are going to chart out the best fat burners for men and women available in India. Before getting started with the list, it is very important to have a brief knowledge about fat burners.

Fat burners are the products that are designed to shed off the excess adipose tissue residues from our bodies. Fat burners can be vaguely classified into two- natural and supplementary. Few natural fat burners are coffee, green tea, apple, brown rice, chilly and fatty fish. These fat burners are obtained from our daily diet. People who lack to consume these foodstuffs can go for the supplementary fat burners.

The supplementary burners are derived from the extracts of these natural edibles. These fat burners are available in various forms, such as tablets, capsules, cream, and powder. Whenever we consume something, our body undergoes thermogenesis. This process speeds up the metabolic rate of our body. The mechanism of fat burners is very simple. They contain a certain amount of chemicals in the ingredients. These two biochemical substances are adrenaline and catecholamine.

These are the same products that our body generates when we undergo strenuous physical activity or exercise. They act on the desired receptors to burn the fat by the thermogenetic process. This process develops heat in our body that is required to burn the fat. Indian people have wide variations in body shapes. Therefore, the duration in which results are seen also varies. People should also keep in mind that consuming the fat burner along with exercise and a balanced diet shows results earlier when compared to using it alone.

Fat burners are in trend nowadays. This is because both men and women are more aware of their body shapes. A fat burner should be taken cautiously under the supervision of a gym trainer or a doctor. There are few side effects like anxiety, panic attacks, liver function failure, exhaustion, and hypertension. These adverse effects only manifest when you are consuming it continuously or in a high amount. Your body needs some relaxation time too.

Different Types of Fat Burners

Sometimes excess fat in your body can give rise to many health issues. It is necessary to control the growth of fat in the body right from the beginning. In the present time, you will get many options to reduce the fat from the body. Let us find out some of the best fat burners that work effectively.

  • Thermogenic fat burners are one of the best fat burners that work by breaking the food into heat energy. The moment it is ingested into the body, the fat burner will increase the essential metabolism rate.
  • Stimulant-free fat burners also come under this category. This fat burner helps in pushing the energy level in the body. You can consume this fat burner at any time of the day. It will never affect your sleep or any other body functions.
  • Carbohydrate blockers work by absorbing the carbohydrates in the body. This will never allow growing fat in the body. It will also reduce your fat intake in the body and focus in improving overall health. Carbohydrate blockers are of two types. One is the white kidney bean extract, and the other one is Alpha Glucosidase inhibitors or AGI. Both are good.

Best Fat Burners In India For Weight Loss

Fat burners increase the resting metabolic rate of your body. This helps to shed off more calories. Moving forward, let us look at the top 10 best selling fat burners from top brands in India:

1. Muscletech Performance Elite Capsules

Muscletech Performance Elite Capsules

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The first product in our list is the MuscleTech performance series Hydroxycut elite. It is a whole vegetarian product. It contains derivatives from caffeine, capsicum, and L-theanine. These ingredients are completely natural occurring and do not cause any adverse effects on your body. This distributes a unique gustatory experience in your body and mind. The components present in it induce a thermogenic effect in your body. A single dose can produce a boost of intense energy. The primary weight loss ingredient is a green coffee extract. This has undergone several scientific tests to prove its effectiveness. It comes in the form of capsules. It has two sizes; one with 100 capsules and another with 110 capsules. Each bottle suffices the use to meet purity and consistency and supreme quality. The scientific researches prove that you can lose 5 to 15 kg weight in 60 days. Studies have also shown that combining its use with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise can cause weight loss beyond its original limit. Consuming it 30 minutes before your workout session will boost up your energy level. This will let you perform the exercise for a longer time than usual. We highly recommend this product for both men and women.

What we liked:

  • It is a vegetarian supplement
  • It does not have any side effects
  • It shows up results very soon
  • It makes you work hard in the gym than regular
  • People have reported weight loss miracles
  • Taking one capsule per day is sufficient
  • Comes in two different sizes

What we didn’t like:

