Most of us love to have burgers. It would help if you always searched for the perfect place to have burgers. In Delhi, you will get many such shops and brands that are known for selling tasty burgers. It will be good to know about these places. Let us explore some of the famous ones.

1. Burgerama

It is one of the perfect places for burger lovers. This place is ideal for having a bit of cheeseburger. Once you have the taste, you will never love to have it in any other place. The best thing about this shop is that it remains open till 4 am. If you have midnight cravings for burger, you can quickly come to this place. They serve the best and fresh burgers to their customers. It is located in the Greater Kailash area.

2. Bimo- Burger in my box

Yet another best burger place is this one. They have some tasty burgers that make this shop a famous one. It is one of the best burger shops in the South Dehi area. You can get burgers at Rs 250. This means anyone can afford it. Peppa Pig Burger is one of the best items available in this shop.

3. Monkey Bar

It is one of the leading burger shops in Delhi. You can get lamb burger in this shop. The shop was first opened in Bangalore in 2012. Then it was opened in Delhi. You will get burgers starting from Rs 475 onwards in this shop. It is a bit costly but have great taste.

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