Spin Mop Vs. Spray Mop: The Differences

Confusion is natural when there is a lot of option on the table. When it comes to mops, most of the customers genuinely express themselves to be confused. If you are not aware, then let us remind you that there are over 10 different mops on the market today, out of which, 5 of them are modern-day innovations. Spin and spray mop are the two best modern mops available on the market today.

while the overall design of both spin and spray mop has some visible similarities. Both of them are entirely different even if they perform the same cleaning function. Yes, this is true, they are different in many ways and this article, we will look deep into the differences.

Spin Mop –

Spin mop

A spin mop is different from almost all the traditional mops available on the market. While most of the traditional mops have a lot of similarities, when it comes to those new modern-day mops, each type of mop is different.

A spin mop is different from other mops as it has a 360-degree spin head and a dual section bucket included. While all the traditional mops do not come with buckets or spin heads, the spin mop comes with both. The bucket that comes with a spin mop is specially designed for the spin mop only. This bucket has two sections, a bottom section for holding clean water and an upper section for rinsing the mop head. The upper section of the mop is called a rising basket as it could rinse the mop head to dry it faster.

The cleaning head of the spin mop comes designed in such a way that it is loaded or attached with detachable microfiber blend material that has comparatively more water-absorbent properties. To use the spin mop, the user will have to soak the mop head in the water at the bottom of the bucket and then press the mop head in the rinsing basket to rinse and dry the mop head. Some of the spin mops come with a pedal attached bucket that enables the rinsing basket to spin instead of the mop head. But, both the design serves a common purpose.

Spray mop –

A spray mop is entirely different from spin mops and all the other traditional and modern mops. Yes, while spray mop does not have a very complex design, they are mops designed to serve specific cleaning purpose.

A spray mop comes with a spray mechanism that would be incorporated into the mop itself. The user will have to push the lever on the handle and a mist of water will be sprayed in the front of the mop. The user will have to mop over this water for cleaning. This process of cleaning enables the spray mop to perform a controlled cleaning and prevent any excess water from soothing into the floor.

There are different types of floors that demand minimum use of water while wet cleaning, under such circumstances, a spray mop could be a blessing. If the user wants to disinfect or add a nice fragrance, he/she could add it to the water reservoir on the mop. Yes, spray mops come with an inbuilt water tank or capsule that has to be filled with water before cleaning. This water or solution from the tank is used for cleaning.

Spin Mop Vs. Spray Mop: The Difference –

Spin Mop Vs Spray Mop

As you have read above, both spin and spray mops are entirely different in most aspects. Let us look deep into each key differences.

Design –

The design of both spin and spray mop is different. While spin mops have a bucket with a section to hold clean water and a section for rinsing the cleaning head, a spray mop does not have such a bucket. A spray mop comes with an inbuilt water tank or capsule to hold the water on the mop itself. The handle of the mop will have a lever that would have to be pressed to spray mist or water.

When it comes to cleaning head, both spin and spray head is different. The cleaning head of the spin mop could spin 360-degree and the cleaning material is different. A spray mop does not have a spin cleaning head and the material might be the same or sometimes different.

Price –

If the price of spin and spray mop is considered, there is only a negligible difference between the two. However, if the design and other features are considered, this price difference could be considered important.

Process of cleaning –

The process of cleaning employed by spin mop and spray mop is different. While for a spin mop, the user has to soak the cleaning head in the water and rinse it in the rinsing basket. When it comes to spray mop, the user does not have to soak or rinse, he/she has to squeeze/press the lever to spray a mist of water on the floor and use this water for cleaning.

The key advantage of spray mop and spin mop over each other –

A spray mop does not use excessive water for cleaning and this is best for floors that demand such a cleaning process. On the other hand, for floors that are extensively stained and dirty, spin mops are the best as it uses water that loosens the dirt and stains and cleans better.

Cleaning efficiency –

When it comes to overall or maximum cleaning efficiency, spin mops have a higher edge over spray mops as they could clean the floor more efficiently. But, on some floors this sort of cleaning is not possible, on such floors, spray mops are more efficient and useful.

Ease of use –

Both spin mop and spray mop are easy to use, but, if you dig deep each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Spray mop does not have to be soaked and rinsed and therefore, a lot of time and effort could be saved, which makes them easy to use. But, a spray mop comes with an inbuilt water tank, which makes the mop heavier. Now, on the other hand, the spin mop is lightweight, and therefore, they are easy to use, but, the user will have to soak and rinse the mop each time after a cycle.

As you have read, there is no way to point out the best among spin or spray mop as both of them are good at what they do.

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