  • Interferes with day time sleep
  • Available in capsule form only

2. Neuherbs Green Coffee Beans powder

Neuherbs Green Coffee Beans powder

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Next up in our list is a fat burner from Neuherbs. It is in powdery form. It is derived from green coffee extracts. These coffee grains are minced to form fine powder. It is completely authentic and raw. They do not contain any added chemicals. This is the sole reason why many people in India prefer it. It is also certified by GMP and ISO. It contains antioxidants that improve your metabolism. The toxins are thrown out of your body. It has also seen to produce a beneficial effect on blood pressure. That is why it is prescribed to hypertensive patients. Do you know what the easiest method to lose weight is? It is always said that one should maintain a balance between energy consumption and food intake. The chlorogenic acid present in this green coffee does the same to your body. The beans of coffee are unroasted and enriched with active ingredients. This maintains your sugar level and gives you a slimming effect. It is shown to be most beneficial when taken in the morning. You can replace your morning tea/coffee with this natural green coffee. All you have to is take one tablespoon of coffee beans and soak it in water overnight. The next morning you wake up, take these coffee beans and boil it for 3-5 minutes in water. Filter the grain through a colander and sip! You can also add honey to improve the taste. This will give you a feeling of immense freshness and keep you active all day long.

What we liked:

  • It is a vegetarian supplement
  • It has a powdery texture which makes it easy to use
  • It is 100 percent natural
  • Certified by topmost organizations
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • It is very affordable
  • Can be included in a daily regimen
  • Also promotes hair and skin growth

What we didn’t like:

  • It is effective only when combined with diet and exercise

3. Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts

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The third product on our list is a universal nutrition animal cut supplement. As the name looks very fancy, so does its effect. It is a more intense fat burner. It is highly recommended for people who are gym addicts. This product will make you develop muscular cuts and a sharp body within weeks of use. It has 100 percent authenticity. It contains a little package of 9 pills. You have to take 2 pills in a single day. The target action of every pill is mentioned in the back of the packet. It makes it easier to have enough knowledge of the product that you are going to consume.  It contains various complexes such as stimulant, thyroid, metabolic, nootropic, water-shedding complex, cortisol inhibitor, appetite suppressor, diuretic complex, and a special bio availability complex. It shows the result as early as in 3 weeks. It burns down the excess calories with the help of thermogenesis. The heat evolved in this process serves to make your body more energetic. Most of the diuretic containing products lead to excretion of essential electrolytes. These electrolytes maintain equilibrium in our body. This product is enriched with vital electrolytes and potassium. This preserves the acid-base level in our body. It also works as an antioxidant and removes the toxic metabolites. If in any way this product does not benefit you then don’t worry! You are backed up with a 100 percent guarantee

What we liked:

  • One of the best fat burner in the market
  • Posses 8 unique features to keep your body strong
  • Results appear very soon
  • It lasts very long
  • Makes you feel energetic and strong

What we didn’t like:

  • The price is higher than the average products
  • You need to pee more frequently (it contains diuretic)

4. MusclePharm CLA Core Capsules

MusclePharm CLA Core Capsules

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We know how much you like unbiased science! Next up in our list is a fat burner from Musclepharm. It contains CLA in the desired amount. CLA comes from animals trans fat. It is available in soft gel or capsule form. It comes in very nice packaging. You have two buying options here; a pack of 90 capsules and a pack of 180 capsules. You can buy according to your body requirements. It contains 25 gms of protein in a single-serve. It also contains a minute amount of low carbohydrates. These carbs are processed through ultrafiltration. Thus they are healthy for our body. It is a natural product. It does not contain any form of dye or color. It is completely gluten-free. Many times the question arises s in our mind, that how does this fat burner function? It enhances the basal metabolic rate and in this way it helps to eliminate fat from our body. This product is prescribed by gym trainers. They also prefer to use this fat burner due to its supreme quality. It is entirely safe. It also works to boost up the energy level of athletes. It is marked entirely safe and healthy by top nutritionists of the world.

What we like:

  • It is enriched with healthy fat that replaces the dangerous fat from your body
  • It comes in an average price
  • There is the availability of different sizes

What we didn’t like:

  • Customers have complained of the damaged product
  • You need to be patient to see the results
  • Results can only be seen after including exercise in your schedule

5. Muscleblaze Fat Burner Capsules

Muscleblaze Fat Burner Capsules

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Muscleblaze is one of the top-selling brands in India. It is very popular among the adults of our country who hit the gym regularly. It is composed of a radical combination of grapefruit extract and green tea. Unlike other fat burners it is very pleasant to your taste buds. It enhances the metabolism of your body. This helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. This will keep your stomach full for a longer period. It keeps you away from unwanted cravings of unhealthy food. The sole reason behind the accumulation of fat in your body is the junks that you consume frequently. They are hard to break down and eliminate from our body. In taking a considerable amount of Muscleblaze fat burner will decrease the fat residues in your body. This process will help you to get rid of fat. It is a completely vegetarian product. Its ingredients are very natural. You are advised to take 1 capsule every day. It will run for 3 complete months at an average price. Isn’t it amazing? We highly recommend this product to all the Indian people. This works best for Indian body type.

