What Causes a Gas Stove Burner Not Burning Properly?

Have you experienced a sudden performance drop in your gas stove? Is your gas stove consuming more gas than before? If yes, then it is high time to clean up your burners and gas supply pipe. In the article, we are going to talk about the different reasons why your gas stove burner is not working as efficiently as before.

By knowing the reasons behind the problem with your gas stove, you can easily find the proper way to rectify the error and get the restored performance of the burners with ease. IF you are looking for an affordable and easy way to clean up the burners and if you are more of a DIYer than hiring someone to rectify and deal with errors, we will suggest you to invest a few minutes in the article. Believe us, you won’t regret it.

Possible reasons behind performance degrade in stove burner

Gas Burner

As said, there may be numerous reasons why you are getting performance issues with your gas stove. And here, we are going to talk about the five most common reasons behind this. Have a look at these reasons, and try to figure which one can be the issue with your stove.

1. Gas burners are chocked

The first common reason why your stove burners are not working properly is the chocked or clogged burners. While cooking, it is obvious to spill liquid or oil on to the burners. And this can be a major reason to get the clogged burners. Though modern burners can withstand a small amount of clogging, if you are not cleaning the properly after cooking, it may cause a gradual performance degradation. Try disassemble the burners and you can easily detect the clogging.

2. Gas supply pipe has issues

If your burners are as clean as new, then the issue can be with your gas supply pipe. This is another reason why your gas stove is not working properly is nothing to do with the burners. With time, the gas pipe may get dirt and other debris that can affect the gas supply and eventually affect the burners’ performance. If you are experiencing lower flame than usual and already checked the burners for defect, we will suggest you to check the gas supply for the issues.

3. Wet burners

Another reason why your gas stove is working properly is caused due to the use of excessive cleaning agent or water while cleaning the burners. Usually, if you are cleaning the burners at home, then the probability is some part of water after cleaning the burners got stuck in the burners’ pin and this can affect the burners’ performance. Though it is temporary and it gets cleaned up once the burner becomes hot. So, you should not worry about this a lot. However, we will suggest you to dry the burners completely before using them on the stove as this may affect the efficiency and cause gas loss.

4. Igniter has the issues

In many cases, the burner’s performance is affected by the igniter’s performance. Make sure that the igniter is working properly and if you are looking for the best performance and your burners and gas pipe are working properly, then invest a few hours to check the igniter. There may be an issue with the proper ignition that makes it look like the problem is with the gas supply or burner.

You can refer to the user manual of the stove to reach out and clean up the igniter with ease. Most of the auto burners come with a proper maintenance guide and you can easily get used to it and make it work like a new one.

5. Lack of proper maintenance

Another reason why your gas stove is not working properly is the lack of proper maintenance. Like any other kitchen tool and appliance, the gas stove also needs a timely maintenance and performance check. Be sure to unplug and disassemble the gas stove once in a month to check for any issues. This won’t only help you get better performance from the gas stove, but it will also help you rectify a major issue that can cause a hazard in the long term. So, if you are using the gas stoves at home and want to be sure that it works properly and it is safe to use it for the long term, we will suggest you to follow a regular maintenance regime and your gas stove will serve you for years without any major issues.


These were the five most common issues with the gas stove. Your stove may have one or more issues. So, check for all of them and follow a regular cleanup to get the best results and better maintenance of the stove.

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