Different Types of Induction Cooktops

Today, induction cooktops are highly popular in many countries. They are famous due to the convenience and benefits they offer in cooking. The induction stoves are replacing the gas and electric cooktops.

They are the most preferred cooktops in both common and elite homes. There are plenty of models available these days. As they are high in demand, brands offer them in impressive designs and colours. Even the induction technology differs in each type of these stoves.

There are freestanding, mounted and portable induction cooktops available in the Indian market. In some cases, you can get a single cooktop that has induction and electric stove features. As the stove is daily use equipment, it is essential to pick a well-performing cooktop. They are available with both single and double zone models. The induction way of cooking is also healthy. Using a gas stove is more expensive than induction cooktops. The time is taken, and the energy consumption is less in induction stoves.

Some think that it is possible to cook only certain types of food items in an induction cooktop. However, the truth is you can heat, boil, fry, grill and try any cooking with this technology. As the induction cooktops use electromagnetic energy, they are healthier than gas and electricity bases cooktops. Now let us take a look at the different types of induction cooktops available today.

1. The built-in induction cooktops

built-in induction cooktops

The built-in induction cooktop can be installed in the countertop of the kitchen. It is a sleek ceramic cooktop that can enhance the interior of your kitchen. If you live in your own house, then you can install these mounted inductions. You can install this additional stove near your gas or electric stove.

The built-in induction stove is convenient to use and comfortable to cook. As it is mounted to your kitchen countertop, you will not have any disturbances in between. You easily incorporate this sleek stove in your kitchen. A good quality induction cooktop is durable and long-lasting.

2. The freestanding-induction cooktop

The freestanding-induction is the most popular cooktop you can find on the market. It can easily fit in your kitchen countertops and ovens. The freestanding ones are most convenient inductions to use. They come in different sizes, designs and performance. There are also plenty of zones available in this freestanding-induction. They are flexible to cook quick dishes.

This cooktop’s extraordinary features are LED touchpad, timers, power, child lock, heat indicator, spill detect and auto safety turn off. When buying the best brand of freestanding induction, you can enjoy the ultimate cooking experience. Several heat modes are useful for warming, heating, frying and more. Some of the models come with fewer features. Therefore, always check out the features before buying a freestanding induction stove. Make sure that you buy a model that has innovative features.

3. The portable induction cooktops

The portable induction cooktops are highly convenient and versatile. They are mostly available in black and white designs. However, you can use this cooktop whenever and wherever you want. You can take it with you to cook in the backyard, to camping, to trips and vacations places.

 If you are an outdoor kitchen lover, you can keep it there and enjoy a family meal. These portable cooktops are available in both single and double units. This cooktop’s stunning features are a hot warning display, safety sensor, timer, led display, auto power and multi-level heating. As it is portable, the stove can work efficiently in any weather condition. You can even cook in this cooktop when there is extreme heat or wind. You need to try out this cooktop as its benefits are impeccable.

4. The single-zone induction cooktop

The single element induction comes with one cooking zone. You can place only one cookware on this induction stove. If you live alone or with a compact family, this is an ideal cooktop for you.

These single-unit induction cooktops can work in 1800 watt power. They are the most affordable induction you can get in the market. It is a cooktop that is suitable for households’ with limited cooking. The performance of this single zone induction cooktop is excellent. There are plenty of reliable brands that provide the best of single zone induction cooktop.

5. The multi-zone induction cooktop

The multi-zone induction cooktop is an all-rounder as you can cook several dishes in multiple zones. Many households replace their entire gas stove with the multi-zone cooktop. They are more efficient than a gas stove. It is similar to the gas stove as you can cook 3 or four dishes simultaneously. The multi-zone induction cooktop is available in both affordable and expensive prices.

These stoves are ideal for a family with many members. The multi-zone induction comes with extra features than the single zone stove. However, multi-zone induction is less portable. As they are used for cooking multiple dishes, the wattage is more in this cooktop. All the zones receive an equal amount of heat that makes all your dishes perfect. There are plenty of designs and models in a multi-zone induction cooktop. It is powerful cooking equipment that can do the cooking for a group of people in an effortless process.

6. The commercial induction cooktop

The induction cooktops used for a commercial purpose is sturdy and rugged in design. They are heavy and work for a long time. They can handle heavy-duty cooking work.

They are suitable for hotels and food business. You can cook a large quantity of food in this cooktop. This cooktop is customizable. There are any number of zones available in this induction.

It is more expensive than the other induction cooktop models. They might not come in attractive designs, but there is always assurance for their life span. They are an excellent investment for your food business. Also, due to their performance, they can offer you excellent returns.


The induction cooktops are modern-day cooking technology that makes everyday life better. For easy and hassle-free cooking, you can always rely on this innovation. You can pick the best induction cooktop by knowing the different varieties.

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