Induction Cooktop Power Consumption Calculator

One of the major benefits of using an induction cooktop is that they are comparatively more energy efficient. However, in India, as electricity is more expensive than LPG, this might not matter to most people. But, for those people who are planning to switch to induction cooktops, induction cooktop power consumption calculation would be very important.

Given the fact that induction cooktops work only if the cookware is placed on them, a lot of energy waste could be avoided. This is why induction cooktop is more energy efficient abroad. As competition in the Indian market also increasing day by day, induction cooktops are becoming more efficient and durable.

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Some people assume induction cooktops to be expensive and avoid even trying out one. This is due because they think induction cooktops consume more electricity and this could increase the monthly electricity bill, in a way, there is some energy consumption, but, the consumption is not too high. If you compare the cost of cooking, the cost of both induction cooktop cooking and gas stove cooking are almost the same.

One of the reasons why induction cooktop is energy-efficient is because 85% to 90% of the heat energy generated is used. On the other hand, only 65 to 70% of heat energy produced is used for cooking in a gas stove or electric cooktop.

Before going into the energy consumption calculation, we will look into the key benefits of induction cooktops.

  1. The wastage of heat produced in induction cooktop cooking is comparatively very less. 85 to 90% heat is used for cooking.
  2. Induction cooktops could attain maximum temperature in comparatively very less time.
  3. Induction cooktops are easy to move from one place to another
  4. Induction cooktops do not have any complex issues like gas leakage, corrosion, burner clog, nozzle block, etc.

How much electricity do induction cooktops consume?

The formula for calculating induction cooktop energy consumption is common for all induction cooktops, but, before getting into the formula, let us discuss the calculation.

To understand the electricity consumption, let us look into an example first.

Suppose, your induction cooktop has a wattage of 2000. 1-unit of electricity is decided based on the number of kilowatts consumed per hour. If you use a 2000 watts induction cooktop for one hour, you are consuming 2 units of electricity.

Now, what is the formula for calculating the energy consumption of an induction cooktop?

(Wattage of the induction cooktop x hours per day)/1000.

The wattage a manufacturer declares is the maximum wattage that an induction cooktop could draw from the power source, however, it could be drawing less. Some of the cooktops come with a feature that allows the user to adjust the wattage.

Commonly, the maximum cooking time per day could be around 3-hours per day, split between morning, noon, and evening. To estimate annual energy consumption, you could use this formula

{(Wattage of the induction cooktop x hours per day)/1000} x number of days

In the above-mentioned example, if you are using a 2000 watts induction cooktop for 3 hours a day, then your yearly electricity consumption is

{(2000 x 3)/1000)x 365 = 2190 units

Now, based on the units consumed per day and per month or year, you could calculate the cost of cooking. However, the cost per unit of electricity is different for different states and areas. All you need to do is find out the electricity cost per unit and then substitute it in this formula.

Yearly energy consumption x cost per unit = annual cost to run an induction cooktop.

Now, if you want a precise calculation, you need to set up an energy monitoring system to acquire the exact energy consumed by the induction cooktop and then use the consumption to calculate the cost.

Summary –

  • Daily energy consumption = (Induction cooktop wattage x hours used)/1000
  • Per month energy consumption = (Induction cooktop wattage x total hours used)/1000
  • Annual energy consumption = {(Wattage of the induction cooktop x hours per day)/1000} x total number of days

The annual cost to run the induction cooktop = {{(Wattage of the induction cooktop x hours per day)/1000} x number of days} x cost per unit (kilo-watt) electricity

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