5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Glucometer

People who live with diabetes mostly use glucometers to measure their blood sugar levels at home. Generally, checking the blood sugar levels of diabetic people is important to ensure that it is under controlled. Otherwise, it can affect the body of the person in different ways. Therefore, diabetic people need to use a good brand glucometer for monitoring their blood sugar levels as per their diet and medicines.

However, if you don’t use the glucometer properly, then you can get inappropriate results from this device. But if you are following proper instructions and using a calibrated glucometer, then the problem might not be in the device. So, you need to check and ensure that you are not making any mistakes while using the glucometer. The following are some common mistakes that can lead to inappropriate results while measuring your blood sugar levels.

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1. Not Washing Your Hands Before Checking Your Blood Sugar Levels

In general, it is recommended to wash your hands before checking your blood sugar levels. Although your hands are not dirty, you should wash your hands to get appropriate results. If you don’t wash your hands properly, then you can get errors in the blood sugar readings. Also, there is a difference between the first and the second drop of the blood used for checking the sugar levels.So, the difference can be more if you don’t wash your hands before checking your blood glucose levels.

You can wash your hands with soap and water and then dry the hands before using the glucometer. After that, you can use the glucometer and get the correct readings.

2. Using the Same Finger to Measure the Blood Sugar Levels

Another common mistake that most people make while using a glucometer is that they use only one finger every time. If you use the same finger to test your blood sugar levels always, then that spot of your finger can get harder. Also, it can cause pain and discomfort in your finger.Therefore, it is recommended to use different fingers to check your blood glucose levels so that the fingers will get enough time to heal.

3. Checking the Blood Glucose Level Soon After Eating

Most people use the glucometer very soon after having their meals or snacks.If you do so, then the device will show too high readings, which will lead you in the wrong way. Therefore, you should wait at least two hours after eating to measure your blood sugar level to get appropriate readings. Usually, people test their blood glucose levels after 30 minutes or 1 hour of their meals, which is not a good practice. Instead, it is a good idea to check the blood sugar levels before eating to get the best readings.

4. Pressing Your Finger to Get Blood for Checking

Some people press their fingers to get the required blood for checking. This is mostly the case with people with poor blood circulation or cold hands. But it is recommended not to apply external pressure to your finger while using the glucometer because it can show the wrong results. Also, if you squeeze your finger to get the blood, then you may get interstitial fluid instead of blood,which will give your inappropriate results. So instead of pressing your hand, you can rub or warm your hands before taking out the blood. This will provide you with appropriate results.

5. Not Drinking Sufficient Water

If you don’t drink the right amount of water, then it will lead to dehydration and increase your blood sugar levels. So, when you notice that your blood sugar level is rising, you can ensure that there is not enough water in your system. Therefore, make sure that you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to maintain your blood sugar levels.If you don’t drink enough water, then it will increase the glucose content in your blood and cause dehydration.

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Using the glucometer in the right way is essential to get appropriate results. So, check and make sure that your glucometer is in proper condition before using it for checking your blood sugar levels. Apart from that, you need to ensure that you don’t do any of the above mistakes while using the glucometer.

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