10 Best Glucometers in India 2023 (Blood Sugar Testing Machine)

Diabetes is prevalent in India, and it is majorly linked to the lifestyle of the people. If we go by the results of a government survey, it is found that almost 11.8% of people in India suffer from Diabetes. This makes it really important to monitor your sugar levels. One thing that most people do not understand is that diabetes can be prevented with the help of an active lifestyle and some preventive care. If your body starts showing the sign of diabetes, then you can always adapt to an active lifestyle, and you can target some weight loss which will reverse your pre-diabetic condition.

All this can be made possible with active monitoring, and we are sure that you are not willing to go to the labs to test blood sugar on a regular basis. To make it easy to monitor the blood sugar, you can purchase a good brand Glucometer for blood sugar testing, which is also known as Blood Sugar testing machine in India. Luckily, the price of these monitors has reduced drastically. The Blood Sugar Monitors are really portable and you can even carry them with you. They are also very useful for people who have diabetes. Also check the list for best blood pressure monitor in India.

Best Buy Blood Sugar Testing Machine In India

Let us look at some of the best selling blood sugar testing machine available in the Indian Market from the well known brands:

1. Dr. Trust (USA) Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Machine

Dr. Trust (USA) Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Machine

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Dr. Trust is one of the most reliable brands available in the market and we have products from this brand at number 1. The pack comes with 60 strips and 60 lancing needles. Apart from this, Dr. Trust also offers a free thermometer with this Blood Sugar Monitor. The features included in this Blood Sugar testing machine are limitless. You can change the unit of measurements, and there is also a test light indicator. The backlight in the LCD ensures that you can check the readings even when it is dark outside. Getting into the more details, there is a strip ejection button so that you do not have to come in contact with the used strip.

Apart from the features listed above, this blood sugar monitor has a memory capacity of 1000 readings. There is no coding required when you get a new pack of strips, and you can also store the results as per Pre-meal, post-meal, and general mode. There is another useful function in this glucometer, which will alert you if the ketones are present in the blood. This product has been designed in the USA and hence you do not have to worry about the quality or the accuracy. The brand offers 1 year warranty on this Glucometer and the warranty is also valid across India.

Things we liked:

  • This Glucometer comes with 60 strips and the brand also offers 1 year warranty on it.
  • It has some amazing features like Backlight, reminder, and a smile indicator.
  • The blood sugar monitor also has an ejection button
  • It has different modes for pre-meal readings and post-meal readings.
  • The blood sugar monitor also has ketone.

Things we don’t like:

  • This glucometer is slightly more expensive than some of the other ones on the list.

2. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

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Another reliable brand that you will find in India is Accu-Chek. This is one brand that is really trusted by the people and it is widely used across the country. One of the reasons why it is loved so much is because of the fact that the brand offers a 10-year long warranty on this glucometer. There are very few brands that would offer such a long warranty. The monitor is quite compact and it doesn’t require any coding as well whenever you buy a new pack of the strip. This feature makes it easy for the elderly to use the Glucose meter. Another thing that makes it easy is the fact that this machine has a 2 button design, which is very easy to use and easy to handle.

Once you take the reading, the display also turns into a colour code that actually reassures you about the reading. One thing that you would have noticed is that if you put insufficient blood on the strip, then the strip gets wasted, but with this glucometer, you get 8-second re-dose options as well. It also has a good memory capacity, and the machine is capable of tracking your 7-day average, 14-day average, 30 day average of even 90-day average.

Things we liked:

  • This glucometer from Accu-Chek has a memory of 500 readings.
  • You can mark the readings as per the fasting as well as post-meal measurements.
  • The brand offers an option to transfer the data to the computer with the help of a USB Port.
  • The brand offers a 10-year limited warranty on this Glucometer.
  • If in case you applied less blood on the strip initially, you get another 8 seconds to add more blood.

Things we don’t like:

  • It is quite a basic machine with limited features.

3. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

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At number 3, we have something from Dr. Morepen and it is one of the most compact glucometer available in the market. Before you move ahead, let us tell you that Dr. Morepen offers 25 free strips and lancets along with this Glucometer. It requires just 0.5 microliters of blood to give you the reading, and it is very accurate when it comes to the measurement. The monitor has a memory that can store 300 readings for you. The readings are stored with the date and time so that you get a clear trend of your blood sugar level. You do not have to use the lancets at your fingertips as you will be able to use them at any of the alternative sites as well.