What we liked:

  • The product is highly affordable
  • One capsule has to be consumed every day
  • Saves a lot of time
  • It is derived from natural herbs
  • It is entirely vegetarian
  • Keeps you active all day long
  • Decreases your food cravings
  • Lasts for 3 months

What we didn’t like:

  • Some people reported minute side effects
  • Not advised for pregnant women and heart patients

6. Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Vrikshamla Tablets

Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Vrikshamla Tablets

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Himalaya products are building the trust of their consumers for many years. India is famous for its natural scenic beauty. Himalaya has earned a lot of name and fame in Ayurveda. This fat burner from Himalaya contains pure herbs like Vrikshamla. It is in the form of tablets. A single pack has 60 tablets in it. It is a reputed brand in India. This product is certified by GMP and FCI. It has multiple effects on our body. It contains Garcinia Indica or Garcinia cambogia. Natural herbs like kokum are present in it, which in turn has hydro citric acid.  It increases the level of serotonin in your body. This causes suppression of the hunger center in the brain. It is also effective in controlling the production of fat-storing enzyme- citrate lyase. People who are suffering from obesity are usually unhappy with their physical looks. Serotonin also helps to boost up your mood. This elevation of mood leads to make you happier. A powerful antioxidant called xanthone is present in it. This causes the elimination of free radicals from your body. It also prevents your body from infections. HCA present in this product does not allow fat to store in your body. It causes depletion of the body’s stored fat. In this way, it is useful in burning fat from the body.

What we like:

  • It is a herbal product
  • Does not have any side effects
  • Helps in elevating your mood
  • Depresses the hunger center & decrease you craving
  • Enough quantity available in a single pack
  • It is highly affordable
  • It decreases the cholesterol level in the body

What we didn’t like:

  • To make this product work you have to do certain changes in your diet
  • Pregnant and lactating women must avoid it
  • People with diabetes should not consume it
  • It is contraindicated for those people who are taking cholesterol controlling drugs

7. GNC Burn 60 Powerful thermogenic Tablets

GNC Burn 60 Powerful thermogenic Tablets

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GNC burn 60 is one of the best selling fat burners in our country. It helps to make your body slim and leaner. It is free from caffeine. The ingredients contained in the product are completely natural. It has no negative effect on the body. It can be used by both men and women. But it proves to be the most preferred fat burner by women. This is because it lacks caffeine and ephedrine. They can cause various side effects if not taken in the correct amount. Therefore this product completely rules out adverse effects like anxiety, muscle breakdown, high BP, increased heart rate, and digestive problems. The ingredients contained in GNC 60 are amazing. They are extracts from seeds, leaves, and root of various herbs like black tea, gold grape, guarana, and ginger. It is completely chemical-free. 2 tablets should be taken each day, 30 minutes before workout. If you don’t work out then you can take it before breakfast too. It burns your calories and boosts ups your energy.

What we liked:

  • It is a chemical-free product
  • It is a vegetarian product
  • It is very easy to use
  • This product is very affordable
  • Effective in burning fat

What we didn’t like:

  • Contraindicated in people with medical conditions
  • People undergoing surgery must avoid it
  • Combine it with work out to boost up fat burning

8. Keto Advanced Weight Loss Supplement

Keto Advanced Weight Loss Supplement

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As we have heard that the keto diet is getting a lot of fame. Many of your favorite celebs follow the keto diet. Do you also want to follow a similar diet? We have brought the keto advanced weight loss supplement for you all. It contains garcinia extracts which are ketogenic supplements. This helps in boosting up our immunity and also burns the fat stored in the body. It is combined with natural ingredients that are derived from plants. So basically, this is a plant-based supplement. Garcinia tea, garcinia coffee, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon bark, and apple cider vinegar extracts are infused in this fat burner. This product is entirely free from artificially synthesized additives. It is also free from dairy products, gluten, soy proteins, and GMOs. It is completely safe for everyday consumption. It is recommended by top-class nutritionists.

