Top 5 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India 2020

Kitchen chimneys are used to absorb all the oil, grease, and odor in the kitchen. The best kitchen chimney is the one that provides optimal performance at an economical cost. Such best brands that are available in India are listed below:

  • Elica
  • Faber
  • Hindware
  • Seavy
  • Sunflame

Let us discuss each brand in detail to understand about each brand.


Elica is the top-selling chimney brand in India to date. It is smoke-free and stylish. Its touch control system enhances its ease of operation and is suitable for both two and four burners. Heat auto clean technology is a major benefit. It is an automatic kitchen chimney which requires less maintenance. The baffle filter used improves its performance. Its suction power is around 1200 cubic meters per hour. It offers a warranty of one year on the device and 5 years for the motor.The cost of Elica kitchen chimneys varies from Rs. 9000 to 25000.

Key features

  • Heat auto technology
  • Touch control system


Faber chimneys are very popular for their excellent suction power and low noise production. It has a suction power of about 1200 cubic meters per hour.Faber is famous for its gesture control technology. Just waving hands can do magic by controlling the system.It has auto-clean technology, which reduces the workload. Faber chimneys do not use filters. Instead, the motor is placed correctly so that the residues can be collected properly.It comes with a warranty of one year for a product and a five-year warranty for the motor. The cost of Faber chimneys varies between Rs. 5000, and 23000.

Key features

  • Gesture control technology
  • No filters
  • Auto-clean technology


Hindware has made its mark over 60 years for its quality and advanced technology kitchen chimneys.It is very suitable for many Indian kitchens due to its premium quality stainless steel chimneys.The suction power is around 1200 cubic meters per hour. It uses a baffle filter along with one-touch control technology. It usually consumes less energy. The unique characteristic is its metallic blower, which produces increased efficiency.  The cost of Hindware chimneys is between Rs. 9000, and 15000.

Key feature

  • Stainless steel
  • Metallic blower


Seavy is popular for its cutting-edge design and quality products. It is mainly suited for large scale kitchens, and its suction power is about 1200 cubic meters per hour. It provides a touch panel for operation and uses a baffle filter. It has auto clean technology and appears with black titanium steel design.The cost of Seavy chimneys is from Rs. 6000 to 13000.

Key features

  • Touch panel operation
  • Auto clean technology
  • Black titanium steel design


Sunflame chimney is well known for its performance and durability.It provides a curved glass design and uses baffle filters and metallic finish for a perfect Indian kitchen. Its suction power is 1100 cubic meters per hour.It uses a charcoal filter and a one-touch control panel. Also, it comes with a fusion of a two-burner cooking stove.

Key features

  • Charcoal filter
  • Metallic finish

So these are some of the famous kitchen chimney brands of India .You can select any one as per your requirement and budget.