Talking about more details, what makes it easy to use is the fact that there is no need to do any kind of coding whenever you buy a new pack of testing strips. It takes just about 5 seconds for the monitor to display the reading. In addition to this, the brand offers a lifetime warranty on this blood glucose monitor. It really assures you about the quality of the glucometer. You can also get a great deal on this product, and it is really one of the most affordable on our list.

Things we liked:

  • This is quite accurate as well as an ergonomic model.
  • The monitor also comes with Beeper Alert and a carrying case.
  • It can store 300 readings, which are good enough for a few months and it also calculates 7 days, 14 days, and 31 days average.
  • There is no coding required when you buy a new pack of testing strips.
  • This Glucose monitor from Dr. Morepen also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Things we don’t like:

  • Nothing that we could notice.

4. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

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Are you looking for a Glucometer that can easily be used by your parents? Are they not tech-savvy and do they find it difficult to select different options? Well, how about a Glucometer that comes without any button. Yes, we are talking about a Blood Sugar Monitor from OneTouch and one of the most peculiar parts about this Blood Sugar Monitor is that it has no option that needs to be selected. You just need to insert the testing strip with the blood and you will get the readings. Doesn’t it sound easy to you? Well, you really need to have a look at this Blood Sugar Monitor to get a fair idea about the features.

The brand does provide 10 free strips with this Blood Sugar Monitor, and you can buy additional strips at a very nominal cost. Most of the time, elderly people find it difficult to check the readings on the screen. To make this easy for them, this Blood Sugar Monitor comes with an Audio Signal and a Color Signal. These two things can really indicate the exact nature of the readings. The accuracy standards followed by this Blood Sugar Monitor is ISO 15197:2013. Overall, if you are looking for a simple to use machine with just basic features, then you can consider this and you will really be happy with the purchase.

Things we liked:

  • This device features a no-button design, which makes it really easy to get the readings.
  • It meets the standards ISO15197:2013, which certifies this glucometer for accuracy.
  • The glucometer does not just provide a colour based signal but it also provides an audio signal to the user.
  • An affordable option in Indian markets.
  • It comes with 10 free strips from the manufacturer.

Things we don’t like:

  • No warranty information available for this Glucometer.

5. BeatO Glucometer with 50 Strips and 50 Lancets

BeatO Glucometer with 50 Strips and 50 Lancets

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Are you often traveling and you find it difficult to carry around your Blood Sugar Monitor? How about purchasing something that can fit into your pocket. Well, we present you with one of the most advanced Glucometers which can fit into your pocket. This a mobile device that needs to be connected to your 3.5 mm jack in order to get the blood sugar readings. With this, you will turn your mobile into a portable Blood Sugar Monitor. Do not worry about accuracy as it is really accurate.

To use the glucometer, you just need to insert it in the 3.5mm jack and then insert the strip. Once that is done, you can apply blood on the strip and then you get the result. The app shows you color-coded results and it also analyses the trends for you. In case of an emergency, it can alert your doctor. You need to install the BeatO app to use this device. If you have the latest iPhone then you may need lightning to 3.5mm adapter

Things we liked:

  • It is a mobile connection device that turns the mobile phone into a Blood Sugar Monitor.
  • The brand offers 50 strips and 50 lancets free of cost. The monitor is also very accurate.
  • This machine can store the results in your mobile phone and it is compatible with the iPhone as well as Android Devices.
  • Informs your emergency contacts or doctors in case of high or low sugar levels.
  • One of the most compact Blood Sugar Monitor that is available at an affordable price.

Things we don’t like:

  • Nothing that we could notice except for the fact that you would need a3.5 mm adapter to connect this to the latest iPhone models.

6. Control D Blood Glucose Monitor

Control D Blood Glucose Monitor

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Moving on to number 6, we have a Blood Sugar Monitor from Control D. the brand is known for some of the most compact Blood Sugar Monitor. You can have a look at this model and we are sure that you are going to like it. It takes just 5 seconds to take a reading using this monitor. One of the good part about this Blood Sugar Monitor from ControlD is that it can sync up the data on your mobile phone and the application is compatible with Android as well as Apple Device. This feature really gives you an ability to track your data and the trend for long term usage as well.

