Best Keyboard Under 1000 Rs In India

Nowadays every work is done on computers, whether it is a job, business or any other work. Apart from that, many people spend hours playing different games on the computer. Therefore, it is essential to have an efficient keyboard to let you sit in front of the computer comfortably. Usually, many people in India get tired after working for a few hours on the computer because of the inappropriate keyboard. If the keyboard you are using is not flexible and convenient for you, then you may experience body pain and get tired after a few hours of work.

With the right keyboard, you can use your computer effectively and comfortably. Also, the right keyboard can let you type anything with ease. By using the best keyboard, you can keep your hand in your comfortable position while typing. If you use the perfect keyboard for your work or gaming, then you can sit in your comfortable posture and prevent your body pain. So, you should select a high-quality keyboard for your daily usages.

If you are looking for a high-quality keyboard to improve your typing efficiency, then this article can help you. Here is a list of the ten best keyboards under 1000 rupees in India 2021. We have made this list by picking the best quality keyboards from the Indian market. Also, here are the pros and cons of each keyboard to let you decide which one is perfect for you.

Best Brands Keyboard Below 1000 INR

So you can read this article till the end to find the right keyboard for your work, however if you are game lover and looking and want something under the same budget then must try our list of best gaming keyboard under 1000 or continue with the best keyboard for your home or office purpose.

1. Amazon Basics wired keyboard

Amazon Basics wired keyboard

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The Amazon Basics wired keyboard is ideal for those who need a stylish keyboard for their usages. It has an attractive look and allows anyone to use it easily. The keys are perfectly placed to let you move your hands on it conveniently. With a modern look, it can increase your performance in any work. Also, the keys respond faster to allow you to do your work effectively. Whether you are typing some important information, doing general data entry, or playing a game, this keyboard will make your work enjoyable. Because of the stylish design, you can use it in your home as well as office conveniently.

Also, this keyboard is very easy to install in your system. You can plug in the USB cable into the USB port of your desktop and start to work. Even if you don’t like your laptop’s keyboard to use, then you can use this keyboard for a better experience. This keyboard also contains specific keys for music, video control, volume control, calculator, etc.


  • The keys are uniquely designed to let you use it comfortably.
  • There are easy-to-access keys for media function.
  • The Amazon Basics keyboard comes with a 1-year warranty and offers reliable performance.


    • NA

2. Zebronics Zeb KM2100 USB keyboard

Zebronics Zeb KM2100 USB keyboard

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The Zebronics ZEB KM2100 USB keyboard is a unique keyboard to enhance your experience. This USB keyboard has special keys for multimedia purposes. There are 12 multimedia keys on this keyboard to allow you to control your media functions with ease. As the keys are spaced accurately, you can use this keyboard comfortably. It contains UV coated keys to prevent fading with time. If you need a premium quality keyboard for your usages, then the ZEB KM2100 keyboard is the perfect choice for you. The keys on this keyboard have a lifespan of 8 million key presses. Because of specially designed multimedia keys, this keyboard is one of the best keyboards in the market today.

As the keys are spaced perfectly, you can use this keyboard in your home or office conveniently. The ZEB KM2100 keyboard has a modern design to let you offer a unique experience. By using this keyboard, you can do any work on your system conveniently. This keyboard features USB installation so that you can use it without any hassle.


  • The ZEB KM2100 USB keyboard comes with 12 multimedia keys for media functions.
  • The keys on this keyboard are UV printed to last for a long time.
  • This keyboard offers smooth performance for high usability.


  • Damaged keyboards were received by some users.

3. Dell wired keyboard

Dell wired keyboard

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Everybody knows the quality of Dell systems and accessories. If you are looking for a high-quality keyboard for your usages, then you can opt for the Dell keyboard. This keyboard comes with specially designed multimedia keys for an enhanced experience. This wired keyboard comes with perfectly placed keys to let you use it in any work conveniently. Whether you work in the office or home, the Dell wired keyboard is ideal for you. It is a full-sized keyboard to allow you to do your typing work conveniently. Those who are looking for a high-quality keyboard for data entry and general typing work can use this keyboard effectively.

With a compact design, this keyboard allows you to work in any area comfortably. This keyboard uses a USB interface to let you connect it with your system with ease. The Dell wired keyboard comes with a 1-year replacement warranty for a convenient performance. Because of the convenient multimedia keys, you can control your media functions effortlessly.


  • The Dell wired keyboard comes with a 1-year replacement warranty.
  • This wired keyboard has a compact design for high usability.
  • This wired keyboard has convenient multimedia keys.


  • Some users got used keyboards for their orders.

