Best Fitness Band Under 500 Rs. In India

Fitness is very important for the health of a person. Lifestyle changes and current food habits have affected the health and well – being of a person. So, it is vital that we take significant measures to better our health by engaging in some kind of physical activity.

When we talk about physical fitness, it doesn’t necessarily mean rigid and intense workout sessions. Even walking or jogging regularly can leave a positive impact on the health and well-being of a person. And tracking this activity is essential to make necessary changes. There are several ways to track one’s fitness. The traditional method of tracking through the calendar and bullet journal is time-consuming. But today, fitness bands are a simple and easiest way to track the health of a person.

There was a time when fitness bands were considered as a luxury item. But today, with an increase in the awareness of the importance of health in India, it has become a necessity. Today we can find plenty of fitness bands in Indian market that vary in size, cost, and features at an affordable price. In India, we can find a fitness band for less than 500 rupees, which are of good quality and performance.

In this article, we will be sharing ten best fitness bands with product descriptions to help you find the best product.

Best Selling Fitness Band Below 500 INR

This part of the article talks about the ten best fitness bands to consider in India for below 500 rupees. Here is the list of ten best fitness bands in India.

1. Smart Band Fitness Tracker Watch Heart Rate with Activity Tracker

Smart Band Fitness Tracker Watch Heart Rate with Activity Tracker

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A smart Band fitness tracker is a complete tracking device for any fitness freaks in India. This band can be used to track the calories burnt, sleep cycle, and heart rate of a person. This fitness band has multiple usages; it can be used to a heart rate tracker, fitness watch, and also an activity tracker.

The best part of the fitness band is that the M3 waterproof smart fitness band is highly compatible with Bluetooth devices. The fitness band is also compatible with smartphones and tablets, which is very helpful in tracking fitness and other healthy activities of a person.

The smart band tracks the sleep cycle of a person, which is an important activity for the health of a person. The band is made of waterproof material that resists sweat emitted during physical activity. The fitness band comes with a small LED light. This feature of the fitness band allows you to use it in the dark.

Finally, the features of Smart Band fitness tracker include a touch screen, calling, sending, and receiving messages supported by Android phones. The micro-fitness band with friendly features and user guide is a perfect pair to get healthy.

Things we liked:

  • Multiple features of the smart band with high performance.
  • Can be used to track sleep cycle, heartbeat and other important habits of a person to be healthy and active
  • Enables calling and texting supported by Android phones

Things we didn’t like:

  • It has a battery life of fewer than 12 hours

2. HUG PUPPY Smart Band Fitness Tracker

HUG PUPPY Smart Band Fitness Tracker

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HUG puppy fitness band and fitness tracker is yet another piece of device that comes with amazing features and high performance. The features of this fitness tracker are similar to that of the previous model mentioned in the article.

HUG puppy fitness band tracker also works as a heart rate tracker, activity tracker, and habit tracker. The fitness band can be connected to smartphones, PC’s and other Bluetooth enabled devices. The fitness band, unlike the previous model, supports both Android and iOS operating systems. The fitness band is waterproof so that it can be used even during intense training or physical activity.

The HUG puppy fitness band can be used to monitor sleep, calorie burn, answering and rejecting calls, setting the alarm, sending and receiving messages, and blood pressure recording. The band is charged via USB port like other Android phones, tablets, and Pcs. Since the device is supported by USB charging, a cable is not required. Overall, the HUG puppy fitness band is a good investment for fitness freaks.

Things we liked:

  • Waterproof material and easy to use the option
  • Bluetooth compatibility with both Android and iOS smart devices
  • Multiple application of the device to track various physical activities

Things we didn’t like:

  • The battery life of the device can be better
  • Few customers of the model observed that the fitness band failed to show a certain notification.

3. SBA999 ABM402 M4 Smart Fitness Band Tracker

SBA999 ABM402 M4 Smart Fitness Band Tracker

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M4 smart fitness band is what you need. This band comes with an entire feature you need for tracking and monitoring your physical activity. The fitness band is designed in a way that can be used by both males and females. The band is made of waterproof material, which is highly resistant to sweat. M4 smart fitness band is available in India for a budget-friendly price of rupees 480.

The M3 smart band comes with a High definition display screen. The fitness band includes a highly sensitive and captivity touch screen with HD LCD. The monitor of the fitness band resolution can be changed as per the needs of the user. The M4 smart fitness band is compatible with Bluetooth and heart rate sensors. The fitness band is compatible with Bluetooth of 4.0 versions of smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other devices.

The M4 fitness band functions include heart rate monitor, Sedentary reminder, calories tracker, time, alarm, step monitor, distance calculation, call alert, and wrist sense. The fitness band should be connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. The lightweight of the fitness band coupled with a lithium battery has a stand by time of 180 hours. All in all M4 fitness band is a quality device with premium performance.

Things we liked:

  • HD display screen of the fitness band with long standby time
  • The vibration of the fitness band to alert calls and messages.
  • The functions of the fitness band to monitor the heart rate, blood pressure monitor, calorie counter, and distance calculation.

Things we didn’t like:

  • We could not find any major cons.

