How To Fix Low and High Flame on a Gas Stove?

If you have a gas stove in your home kitchen, then you probably have experienced that the flame goes low with time and this is a common issue with the gas stove, regardless of the brand and type of stove you use at home. And though it is a common issue that you can manage to work with, it is suggested that you rectify the reason behind this and get rid of the problem as early as possible to avoid any further expense.

There may be many reasons why the burners are not working properly. And if you are looking to make the burners work like the new ones again, we will suggest you to look for the proper guide for this. And if you are unable to find a simple step-by-step guide, we can help you in this.  This article will help you fixing or restoring the high and low flame of your gas stove with simple home tools and very little effort. So, be with us until the end and get the best performance from the gas stove.

Reasons behind the flame issues in a gas stove

Low and High Flame on a Gas Stove

There are numerous reasons behind the flame issues on a gas stove. Some of them are discussed here. You can easily find which one of them is the real issue with your gas stove.

  1. Gas burners are chocked
  2. Gas supply pipe has issues
  3. Lack of proper maintenance

These three are the most common reasons behind the flame issues. So, check for them personally, and know which one is the real reason for your gas stove.

How to fix the low and high flame without contacting an expert?

Once you know the exact reason behind the issue, you can opt for either contacting a professional gas stove cleaning service or try your hands on DIY. And though it seems to be a tough job, you can easily clean the gas stove for fixing the high and low flame at home with ease. Let’s talk about the simplest way to clean up the stove with simple tools and little free time.

Step1: Make sure your gas stove is disconnected from the gas supply and the burners are completely cool before start working.

The first and the most important step of cleaning the gas stove is to check whether the gas supply is off or not. Also, be sure that the burners are cool enough to be handled with bare hands.

Step 2: Remove the accessories, pan support, and burners

Remove all the accessories like the pan support, burners, so that you can get a perfectly clean area to work on.

Step 3: Place the gas stove upside down on a flat platform

If you have a glass top gas stove, we will suggest you to use a kitchen towel beneath the gas stove to avoid cracking of the glass top.

Step 4: Remove the nuts from the pipe of low and high burner sides with the help of a suitable screwdriver.

By placing the stove upside down, you can easily identify the gas pipe to both the burners. Remove them by unscrewing them

Step 5: Clean up the pipes and the  burners completely with the help of a safety pin or some more precise tools

Step 6: Make sure to check the gas supply pipe too

Be sure that you check the gas supply pipe too which can be a major reason behind the low and inconsistent flame issues.

Step 7:  Carefully replace all the accessories and pipes and be sure that they are free from dirt and moisture before using the stove again.

These were the seven steps that you need to follow to fix the low and high flame of the gas stove. We will suggest you to repeat the process once in a month (depending on the usage of the gas stove) to avoid the massive buildup in the pipe and burners.

Additionally, be sure that you fix the accessories properly to get better and safer results. In other words, if you aren’t too keen to invest money in hiring professionals to clean the stove, you can rely on these seven steps to get the best results at home with the help of simple tools and cleaning agents.


So, this was a brief overview of flame issues on a gas stove. In order to avoid this, we will suggest you to take a good care of the gas stove, especially the burners so that you can easily get the best and most efficient results. Follow a monthly maintenance guide for your kitchen stove and you will be able to save a good amount in repairing and major maintenance cost on the gas stove. Follow these steps and you can easily restore the flame strength of your stove as before.

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