Induction Cooktop Vs Gas Stove: Comparison

An induction cooktop is the most fast-growing cooking trend in many kitchens. The reason for this is the convenience and ease of using the induction stove. Even though it is a popular cooktop, many still prefer the gas stove way of cooking. As it is a conventional method, many want to stick to their roots.

Some of the individuals are still in a dilemma to choose between tradition and technology. Replacing the gas stove with an induction cooktop can be hard for many. However, the benefits are what you need to look at when choosing a cooktop. You need to know which one is better, whether an induction cooktop or a gas stove to choose the best among them.

There are notable differences between an induction cooktop and a gas stove. The cooking method, the vessel, the mechanism and each of these things vary in these cooktops. Both of these cooktops are beneficial for a different group of individuals. As the features vary the opinion about this cooktop is also different.

If you are looking for a familiar cooktop, then a gas stove may seem the right one for you. However, when considering technology, effective cooking, speed, time performance, and efficiency, induction cooktop scores in all these aspects. It is essential to adapt to technological change. When doing this, you can enjoy your cooking. Now let us see a complete comparison of Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove

What is a gas stove?

gas stove

A gas stove is a cooktop that works on combustible gas. It is a cooktop that fuels flames to cook food. The burners of the gas stove are the crucial parts to heat-up the vessels. Gas stoves are the conventional method of cooking food. There are knobs in a gas stove to turn off and turn on the burners.

What is an Induction Cooktop?

 Induction Cooktop

An induction cooktop is smooth-surfaced electric equipment. The induction cooktops do not have burners’ underneath the surface. The induction cooktop uses the electromagnetic force to heat up the cooking vessel. They do not directly produce heat to cook the food. The indirect electromagnetic force passes through the surface to heat the cooking vessel.

Difference Between Induction Cooktop and Gas Stove

1. The heating zones and burner

The burners of a gas stove are compatible with all types of cookware. However, you need to buy a new set of cookware that is compatible with an induction stove. However, when considering the heating capacity, temperature control, and energy consumption induction stoves are more efficient than a gas stove. The induction stove uses the electromagnetic force, and the gas stove uses the combustible gas. The heating zones of the induction stove are much more advanced and efficient than a gas stove.

2. The types and models

There are plenty of models and types in both the induction and gas stove. The gas stove has a top coil model and smooth top models. In both these types of gas stoves, only the surface is different. However, in an induction cooktop, you can get a smooth top model, a freestanding model, portable model and induction types with the different heating zone. All the induction stove types are popular. The gas stove models are outdated and less popular than an induction cooktop. If you are looking for variety in your stove, then the induction range of cooktops is ideal for you.

3. The preset options

There is nothing such as a preset option as a gas stove. The induction cooktops are better than gas stoves as they come handy with the preset option. Having a cooktop with a preset option or a timer is bliss.

With a single touch, you can cook food at the desired time. All you need to use the preset option is to click your favourite option in the preset menu. From boiling milk, heating food, making soup, frying meat to making curry, you can finish every dish by setting a pre-time. There are many options in an induction cooktop that helps to cook a meal in one touch.

On the other hand, using a gas stove is hard. You need to keep changing the temperature in the gas stove. When focusing on the preset and other advanced features, the induction cooktop is better than gas stoves.

4. Comfortable cooking

Cooking is fun if it is comfortable. Many feel comfortable in cooking gas stove as they are traditional, and many are used to it. Comfort is when you can cook the food fast and at the same time tasty. The traditional gas stove takes more time even to boil water. However, an induction cooktop can do these basics in just a few minutes. When considering the factors such as time, effort and energy, it is comfortable to use an induction cooktop. People used to gas stove cooking can try induction cooking to know how comfortable it is.

5. The speed and performance

The induction cooktop takes about 10 mins less time to boil water than a gas stove. It is a known fact that induction cooktop is faster than the gas stove. Within 15 minutes you can finish even the complex dishes in an induction cooktop. When considering the performance of a gas stove is effective but not efficient than an induction cooktop. The gas stove wastes a lot of heat energy when cooking a dish. The induction cooktop prevents heating energy from escaping the cooktop.

6. The maintenance and care

Last but not the least, cleaning a cooktop is as important as using it. The surface of a gas cooktop is not smooth that makes it hard to clean. The food can easily spill and become a tough stain in a gas stove.

However, the induction cooktop is easy to clean as the surface is silky smooth. You can wipe the induction with a microfiber cloth to clean it. Also, maintaining a gas stove cost you a lot. From changing the burner to the gas pipe, everything is expensive. In the induction cooktop, there are no such expenses. When considering the maintenance and care factor, the induction cooktop is better than a gas stove.


Both the gas stoves and induction cooktops are fantastic kitchen equipment. However, when considering the above factors, it is clear that an induction cooktop is better than a gas stove.

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