With a total size of 88,752 km2, West Bengal is situated in India’s eastern region of the Bay of Bengal and is one of the largest states. State borders are shared with Sikkim & Bhutan in its north, Assam in its northeast, Bangladesh in its east, in the south is Bay of Bengal,  Odisha in its southwest, and Jharkhand & Bihar in its west, and Nepal in its northwest,

It has a diverse geographical division with a plethora of natural assets, ranging from the Darjeeling Himalayan region of snow-capped mountains to its Gangetic Plain in its south, then peaceful beaches all across the coastline to the nation’s biggest Delta, which is also recognized for becoming the native environment of wild scarce life forms of Royal Bengal tigers at the Sundarbans mangrove estuaries, from green diverse landscapes to massive historical events beginning with ancient times.

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