Talking about the other features, there is no coding required when you buy a new pack of strips and the lancets feature a quick draw technology that enables you to extract blood in seconds. The precision and accuracy are achieved with the help of laser patterning and amperometric biosensors which measures the impedance very accurately. To measure the Blood Sugar using this monitor, all you need is a single strip, a lancing needle, 0.5 microliter of blood and 5 seconds. Another thing that might interest you is the fact that the Blood Sugar Monitor is priced at less than Rs 300 which makes it the cheapest available option.

Things we liked:

  • The brand offers a 5 year long warranty on this Blood Sugar Monitor.
  • Features carbon electrodes which gives it an analysis time of 5 seconds.
  • It comes with an ejection button to remove the strip from the monitor.
  • One of the most affordable Blood Sugar Monitor to buy in India.
  • This is available with a very attractive plastic carrying case.

Things we don’t like:

  • Some of the users have reported that this Blood Sugar Monitor is not very accurate.

7. Alere G1 Glucometer, 25 Test Strips

Alere G1 Glucometer, 25 Test Strips

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If you are still not happy with the products that you have seen until now then you may want to check out this Blood Sugar Monitor from Alere. So, the next model in our list is Alere G1 and this monitor comes with 25 extra test strips. One of the best things about this Blood Sugar Monitor is that it uses Gold Biosensor technology. You might be aware of the fact that the Blood Sugar Monitor measures the glucose level by passing a current through the blood and then measuring the value. What this gold biosensor does is that it reduces the resistance as gold is one of the best conductors of electricity. The result is that you get the most accurate readings for yourself.

There are many other features loaded in this glucometer and this includes the feature for auto-coding. Because of auto-coding, you would not have to calibrate the Blood Sugar Monitor. There is another feature that enables you to extract the testing strip without having to touch with. Because of this, you will be able to throw the strip directly into the dustbin. Overall, if you are looking for a Blood Sugar Monitor that is accurate, we would really recommend you to consider this and you will be happy with the functionality.

Things we liked:

  • This comes with 25 test strips and it offers a complete solution for diabetes management.
  • It features auto coding, which eliminates the need for calibration.
  • It also has a strip eject button that would remove the strip from the machine without you having to touch it.
  • As per the user reviews, the Blood Sugar Monitor is really accurate.
  • This model features fold biosensor technology for accurate results.

Things we don’t like:

  • No warranty information available for this Blood Sugar Monitor.

8. Apollo Sugar Smart Glucometer with 25 Gold Plated Strips

Apollo Sugar Smart Glucometer with 25 Gold Plated Strips

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At number 8, we have a Blood Sugar Monitor from Apollo. This is a smart Blood Sugar Monitor which needs to be connected to your phone in order to give you a reading. The advantage here is that it connects to your phone over Bluetooth and hence you do not have to be dependent on 3.5 mm jack. There is no internet required to get the device working. Most of the devices will offer you with a space of 500 memory units but with the help of this Blood Sugar Monitor, you can simply sync your data on the cloud and this means that you get unlimited memory.

After you purchase this glucometer, you get access to diabetes experts who will watch your sugar levels and you also get an assigned coach along with video consultation from the dietician. The dietician can help you with a custom diet plan and all these services are offered free of cost for 6 months. The accuracy levels are very high because of gold plated strips and you also get 1 year warranty to protect your purchase. Since it is portable, you do not have to worry about carrying it as well. It can fit into your pocket as well. As per our recommendation, you can purchase this Blood Sugar Monitor and you will see your life-transforming.

Things we liked:

  • It comes with 25 gold plated strips for testing the blood sugar.
  • The monitor gives you 24×7 access to Apollo Sugar Expert which also includes video consultation.
  • It is a smart glucometer which not just syncs the data to your mobile but also saves it on a cloud.
  • Apollo also offers 1 year warranty on this Blood Sugar Monitor.
  • It also comes with a diabetes recipe book so that you do not have to compromise on your taste.

Things we don’t like:

  • Elder people may find it difficult to use.

9. Avantor Glucosphera Automated Blood Glucose Monitor

Avantor Glucosphera Automated Blood Glucose Monitor

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One of the highest-rated Blood Sugar Monitor is from Avantor and this is only because of the level of performance that it offers to you. This kit contains a glucometer device, lancing device, lancets, carry case, and 60 test strips. The glucometer is able to give you results in just 5 seconds and it uses a very less quantity of blood to give the reading. The machine also features an auto-detection for your test strip and while you measure the sugar, the monitor shows the reaction countdown as well. There is a large screen integrated into the design which makes it easy to get the readings and another thing that makes it easy to get the readings is the fact that there is no need forcoding.

