Different Types of Mops and Their Uses

If you are fond of cleanliness and want to keep your home floor clean and look as shiny strikingly as new flooring, then there are two things that you should not avoid. First, the cleaning agent, and second is the rightly chosen mop. A mop is a simple cleaning tool where you have two major parts, one the handle or bar, and the second one is the cleaning end.

Depending on the cleaning edge and material, the cleaning mops can be divided into different categories. As a homeowner, it is important that you choose the correct type of cleaning mop depending on the type of flooring you have and how often you use the mop to clean the house.

Though there are some multipurpose cleaning mops available in the market that you can use for almost every kind of floor and material, if you are after perfection and want to buy some recommended cleaning way to clean your house’s floor, we will suggest you to buy the dedicated floor mop for your home.

Different mops you can buy for your home


If we talk about the different types of cleaning mops available in the market, they can broadly be divided into five categories. Here, we have discussed all of the major categories so that you can easily find a better cleaning mop for your home. Have a look at them and then decide which one you should go with.

1. Flat mops

WOTRA Flat Dry Floor Mop

The first type of cleaning mops we are going to talk about today is the flat mop. This mop is one of the most common and widely used cleaning mops among homeowners. These mops have a flat head that is usually replaceable. This makes the flat mops one of the widely used cleaning mops available for homeowners.

The flat mops are meant for daily cleaning and can be used for all types of glossy tiles and smooth flooring. They are great for cleaning the corners and hard to reach areas. Also, as it has a flatter surface and cleaning edge, you can easily clean spaces under the beds and study tables.

In other words, if you are looking for a multipurpose and highly efficient cleaning mop for your home, you should once consider the flat mops.

2. Sponge mops

Sponge mops are the mops that are usually used for the wet cleaning of the floor. The sponge mop is usually attached with a wringer that makes it easier to rinse the mop after cleaning the part of the floor.

The sponge mops are extremely easy to use and provide effective cleaning for the different types of flooring. The removable heads and easy maintenance make the sponge mops a great way to clean the house in very little time. The sponge mops are great for users who prefer wet mopping their floor and want a better cleaning than dry mopping.

3. Dust mops

Dust mops are another type of cleaning mop for the homeowners. And this is one of the most popular choices for homeowners who are looking for frequent cleaning and are looking for an affordable way to remove the dirt from the floor. Most of these mops come with different types of the head that makes it a perfect cleaning tool for the home. By using the different types of heads bundled with the pack, you can use this mop to clean the ceiling fans and other hard to reach area.

In all, if you are looking for a perfect mop for dusting purposes, you should try your hands on the dust mops.

4. String mops

String mops are a special kind of mops where the cotton strings are used instead of the foam. This provides the users a better reach to the corners and spaces under furniture. So, if you were looking for a mop that can help you get flawless cleaning under heavy furniture, you should consider buying the string mop instead of other popular choices available in the market.

5. Steam mops

If you were looking for the perfect deep cleaning of the floor, the steam mops are going to be the best choice for you. Though the steam mops are relatively more expensive than most of the other mops available in the market and they are hard to find too, you are going to love the performance and value of the steam mops.

Steam mops use steam to clean the tough stains and are capable to deal with different types of flooring. So, if you are after value and usability, the steam mops will be the best buy for you.


So, these were the five major types of cleaning mops available to buy for the users. Depending on your needs and budget, you can easily find a perfect cleaning mop that not only cleans your floor effectively but also serve you for months without any expense. So, just make sure which type of floor you have at home, and then decide which one of the aforementioned mop will be the right buy for you. You can easily prefer a mop from your favorite brand that suits your budget.

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