What Does SL, 1A, 2A, 3A, 2S, CC & EC Mean in Indian Railways?

There are many abbreviations used in Indian railways and you would certainly know about some of them. There are many abbreviations that are used to define the class of the ticket as well. These commonly used classes are SL, 1A, 2A, 3A, 2S, CC and EC but do you know the meaning of these classes? Well, if you do not know the meaning of these classes then this is the time to expand your knowledge base as we have shared the meaning of these classes with you.

Here are the meanings of all these classes that are available in Indian Railways


What is SL means in Train?

This means Sleeper Class and it is one of the most popular classes in Indian Railways. Majority of the people travel in this class. In most of the cases, Sleeper Class has 72 to 78 seats and the seat configuration is something like 3 + 3 + 2. This means that there are three seats on either side of the compartment and there are two seats in the aisle of the compartment. The berths can be configured as upper berths (UB), middle berths (MB), lower berths (LB), and side lower berths (SLB).

What is 1A/EC means in Train?

1A is the abbreviation of First Class AC and this is also known as Executive Class or EC in Shatabdi Express. This is the most premium class of ticket that you can book and the fare for this ticket is often higher than that of the flight ticket. The coach here are divided in the cabin and most of the cabins have 4 seats. It should be noted that if you are booking a seat in 1A then the TTE will assign the seats to you before the journey starts. The seats in this coach are very comfortable. Even the food is available in a lot of variety in this coach.

What is 2A means in Train?

2A is an abbreviation for AC 2 Tier and it falls between the AC 3 Tier and AC 1 Tier. The seats in this class are also very comfortable. The seats are aligned in a similar manner to that of 1A and there are two seats on each side. There are two seats on the aisle side as well. The tickets are a little expensive but they are comfortable and they are worth the price. This class is a popular choice for passengers who want a balance between comfort and affordability when traveling on Indian Railways.

What is 3A means in Train?

This stands for 3 Tier AC and this is the most economical ticket available in AC Coach in Sleeper class. The number of seats varies here with the coach where the minimum seats can be 64 and the maximum can be 72 seats in a single bogie. AC 3-Tier is a popular choice for pasengers who want a more comfortable travel experience compared to non-air-conditioned classes but are also conscious of their budget.

What is 2S means in Train?

Next class on our list is Second Seating and this is the cheapest ticket available in the seating class. The seats are not very comfortable but you can choose these tickets if you are travelling for a short distance. There are 6 seats in a row and the seats are facing each other. The total number of seats in 2S is 108 seats per bogie. Second Seating class is known for its low fares, making it an economical choice for budget-conscious travelers.

What is CC means in Train?

This is the last type of class available in Indian Railways and this is AC Chair Car. The seats are better than 2C with a lot of cushioning and the seating configuration here is 2 + 3 which is sort of comfortable but avoid these seats for a long journey.

These were the different types of seats available in Indian Railways and you can choose the one as per the seat availability and your preference.

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