You just need 0.5 microliters of blood with this to measure the reading and it also has a backlight integrated into the LCD. The backlight makes it easy for the people to check the reading. Another feature that makes this a worthy purchase is that you get 90 day average. This way, you will know if the spike is just a one-day thing or if you continuously have high blood sugar levels.

Things we liked:

  • No coding required and it gives the results very fast.
  • It comes with 50 free strips, which means that you get a total of 60 strips.
  • The display has a backlight as well, and it also has a strip ejection feature for you.
  • The monitor displays 90 days average for you, which gives you a sort of trend analysis.
  • It comes with a compact carrying case that can protect the glucometer from any damage.

Things we don’t like:

  • No warranty information available about this Blood Sugar Monitor

10. Omnitest B Braun Omnitest Kit

Omnitest B Braun Omnitest Kit

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This is the last product on our list and this Blood Sugar Monitor is from Omnitest. It is powered by Braun which is a well-known brand when it comes to such electronic devices. The most amazing thing here is that even though it is a premium product, it is still priced at a reasonable price range. Getting into more details, it is one of the fasted Blood Sugar Monitor as it gives you the reading in just 3 seconds. The blood required to get the measurements is also very less as it is just 0.3 microliter. A lot of user error occurs in the reading because of improper coding but this Blood Sugar Monitor eliminates that scope of error with the help of auto coding feature.

Apart from the details listed above, you can use this to set 5 customizable alarms. Most of the machines would offer you a fixed 15-day average, but if you have this glucometer from Braun, you will be able to get the required average by selecting the days. The big display with the backlight also makes it easy to take the readings in low light conditions. If you are looking for nothing but the best, then this is the glucometer that you need to opt for.

Things we liked:

  • Fasted glucometer available in India as it gives the results in 3 seconds.
  • It comes with an auto coding feature and it also has 5 customizable alarms.
  • Features auto coding and it just needs 0.3 microliters of blood to get the readings.
  • You can select the reading modes, and it also has a great memory capacity.
  • You can calculate the desired average by just selecting the day range that you want.

Things we don’t like:

  • Nothing as such

How to Choose Blood Sugar Testing Machine (Glucometer)

Below are some of the factors that you must consider before you make the purchase of a Blood Sugar Testing Machine.

→ 1. Tagging a Reading

Many times, you will be checking the pre-meal and post-meal readings. In such a case, check if the monitor has an ability to tag the reading to the appropriate situation. This will also help you while you are retrieving the past readings. This is one of the most desired features in a glucometer that you are purchasing. It will eliminate the need to note down readings in notepad.

→ 2. Coding Function

You will need to buy new strips from time to time, and with the new pack, you will need to calibrate the machine as well. The strip box comes with a chip that needs to be inserted into the blood sugar monitor and the machine re-calibrates itself. You can check how easy it is to recalibrate the machine and you can also consider the machines which calibrate themselves automatically.

→ 3. Test Time& Accuracy

You can look at the test time of the machine. The acceptance criteria is anything less than 5 seconds. A longer test time has a tendency to induce an error in the Glucometer. Also, you can check the error percentage of the Glucometer. Most of the manufacturer marks that on the packaging or the user manual. This will give you an idea about how accurate your reading is.

→ 4. Notification

Some Blood Sugar Monitors machine can give you a notification when your blood sugar levels are abnormal. This can be of great help to elderly people. It can give them an instant idea if they need to get some sweets or if they need a jab of insulin. Most of these machines have a LED notification along with Audio notification.

→ 5. Memory Available

You can also check the memory available in the glucometer. Check the number of readings that the glucometer can store and this will help you in getting a long term analysis. You may not really have to pay a lot of attention to this as most of the monitors can store a minimum of 50 readings for you.

→ 6. Portability

The main reason why you are buying the glucometer is that you want something portable. Check the size of the machine and check if you are getting any carrying case with the glucometer. There are some units that can be connected to the mobile and they are the most portable versions of the glucometer. You can consider them as well if you really travel very frequently and if you need a machine that can fit into your pocket.