4. Lenovo 300 wired keyboard

Lenovo 300 wired keyboard

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Lenovo has a big name in the Indian market for manufacturing a variety of devices. Usually, people love to use the smartphones and systems manufactured by this brand. Apart from producing high-quality devices, Lenovo also produces premium quality accessories for a better experience. This wired keyboard has a stylish design to meet the needs of any person. By using this keyboard, you can do any work conveniently. It is a combo pack of keyboard and mouse to offer a better experience. The Lenovo 300 wired keyboard has a modern look to fit with any system effectively. Also, this keyboard is waterproof to offer you worry-free experience in any condition.

Because of the unique construction, this keyboard can be used in home or office effectively. If you are looking for the best keyboard to experience high brand value, then you can opt for the Lenovo 300 wired keyboard. As it has a waterproof feature, you can use this keyboard without any hassle. This keyboard can offer an incredible typing experience in any work you do. Also, the keys on this keyboard are comfortable to use by any person.


  • Lenovo has a great name and offers high value.
  • It has a modern design and is compatible with all windows operating systems.
  • This keyboard has an attractive look.


  • NA

5. Amkette Xcite Pro USB keyboard

Amkette Xcite Pro USB keyboard

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Amkette USB keyboard has a superb design to fit any system with ease. Because of the waterproof feature, this keyboard won’t damage with accidental spills. The Xcite pro USB keyboard comes with a high-quality silver conductive film to last for a long time. Those who are looking for a superior quality keyboard for ease of typing should opt for this product. The Amkette Xcite pro keyboard comes with special keys for multimedia functions. Because of the special multimedia keys, you can access the specific functions with ease. Also, these keys are orange-coloured to offer a unique look. This keyboard comes with noiseless keys to let you use it comfortably anywhere anytime.

The keys on this keyboard also offer a smooth feeling so that you can use it effectively in the home as well as office. Also, the letters printed on the keys won’t get damaged with time because these are UV coated. As this keyboard has a premium quality construction, you can use it for a long time effectively. The UV coated keys offer an incredible performance to enhance your typing experience.


  • The multimedia keys are orange-coloured for a better look.
  • The waterproof body offers high performance.
  • There is a 1-year Amkette warranty with this USB keyboard.


  • NA

If you are looking for low budget keyboards check this list for keywboard under 500 INR.

How to Choose The Right Keyboard in India

We spend most of our time with computers—either typing or scrolling and clicking. A keyboard’s need becomes essential as it dictates a lot of work while you use the computer. You may want to type an email or a project or even an official document. The need for the right keyboard, depending on your requirements, becomes the primary factor. Here in this buying guide, you’ll find some of the essential points that you shouldn’t ignore while purchasing a keyboard, especially under 1000 Rs. In short, after keeping every single below listed point in mind, you will be able to make a solid buying decision in the end. 

Type of Work

It is ultimately your choice. It would help if you first ascertained why you are going to buy a keyboard. There are a variety of options that are available with useful features. But for you to select the right one, you must determine the type of work that you intend to do. Suppose you are a gamer and want to play games. Then go for gaming keyboards if you are planning to use it for maximum numerical entry. Some keyboards shall help accomplish the task with ease. Also, if you need a keyboard that requires maximum typing, buy an ergonomic keyboard that shall suit this requirement. 

Convenient Keystrokes

It is the most vital factor that you must check while buying a computer keyboard. You do not want the keyboard to sound like a typewriter, do you? Depending on the usage, get the keyboard, which has mild strokes and low noise switches. There are feather touch keyboards too. There are three types of switches manufacturers typically use.

  • Rubber Dome Switches
  • Scissor Switches
  • Mechanical Switches

The type of switch gives all the difference. While mechanical switches are widely useful in gaming keyboards, the other two are focused on data entry.


There are varieties of keyboards, and the differences lie in the compatibility as well. The PS 2 port connection is outdated these days. The keyboards come with USB connectivity with the computer. Also, wireless keyboards give versatility while the computer connects the keyboard through Bluetooth. Check for the keyboard that is compatible with the computer. 

Design Standards

The Keyboards come in 3 different designs. 

  • Standard
  • Ergonomic
  • Gaming

The standard keyboard is the common one that you may come across in most of the places. You might have used one too. Nowadays, the standard keyboards come with multimedia keys and the other 104 keys that must be available. The ergonomic ones are designed so that your hand can easily rest and gives less strain to the hand. As usual, the gaming keyboards are mechanical ones with many features that help you play games with significant involvement. You will also find keyboards that have an illumination effect that supports you while you work in the dark.

Functional Keys

As such, below 1000, you will not find the right gaming keyboard. But the ergonomic or the standard versions are widely available. Check for the keyboard that reduces a lot of work. The keyboards these days come with many functional keys that can efficiently operate your computer. Like the volume control, unique character layout, and a lot more. 

The Final Verdict:

A high-quality keyboard can let you use your computer conveniently whatever your purpose is. If you use a keyboard with an adjustable height feature, then you can adjust that according to your convenience. Therefore, you can choose any keyboard from this article to enhance your typing experience. As we have picked outstanding products from the Indian market, you can have incredible experience by choosing any keyboard from here.   

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