4. Kiddu Collection fitness band and tracker

Kiddu Collection fitness band and tracker

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The Kiddu collection is an M3 smart band watch designed for encouraging fitness among its users. The cost of the fitness band is comparatively lower than the previous three models mentioned in the article.

The Kiddu collection fitness band description can be broadly divided into four major categories. The four categories of description are Waterproof, LED, Battery, and other features. The smart fitness band can be paired with devices that support Bluetooth connectivity of 4.0 versions. The waterproof fitness band includes important functions like heart rate sensor, activity recorder, sleep monitor, calorie burner count, answering calls and texts, and USB charging support.

The waterproof fitness band is supported by both Android and iOS devices. The device includes an LED touch screen for clarity and high resolution. The batteries of the fitness band consist of 70mAh, which provides good backup and stand by time.

Things we liked:

  • Touch screen of the fitness band for tracking various physical activities
  • The price of the fitness band and useful features

Things we didn’t like:

  • The fitness band doesn’t like sensors of features to measure the blood oxygen level of a user.

5. Celrax M3 Smart Band Fitness Tracker

Celrax M3 Smart Band Fitness Tracker

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The next fitness band on our list is from a company known as Celrax. The fitness band is yet again an M3 smart band with different features to help track the physical health of a person. The only issue with this model of the fitness band is that it doesn’t come with a touch screen like the previous models mentioned in the article.

The waterproof fitness band is a health tracker device that monitors sleep cycle, heart rate, blood pressure, and step count. The fitness band comes with a sedentary reminder to encourage users to stay active. The device, in addition to tracking health, can also be used for calling, texting, setting alarms, and accessing remote cameras of a device paired with.

The fitness band is supported by both Android and iOS operated devices. The best part of the band is its stand by time. Celrax fitness band has a standby time of 15 days because of its powerful RF signal and custom algorithm.

Things we liked:

  • The multiple functions and features of the fitness band
  • The longer standby time of the device

Things we didn’t like:

  • Doesn’t vibrate to alert calls or texts
  • The fitness band doesn’t include touch –screen

Fitness Band Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change the Straps of my Fitness Bands?

Most of the bands allow you to change the straps of the fitness bands. You can change them quickly, and a lot of brands also provide different types of bands. It depends on which fitness band that you have but most of the times, you will find a lot of option for the straps. You can choose from the wide range available, and you can even buy one of the third part fitness band available in the market. This flexibility will help you in matching your style with your clothes.

2. What are the other things tracked by Fitness Bands?

This question is very subjective. What the fitness band can track is dependent on the fitness bands. There are models available that can track the heart rate, perform an ECG and even track your SPO2 levels. Some of the fitness bands can also track your sleep cycle. Some high-end fitness bands can track altitude and pressure as well. So, this depends on the fitness band you are buying.

3. Can I track different activities of Fitness Bands?

Some of the high-end fitness bands can track different activities. Some models can track swimming, yoga, HIIT, running, cycling, hiking, dancing, rowing and other such activities. Some of the high-end brands like Apple and Fitbit integrates a lot of activities in the fitness bands so you can buy the brand that covers up the activity that you love.

4. What is the general warranty policy applicable?

Most of the brands offer a minimum six months of warranty on the fitness brand. Some brands can even offer 12 months of warranty. It highly depends on the kind of model you are buying. The standard in the industry is 12 months. So your purchase should be covered for at least 12 months since the date of purchase.

5. How expensive are Fitness Bands?

The fitness bands are available in multiple price range. The lower ends are available for a few dollars, and the expensive ones can be over 1000 dollars. So, you need to define your budget, and you will get what you are looking for. Do not worry about the watch being expensive. The better the model, the more expensive it will be.

6. Can the Fitness Band work with iPhones?

Fitness bands are very agile. They can work with android phones and even iPhones. Some of the features may not be available on a specific operating system, but in general, the bands are compatible with different environments. Do not worry about the compatibility of the fitness band with iPhone or Android.

7. Can I make calls with my Fitness Bands?

This question is again very subjective. Your fitness band may be able to make calls if it supports that kind of feature. Some of the fitness bands double up as a smartwatch as well. Most of the fitness bands can notify you about the phone calls and messages but being able to answer then varies from one model to another.

8. How to update the firmware of Fitness Band?

Most of the fitness bands can be updated by directly connecting them with mobile phones. They update themselves over the air, but some bands need to be connected to a computer using a USB to update the firmware. It is best to check with the user manual for details.

Bottom Line:

The current lifestyle and food quality have made exercise a basic necessity to live healthily. Engaging in some kind of physical activity is highly recommended by medical professionals and other health experts. But with a tight schedule and busy life, it is difficult to keep track of one’s health. You need a partner or companion that sends reminders and motivates you to stay active. And one such companion that is highly useful is the fitness band.

Fitness bands available today are much advanced and technologically superior to earlier ones. These devices vary in terms of price, design, and style. The above mentioned ten fitness bands are easy to use with practical features. The cost of these fitness bands are pocket –friendly and can be invested in without worrying about money.

The article also includes details of the product description with a link to the online stores (Amazon and Flipkart). We hope that the article helps you in finding the best fitness band that suits your requirements.

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