→ 7. Bluetooth Connectivity

Whenever you visit your doctor for a regular check-up, the first thing he will ask you is for the blood sugar records. You might end up carrying your glucometer to the clinic but now let us make things tech-savvy. How about buying a glucometer that can connect to your phone and sync up your data on the mobile phone? This will make it easy for you to display the readings to your doctor and it will also present a chart for you, which will give you a trend analysis.

→ 8. Extra Features

You can look at other extra features that are offered by the machine that you are purchasing. One such feature that is really preferred is the auto-eject feature. This way, your strip will be ejected automatically once you press a button. Other features to look out for is gold plated strip and ketone detectors. There are some machines that can help you to monitor many other metrics apart from Blood Sugar.

→ 9. Warranty

Check out the warranty that is offered on the Glucometer. This will help you in ensuring that there is no manufacturing defect. Moreover, it will protect you from any malfunction that may occur in the future. You can always reach out to manufacture if in case the readings are inaccurate. This is one thing that you must check before buying the machine.

→ 10. Insurance Coverage

Many of the insurance providers in India do cover the cost of Glucometer and they can reimburse you along with other OPD expenses. If your insurance provider also covers up for OPD expense and other such expenses, then you can check with them about the brand of glucometer that they would cover. Ensure that you buy something recommended by them in order to cover the expenses for strips and glucometer.

→ 11. Cost

Price should not be a major concern here as the cost of the glucometers doesn’t vary a lot. You will find a slight variance but that is usually acceptable. However, it would make sense to compare the price of the machine because some of the online retailers offer a discount on the glucometer. They may also offer you extra free strips with your purchase.

What is a Normal Reading on a Glucometer?

If you use a glucometer in your house, you must have a clear idea about the regular reading of the same. It is okay if you know or have prior information about them. However, the reading should be between 4.0 to 5.4 mmol/L in the case of fasting. It needs to be 7.8 mmol/L when you are taking it after the meal. You must take the reading at least 2 hours after the meal. Then you can get the exact reading in the glucometer.

If the reading increases before the level, you must immediately consult a physician. It must be taken care of.

How To Use Glucometer at Home in Right Way

What do you say, using a glucometer is easy? Do you find it difficult to use it? I personally know people who find it difficult to use it. Most of them do not know the right way to use it, if used in the right way, a glucometer would be the best device for checking your glucose level. Here is the right way of using a glucometer at home.

Step 1: Prepare the glucometer for testing –

  1. Once you purchase a glucometer, you need to read the user manual and learn the settings and how to use it. Different glucometer models might come with different ways of using it, some of them might have a single button functioning and some might need more than one button input.
  2. Purchase and use the right test strips, not all test strips are compatible with every glucometer models, use only the test strip that your glucometer brand recommends.
  3. Check the glucometer before using it. Most of the glucometer on our list comes with a test kit. Use the premade test strip and ensure that glucometer is working properly and the readings are accurate.

Use the glucometer only if you have followed all the instructions mentioned above.

Step 2: Using the glucometer for testing –

  1. Before using the glucometer, preparing the glucometer is important if you have prepared your glucometer, then wash your hands properly. Using hot water and soap is best recommended. If you are not in a position to wash your hands consider using an alcohol or spirit swab to wipe clean your finger.
  2. Assemble the device before drawing the blood, assembling involves inserting the test strip in the glucometer slot like the manufacturer’s instruction.
  3. Wait for the glucometer to ask for the sample, yes, the glucometer would prompt for a sample once the test strip is inserted.
  4. As soon as the device prompts for the sample, prick the finger using a lancing device. Squeeze your finger to draw the right amount of blood. Do not put too much blood on the strip, one drop of blood is enough.
  5. Wait for the result, do not try to rush the process, just wait till the glucometer displays the result. It could take around 5 to 15-seconds maximum.
  6. Read the result and store it in the device or note it down somewhere manually.
  7. Now remove the test strip and dispose of it. If any bloodstains on the glucometer, wipe it clean.

Step 3: Right frequency of testing –

The best way to use a glucometer has been mentioned above, however, the frequency of using the glucometer is also important. We would recommend that you use the glucometer once every week. Using it three times if you are not an insulin user or diabetic person.

First, as soon as you wake up, before having any food or beverage.

Second, 1 hour after having breakfast

Third, 1 hour after having dinner.

Note down the reading manually or store it in the glucometer and show the record to the doctor while visiting for the next session.

