List of Chhota Bheem Cartoon Characters & Cast Names

As the name suggests, Chhota Bheem is an animation series based on the adventurous stories of a brave child named Bheem. The story mainly runs around Bheem and his friends in the fictional city of Dholakpur in northern India. Chhota Bheem name is derived from the name Bheem, from the character of an Indian epic ‘Mahabharat’. Bheem of the Mahabharat is a strong man. Now Bheem is also synonymous with the strongman.

Chhota Bheem Cartoon Main Characters

Along with the Chhota Bheem, there are some other important and kids’ favourite characters are there in the series. Their role in the cartoon and cast is mentioned below.

Chhota Bheem Cartoon


Bheem is the main character of this cartoon. Bheem is a brave, intelligent and strong kid in the story. The age of the Bheem in the animation is about 9 years. In the stories, Bheem solves the problems of the villagers and king. Thus, Bheem is so popular in the village. The source of Bheem’spower is “Laddu” an Indian sweet dessert.

Sonal Kaushal is given her voice to the Chhota Bheem. She gave her voice very practically, no one can imagine that this is not of a male.


Chutki is Bheem’s best friend. She is a young girl and the only daughter of Tuntun Mausi. Tuntun Mausi is the character, who has the laddu shop in the village. Laddu, the source of the power of Bheem is prepared by Tuntun Mausi. Chutki is the leading female role in the story. The Voice of Chutki is given by the Rupa Bhimani.


Raju is a little boy from the same village. Raju is a role model in the series. He is a funny, courageous and loving boy. He is just a 4-year-old boy. His braveness is so more than the age. This braveness has come from his father, who is the Senapati of the king’s army. Julie Tejwani’s voice is as the Raju.


Jaggu is a talking monkey in the Chhota Bheem. And also, a best friend of the Bheem. Jaggu is a male monkey. The meaning of the Jaggu in Telugu is intelligence. Jaggu is a lover of bananas in the story. Rajesh Kava’s voice is used for the Jaggu character in the Chhota Bheem.


Kalia is a very big and muscular child, who bully other children. Kalia is a normal boy, who feels jealousy from the Bheem. Kalia has two child followers, namely Dholu and Bholu. They also are the main character of the Chhota Bheem. Sabina Malik Mausam, a female artist given her voice in the Chhota Bheem as Kalia.

Dholu Bholu

Dholu bholu also the funny charactres in the chhota bheem show. Dholu Bholu are twins and casted by the Jigna Bhardwaj.

Raja Indraverma

Raja Indraverma is the king of Dholakpur village. And is the father of princess Indumati. He is a very brave warrior and won many times in the wars. He has a big army to protect the village. Bheem is also a member of the army of Indra Verma. Rajesh Shukla is a male artist, who given his voice to the Indra Verma.

Tuntun Mausi

Tuntun Mausi is Bheem’s loving and caring aunt. She often provides guidance and wisdom to the children and is known for her delicious laddoos. Her laddoos gives immense power to bheem.

Princess Indumati

Princess Indumati is the kind-hearted queen of Dholakpur and is a friend to Chutki and Bheem. She occasionally joins their adventures and has a pet parrot named Mithu.


Kichak is a recurring antagonist in the series, known for his muscular physique and bullying tactics. He often challenges Bheem to prove his strength.

Daku Mangal Singh

Daku Mangal Singh is a notorious outlaw and one of the primary villains in the show. He is always trying to rob the people of Dholakpur and create chaos.

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