Odisha (Odia: ), often called Orissa, is a place in India located, near the Bay of Bengal, on the country’s eastern coast. It is the standard term for the historical country of Kalinga, which itself was conquered by the Maurya King Ashoka in 261 BC and became known as the Kalinga Empire. The present state of this Odisha was formed as a region in India on April 1, 1936, at Kanika Palace in Cuttack, and is mostly populated by people who speak the Odia language.

As a result, the first of April is observed as Utkal Divas. Odisha is the ninth-largest state in terms of land area and the eleventh-largest in terms of population in India. According to a linguistic census, Odia is the legal and most commonly spoken language in the country, with 93.33 percent of the population speaking Odia. Despite having a comparatively unindented coast (about 480 kilometers long), Odisha lacks suitable ports, except a deepwater port at Paradip.

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