Mistakes You Make When Checking Your Blood Sugar

The most common mistakes made while checking blood sugar levels in the body are as follows:

  • Buying an incorrect blood sugar meter for your body:

You should be careful while buying a blood sugar meter for your body. it would always help if you always tried to buy a device that is easy to handle. If you are an aged person, you should go with the device that gives big letter readings.

  • Choose different fingers every day:

If you are getting the same result every day, it means that you are adopting the wrong process for the test. You should always choose different fingers every day so that you get the correct reading and report.

  • Ask a doctor in case of confusions:

If you are unable to handle the blood sugar device, you should always consult a doctor. It is okay if you choose an easy-to-use the device. This will help in the easy handling of the device.

  • Take the correct time for testing:

Many times you may start to test just after half an hour of finishing the breakfast or lunch. If it is so done, you might get an absurd report. However, you have to wait for two hours for the test. Then you can get an accurate information.

  • A Proper way of handling the blood sugar testing strips:

You must know that to reduce the pain, strips are used. It would help if you made sure that the strips are adequately packed and stored in a tight container before use. Otherwise, you may get a false report that is harmful to your body.

  • Wash your hands before the test:

Whether you are in your home or not doing any household work, wash your hand before every test is mandatory. Even if you are cutting fruits, you have to clean the hands.

  • Squeeze the hands before testing:

It is always essential to squeeze the hands before taking the blood for sugar testing. If you are hands are cold, or for the free circulation of blood, squeezing is necessary.

  • Never take blood from the pads of the finger:

You are always advised not to use the pads of the fingers. These are not only painful but risky. These areas are soft, and taking blood from these areas may prove to be harmful and dangeorus. You can always use the little fingers for testing purposes. You can also check the sides of the fingers that have good circulation of blood.

Glucometer Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why the Glucometer is used, and is this reliable?

In case you are a sugar patient, then it is essential to keep a check on your body’s sugar level every now and then. And the best way to do this at home is to invest in a good quality Glucometer. A Glucometer not only is the easiest way to check the glucose level in the body in a jiffy, but it also offers you the best performance and easy usability. SO, if you are looking for a more reliable and quick way to know your glucose level than to rush to the nearest nursing home, the Glucometer can be a worthy item to consider.

They are accurate, and most importantly, they are extremely easy to use. So, try them, and you won’t regret buying this small yet efficient gadget to record your glucose level.

2. How much blood is required?

Not more than a drop.The Glucometer contains a pin that you need to insert on your finger. Take the drop onto the test kit and get a detailed report of your glucose level. This process doesn’t take more than a minute, and if you are looking for reliable and efficient results, you should carry a Glucometer with yourself.

3. What can I do to get flawless results?

The best way to get more accurate results is to follow a routine. Make sure that you take the readings before and after the meals, and do it repeatedly to get more accurate results and achieve better living. With the proper use and routine, you can get better results that will help you get a better life than ever before. So, try this simple tip and get the best and most accurate Glucometer readings.

4. How can I record the readings?

The modern Glucometers are getting more advanced and reliable. And apart from being equipped with lots of essential and modern features, the Glucometers are now more efficient and have the memory function. The memory function makes it possible for the users to save their readings right on the machine, and you can easily compare your sugar levels with the previous readings and see whether you are improving or not.

Depending on the model you are choosing, you can get the different functions along with the number of entries of the readings. SO, choose accordingly and buy a perfect Glucometer that worth the money and has numerous functions that make it an excellent choice for yourself.

5. What are the different types of Glucometer available in the market?

Like the many other health equipments, the Glucometers are also available in various kinds. The two major types of Glucometers popular among the buyers are the Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) and the Noninvasive Glucometers. Both have different features and have different pros and cons. So if you are planning to buy the Glucometer for the first time, then we will suggest you to go through both these types and then decide which Glucometer is a better buy for you.

Final Words:

These are some of the best Blood Sugar Monitors available in India and you can purchase any of them which is manufactured by a good brand. This will help you in ensuring that you get accurate results every time you measure your blood sugar. Take the required precautions while measuring the sugar, and if you notice a sudden spike, then consult a doctor. You can even invest in blood sugar monitors that can sync up the results on your mobile phone. Tracking your blood sugar regularly can help you in preventing blindness, kidney failure, heart diseases, and seizures.

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