What we liked:

  • It contains plant and herb extracts
  • It is safe for daily use
  • It contains enough capsules to last for 2 months
  • It does not cause any harmful effects
  • Results appear soon

What we didn’t like:

  • Many people reported damaged product

9. Health First Thermo Fat Burner Capsules

Health First Thermo Fat Burner Capsules

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Next up in our list is Health First fat burner. It is available in capsular form. The major ingredient present in it is green coffee extract. It has gained a lot of popularity as a weight-loss solution in recent days. Also it contains a substantial amount of coleus forskohlii, yohimbine, and L- Theanine. It also contains caffeine anhydrous. It has proven to make our bodies undergo the process of thermogenesis. This process burns the excess fat stored in the body. In this manner, the fat is burned and the body becomes leaner. It is also effective in developing muscular cuts if combined with regular exercise. The ingredients present in it are scientifically proven. It is extremely pure and potent as it has undergone quality testing by GMP. The breakdown of fat cells provides intense energy to the body.

What we liked:

  • Scientifically proven to be effective
  • Boosts up energy instantly
  • Breaks up the fat cells in the body
  • Combination with workout increases its potency

What we didn’t like:

  • Avoid during pregnancy

10. Kayos Naturals MCT Oil

Kayos Naturals MCT Oil

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The last product on our list is kayos natural MCT Oil. It is the first oil-based product on this list. It is enriched with keto products. Ketosis is the process where the body breakdowns the fat to yield energy. This product works in the same manner. It is 100 percent natural. It is made from unsweetened coconut oil. It is not having palm oil. Capric acid and caprylic acid present in it help to burn the fat. It contains ingredients that boost up your digestive system by eliminating bad bacteria and increasing the good gut flora. This keeps you healthy and safe. It is recommended to have 1 tablespoon of oil every day. Consuming it more than 3 tablespoons can cause discomfort. It is so natural that it can be used in salads and smoothies too.

What we liked:

  • It is easier to consume
  • It suppresses hunger up to a long time
  • Very less amount can be effective

What we didn’t like:

  • Contraindicated for pregnant women and children
  • To see early result follow a carbohydrate-free diet

How To Choose The Best Fat Burners in India

To guide you through the right path towards buying a fat burner we are attaching this buying guide. It will help to solve your queries and doubt related to fat burner.

  1. Which form do you prefer?

As we have charted out the top-selling fat burners, you already know this that they come in many forms. It is entirely your wish which form of fat burners you want to intake. Capsules are trending nowadays and most of people prefer it. Capsules dissolve more readily inside our body and taken up by the tissues faster. You can also use fat burning drink and oil. They will eventually become a part of your diet.

  1. What is your weight loss target?

You have to choose a desirable product depending upon how much kilograms you want to shed. We have already mentioned the potency of every fat burner in detail. Some of them do a minimal change to body weight like 2-5kg. On the other hand, few others make you lose 10-15 kg in the same course of time. Make sure to check this property before finalizing one of them.

  1. Are you a male or female?

Fat burners are designed depending upon the bodyweight of the individual. If you weigh more, it will have more fat burning ingredients in it. Men are heavier than women. That is why the fat burners for women have the same ingredients in them; just the quantity is decreased. Women should also avoid taking fat burning supplements during pregnancy and lactation. Men and women both should say no to fat burners if they are suffering from some major disease.

  1. Do you wish to elevate your mood too?

Some fat burners are prepared to elevate your mood. When a person is not satisfied with his/her body weight, they tend to get anxious. This leads to deprivation in their mood. Some fat burners are enriched with mood-elevating ingredients such as serotonin. This helps to keep you happier and healthier.

  1. Understand the mechanism

Understanding the mechanism is very important to decide which one will be best for your body type. We have mentioned in detail the mechanism of every fat burner in their respective section. Some depress the hunger center while others make you more energetic to perform for a longer time. Have a look at every section and then decide which one will suit you the most.

  1. Do you also want to boost up your metabolism?

Fat burners are enriched with certain ingredients, which boosts ups your metabolism. These ingredients are usually planted extracts. Some electrolytes also contribute to this. They make your digestive system work efficiently. When you eat healthily, you won’t feel the need to consume food now and then. Whatever you consume will be broken down to energize your body. In this way the metabolic activities are nurtured.

How To Make Fat-Burning Supplements More Effective?

