Spin Mop Vs. Steam Mop: The Differences

Are you stuck in confusion on which type of mop to purchase, spin mop or steam mop? You probably would be and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Most of the people who have a key understanding of different mops available on the market tend to face the same issue.

Based on the design and advantages, there are more than 10 different mops available on the market. Even these 10 types of mops are available in different designs. However, most of them have a considerable difference in their design and the advantages offered. There is a reason why it is not easy to select the best from spin or steam mop, both of these mops are modern-day inventions. Without practically using these two, there is no way to find out.

However, using each product to find out the advantages is not practical. Therefore, we will help you conclude. Here is everything you need to know about spin and steam mops.

Spin Mop –

Spin Mop

A spin mop as the name itself suggests comes designed in such a way that the cleaning head could spin 360-degree. This feature is what makes spin mop different from other mops available on the market. The spin head of the spin mop makes it easier for a user to clean and rinse the cleaning head.

Now, if you dig deep, unlike most of the other mops, a spin mop comes with a bucket that has two sections. A rinse basket at the top and the bottom section to hold clean water. The user just has to dip the cleaning head at the bottom, soak the cleaning head and then press it in the rinsing basket to rinse and dry it faster.

While most of the spin mops have a spin head, some of them come with a pedal on the bucket which allows the rinsing basket to spin instead. However, the purpose of both is the same, to rinse and dry the cleaning head faster. The cleaning head will be attached with microfiber blend material. Microfiber blend cleaning head is comparatively more absorbent than other cleaning heads. The microfiber cleaning head could be detached and replaced if required.

Steam Mop –

When compared to most of the other types of mops, steam mops are more advanced and complex. While almost all the other types of mops are manual, steam mops are electric.

Steam mops are designed in such a way that it could clean vinyl, hardwood, linoleum, carpet, and tiles with ease. When compared to a spin mop, a steam mop is complex. However, the steam mop itself is not that complex. It does not require any bucket or specialized/harsh chemicals to do the cleaning.

Yes, steam mops are designed in such a way that it could be used as regular mops, this mop sprays a jest of steam on the floor which serves as a medium to draw up all the dirt, stains, and bacteria. Explaining how the steam mop works in detail would be waste of time. While the steam mop sprays steam and draws up dirt and other contaminants, it has a cleaning pad on the top of the mop that collects all these. These cleaning pads could be detached, cleaned, and even replaced in the long run.

Now let us look into the key differences between spin and steam mops.

Spin Mop Vs. Steam Mop: The Difference

Spin Mop Vs. Steam Mop

Unlike other mops, steam mop and spin mop are different in almost everything. Here is everything you need to know.

Design –

Spin mop as you know comes with a cleaning head that could spin and a bucket with a rinse basket. Sometimes the rinsing basket could be spun using a pedal. Apart from this the overall design of the spin mop is the same as that of almost every other mops. When it comes to the steam mop, it does not have a bucket, instead, it has a motor housing.

Water v/s steam –

One of the key differences between steam and spin mop is how to clean the floor. Spin mop uses water to clean the floor and there is no complex principle to it. On the other hand, steam mops use steam to clean the floor. The steam mop sprays steam on the floor and draws dirt, stains, and bacteria.

Cleaning efficiency –

The cleaning efficiency of the spin mop and steam mop is the same, but, different. Confusing isn’t it? Yes, both spin mop and steam mop are efficient in their own way. While the spin mop does deep cleaning and makes the floor look clean, the steam mop does not do the cleaning to that level, instead, it offers a disinfection feature that no other mop offers.

Pricing –

As you know, steam mops are electric and they have complicated parts which explain the expensive price tags on steam mops. On the other hand, spin mops are comparatively less complicated and yet cheaper. If you consider the price, spin mops are cheaper and better.

Ease of use –

The ease of using a spin mop or steam mop is all up to the user’s perspective. Some users consider steam mop to be easy to use as the user does not have to soak and rinse the cleaning head after every cycle of cleaning. But, as steam mops work on electricity, if there is no power supply, steam mops are worthless.

Other differences that you should know –

  • Both spin and steam mop would have to carry water for cleaning purpose, while spin mop uses the water for cleaning, the steam mop uses this water and turns it to steam and use steam to clean the floor. However, the spilling of water from the spin mop is a possibility. But, when it comes to steam mop, there is no such possibility.
  • Steam mops could be used to clean complex floors, carpets, and hardwood with ease.
  • Steam mops clean the floor without using harsh chemicals and they disinfect the floor using steam, on the other hand. If the spin mop has to disinfect the floor, the user should add disinfectant to the water. If there are infants or babies, the use of such disinfectants could prove risky and dangerous.

While both steam and spin mop is different, they should not be selected based on a single feature, consider all the factors listed above while selecting.

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