Just popping a few fat-burning pills or supplements will not help you lose weight. You will have to do certain things to make these fat burners more effective on your body. So, here is what you can do:

Workout plan: Just taking a few fat-burning pills will not be helpful. It is not going to be an easy journey for you to lose weight by just taking pills. You need to burn calories along with pills. That means you need to work out and take a proper diet. You can talk to your trainer or some expert and get a fitness plan ready. Along with that, you should also maintain a proper diet. Your pills will not work on the unhealthy food that you are taking. 

Increase protein intake: For the fat-burning pills to work better on your body, you will have to increase your protein intake. When you take fat burners, your appetite will be reduced. So, the calorie intake will be reduced, and hence you need to make sure that you take enough protein. This will lead to loss of muscle mass. Your body should get at least one gram of protein for one pound of body weight. You should always cut down on fat and carb and increase the protein intake. 

Right timing: You will have to take advantage of how fat-burning pills or supplements work. That is when you will be able to increase their effectiveness. You should take them at the right time, like early in the morning or before your meal. When you take it early in the morning, it will give you a lot of energy and burn calories. You can also take it 30 minutes before going to the gym or any delay in a meal. You will be able to carry it out for a few more hours. 

Get proper sleep: Another important thing that can help in increasing the effectiveness of fat-burning pills is proper sleep. Many people are worried more about losing weight, but when you don’t provide enough rest to your body, you will not lose weight. Those who sleep less than six hours per will not see any effect due to the fat-burning supplements. If possible, try to get at least seven hours of sleep per day. 

Apart from these, you should take a good amount of water along with the pills. Along with five to eight glasses per day, you should also add an extra glass of water every time you take these pills. Make sure to add more healthy fruits and vegetables to your diet to see more effective results. 

Fat Burning Supplements Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are fat burners safe to use?

Fat burners are a safe and effective way to burn out calories. However, make sure to pick a fat burner that is FDA approved for your safety. Also, we recommend you to take it in the appropriate dosage and follow the instructions to be safe and healthy.

2. What should I know before starting fat burning supplements?

The first thing to have is patience. You should not expect a sudden result. Life is not a miracle. The ingredients present in the fat burners affect your body fat gradually to bring it down. Also, take care of your diet. Some people have a misconception of eating no food at all. Beware of such myths!

3. Are there any side effects of using the fat burners?

As such, fat burners are launched in the market after going through a series of tests. But, if you do not consume them in proper amounts, take drugs interfering with it, or diet too much, you can see some side effects. Constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, seizures, and stroke are some other side effects. Most of the fat burners contain caffeine; therefore, make sure to avoid drinking too much coffee at the time of consuming fat burners.

4. Do fat burning supplements really work?

Make sure that you expect a gradual progression in the result. Yes, the fat burners do work for your body. But, you need to know that the fat loss will be around 2-4 pounds a week, depending upon your daily activities.

5. If yes, how do the fat burning supplements work?

Fat burners usually work by two mechanisms; first, by increasing the metabolism of fat. Secondly, by decreasing the absorption of fat in the body. Diet and exercise play a secondary role in it. It helps in the breakdown of fat and converts them into energy. Caffeine, green tea extracts, and acetylcarnitine help in thermogenesis.

6. What should be the initial does of fat burning supplements?

People believe that the more the supplement amount, the more will be the fat loss. However, it is not right. You should start with a low dose initially. Once your body adapts to it, make sure to consult the dietician and follow her instructions.

7. Do I need to control my diet too?

Taking fat burners in the morning helps you to maintain a proper metabolism throughout the day. It also provides a richness of energy in your body. Thus, it delays the gastric emptying and your craving for food will be less.

8. Do I need workout before/after consuming it?

Yes, even if you do not want to do a hardcore workout. Make sure to pick a workout that you can maintain. It can be cycling, jogging, or walking. Even a 15-minute workout session is enough. Take it before workout for better results.

9. How would I know if the supplement is working or not?

Try not to compare your fat-burning time with someone else. It will take some time to show results. Wait for 2-4 weeks; you can expect results after that.

10. What are these burners made of?

It contains green tea, caffeine, L carnitine, Yohimbe, ketones, glucomannan, and linoleic acid.


Trends are meant to be followed. We hope this article helped you a lot to acquire important facts about fat burners. We also hope that you have made your final decision till now. Go ahead and start buying! Thank you!

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